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Ben chapter 58 . 7/13/2019
Like literally every multi-cross every conceived or written, this quickly devolved into a confusing mess.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/12/2019
K'empec was anything but with the traitorous duross family.
A Reader chapter 33 . 3/29/2018
Sorry about last review auto correct happened and I didn’t see it.
A Reader chapter 33 . 3/29/2018
I decided to re-read this story there was same thing that I noticed this time for some reason you have a title hate and disgust for Stargate and I wonder why? But i also with thinking about it the stargate sg1 timeline is not really wiped out only things having to do with the Go’uld have been wiped out. Because wiping out the Go’uld would not change the Alterra there proper name aka the Ancients Norte would it wipe out the furlongs the Asguard the Nox or events in the Peguases Galaxy the Ancients would have noticed the moment when the Staregates in the Milky Way were destroyed and would have replaced them. And still would have come back to earth heater or not they would have explored through the gate or not I don’t know Ithink less would have been changed then you think.
Mf0012 chapter 30 . 11/9/2017
This is my third time reading this series - I simply love it. I do have a lingering question though: how did President Clarke and his aides not notice that they were being transported over to Voyager?
thedwo chapter 58 . 2/6/2017
To start, I've enjoyed this story, and it's predecessor, 'Universe of Change.' However, I do have some issues that, to me at least, made it less readable and/or enjoyable.

First, there are some basic spelling and grammar issues, like using 'thru' instead of 'through,' or 'mote' instead of, what I'm guessing is supposed to be 'moot.' While it's still readable, it bothers some people. Also, there seem to be frequently missing line breaks to denote a change of POV/location.

Second, you seemed to occasionally repeat sections. I am pretty sure there were a few sections that were just completely copy/pasted from earlier, but there were also a few times when you retold the same events, with no indication it was supposed to be a flash back or retelling from a different perspective. It makes the story confusing, because the reader is trying to figure out why something is happening twice, and it's even worse when it seems to be a retelling. For example, I am fairly sure that the Narn Regime got teleporters and replicators set up from the Klingons to help fix the damage to their planet at least twice, and then they got UP's synthesizer at least once as well. Overlap and repeats that make the story confusing.

Third, could you please go back and add series titles to the summaries? Not only does the summary for this story not actually summarize the story, but I had to wade through the block of text with no paragraphs at the beginning (which, being a disclaimer, was skipped, at least by me) to find out this was a sequel to UAC. You have the same problem with the Evolution/Ruination series, in which one has to read through more than a page of text in a disclaimer (which most people skim and/or ignore) to find out that The Ruination Imperatives is a sequel to Evolutions BOOK 1. If the second was called 'Evolutions: The Ruination Imperatives' then it would be more straightforward, but it is not. Compounding the matter is that you have a lot of 'version X' in the summaries. These seem to indicate you rewrote the story, but since you no longer have the original version up, perhaps you might remove those to be more clear.

Fourth, is there a reason why you seem to answer questions about other stories in A/Ns at the beginning of chapters in this story? It is, again, confusing you everything is being read a decade after it was written.

Fifth, I, personally, feel that the multi-cross has gotten to the point where it is starting to be a detriment. For example, the UP hasn't done anything to justify their inclusion to the story, and by and large end up repeating things - oh, EF tried to steal the Federation's stuff, and now they try to steal the UP's stuff too! Or, everyone gapes at Robby, and then at Data when they find out he's an android. On top of that, the inclusion of the Cylons, BSG, and Voyager (seemingly from one of your other stories) is just added complications that doesn't seem to be anything other then self indulgence. Honestly, it seems like the story would have been just as good, and far less convoluted, if you'd stopped with the two Enterprises and had everyone banding together to face the Shadows/Drahk without any Vorlan support. Or even Vorlan distraction (as what happened in B5 OTL). Instead, we have Thirdspace, Voyager, Cylons, Iblis, Borg, Q and so much more.

If you had of kept the contact limited, like how there was brief contact between Voyager and the Federation in ATV, it could have been a basis to introduce an over-arching story. Perhaps a different series or cross over series after ATV, UAC, and Ruination, talking about why there is such insanity (possibly wrapping up the temporal cold war/first ones war kind of thing). However, with all the different immigrants, after awhile there just feels like there is too much canon and characters to really integrate into the story, and you spend far more time just welding the different stories, characters, and technology together then you do actually expanding the plot.
Exiled-Away chapter 58 . 1/17/2017
Thank you for writing and sharing this story. They are giving me hours of enjoyment.
Guest chapter 51 . 8/8/2016
Adams is kidding himself. Him and his people ARE xenophobic and racist... to the extreme. His first thought when seeing Sisco was he must be a liar and a thug all based on skin color. Segregation causes less headaches? No segregation lets them feel superior. After all if you cant be better than a ni**er who can you be better than? Considering all the duplication needed to maintain military segregation it would also be wasteful in the extreme.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/4/2016
Pretty strange that Sheridan would feel better that his wife is no longer the person he knew subsumed by Shadow mental manipulation. His wife ws destroyed by the Shadows and was left an empty shell due to no fault of her own. What does Sheridan do? Decides he can now carry on with Delenn guilt free.
Quite the human being is your John Sheridan.
Tony UK chapter 58 . 8/6/2015
This is a brilliant story completely glued I would come home from work and the first thing I'd do is start reading your great story you really know how to take your readers to far away places, that contain fantastic adventures.
Guest chapter 12 . 2/28/2015
Wow john feels better meaning its okay to throw anne under the bus even though he got her into the situation. Never like Sheridan, never will.
Guest chapter 39 . 1/19/2015
Once you brought the bloody Cylons in...

Too many crossovers.

Stupid story.

What crossover will you bring in next?

Every crossover you brought in just diluted and spoilt a potentially good story.

You had a good idea and you ruined it. What is next? Doctor Who, Stargate SG1, Space 1999, UFO, Andromeda, Firefly, Earth 2, Space Above and Beyond, Earth Final Conflict, Star Wars, V, The Terminator, ah I see from this story Lorien is the First One... is he from Middle Earth perhaps?

Anyways shite story. Don't bother writing any more crap like this.
Chester chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
Here it is almost 2015, and I am looking for more of this work, hoping to pick up where I left off on 2012 July 15.


This was the last chapter I had the privilege of seeing...

Author: AlbertG
27. Chapter 27

One of the many lessons learned during the Great War, as the Earth-Minbari war was called, was that the security of the Executive branch of the government was paramount. The safest place was deemed to be in orbit onboard a secured ship able to relocate quickly. The safest ship was the Shadow hybrid Omega commanded by Captain Thompson. However, the Drakh also had plans for him and the Loyalists squadron. Thompson's ship was in imminent danger as several Drakh cruisers were specifically trying to destroy what was left of his command. Two of the remaining six Shadow Omegas died in front of his eyes. Those were the newest vessels, just out of space dock, not completely shaken down in the President's rush to place them on the front lines to advance his agendas.

Terrified, Clark panicked and punched in the command codes for the G.O.D.s to fire at the Drakh attacking the Omegas. They were out of range but it didn't matter to him as he proceeded to punch in the final authorization codes. That's when he heard the transmissions for another EF ship that his shuttle was being aggressively tracked and targeted. The Drakh were coming, directly towards them.

Already he could feel the shuttle's aggressive turning, the pilot starting an emergency burn away from the enemy. Strapped in his seat, the President, wide-eyed and trembling saw tiny dots rapidly growing as they vectored towards his direction. They were not EarthForce but aliens-Drakh. One cruiser and half dozen raiders were slashing through the already weakened EF defenses.

If only he could have made it to Mars, he would have been safe.
He'd chosen to defy Morden's masters and this was the result. Close to a hundred EarthForce ships had been damaged or destroyed in a nightmare of his own creation. Thousands of dead and dying servicemen and women trapped in space fighting to save him. Already there were hundreds of thousands of dead on Earth, with the promise of tens of millions more in the next few days, trapped in a poisoned atmosphere. His government destroyed, his powerbase in shambles, now they were coming to kill him.

And that was the only thing that really mattered. He really didn't want to die like this. He fully expected no one to come to his aid, so it came as a complete surprise when a small group of gunboats intercepted the attacking force. He only saw a small part of the battle since the shuttle pilot was still evading oncoming fire. EarthForce One starfuries were on the defensive, protecting the shuttle from weapons fire. However, it was only a matter of time.

Another shock: a severely damaged Hyperion joined in the defense of the Presidential shuttle. It had only four functional medium pulse cannons but it attack along with the gunboats and ripped into the armored bridge of the Drakh cruiser. The effect was minimal but the distraction allowed the Higgins gunboat squadron to complete their attack on the huge enemy ship's engines. The Drakh already crippled from previous attacks turned upon its tormentors. The Captain of the Hyperion, realizing that she faced imminent destruction ordered a hasty retreat. Ignoring the punishing fire the gunboats were dishing out, the Drakh destroyer targeted the fleeing Hyperion. It then, promptly blew up, literally breaking in half. To Clark's right, there was a silvery flash, a glint of something passing over his shuttle.

It took a moment for the Commander Higgins to realize what had happened to the Drakh ship. It was the Saber ship. Surprising himself, he ordered his comm.-Nav's officer to hail them.

'The devil you know...' "This is Commander Higgins of the Gunboat Protector to the Federation starship."

The Saber decelerated now took a defensive position near Earth and the Presidential shuttle. Higgins shook his head and sighed. Despite his fears to the contrary, this is exactly what he'd expect them to do. His ship had taken a lot more damage than he'd hope for.

The moment that the Drakh realized the gunboats were a threat they had been ferociously attacked. The only thing protecting his squadron had been the incredible speed and the polarized plating. The plating (and much of his ship) was now little more than scrap metal. But even though inferior, it had protected his people and he was ecstatic for that and when the new designs came out those facts would be recognized.

All around him, the fighting was dying out as the Drakh began their retreat safe in the knowledge that a battered EarthForce was in no shape to follow. The despised Federation ships intervention had been a blessing, but one that came almost too late. Much of the Earth defensives had been gutted before they had arrived and in the back of his mind something didn't seem right. There had been several openings in Earth's defenses that the Drakh could have exploited, but they hadn't. Only once did they attack and that was only to spread whatever plague they had infected the planet with. The fleet's focus seemed aimed more at EF ships rather than a direct attack against the Earth itself. Sadly, more than a third of Earth's defensive force had been effectively damaged or destroyed.

That was a defeat in anyone's book. This was the worse possible outcome. There was another aggressive species out there and a wounded EarthForce would attract them like sharks attracted to blood in the water.

"This is Lieutenant Commander Riker of the Federation Starship Rantoul. To whom am I addressing?"

A cold shiver went down Higgins's spine. It would have to be 'him'. Higgins never really did like Riker that much. On B5, the man was a little too stiff and a bit too condescending-and he had been to close to Sandra. If he captained this ship, then there were two Sabers now. Sheridan was building his own little fleet with the help of Picard. But that didn't explain the 'other' ship; big as the Enterprise, with the double nacelles cutting a swath through the remaining Drakh ships with an ease that awed him.

"It's Commander Higgins, Commander." Time to make nice. "Thank you for the assist. Nice little ship. Adding to your collection at B5? And what's with the brown uniform?"

He couldn't help it. He had to make some sort of jibe. Help or not, his opinion of the Federation and what it represented was not what he wanted his world to be a part of. He had no reason to distrust them but in his gut he still feared the changes they were bringing into his life. Clark was a devil but that was 'his' devil; someone he understood, even if he hated him.

"This is Admiral Janeway of the Starship Voyager," a woman's voice broke in. "Could you contact your leaders? Your planet has just been infected with some sort of biogenic agent and it's spreading across your world geometrically. As of now, it has spread to eight percent of the atmosphere and is multiplying at a frightening rate. Within twelve hours, the entire planet will be affected."

Higgins's mouth opened, then closed then opened again. He was in complete shock. He'd allowed is fears of the Federation and what they might do so completely overwhelm him, that for a moment he had forgotten about the plague. His family on Earth was in mortal danger and there was nothing he could do about it.

"I-I've..." For an instant, words failed him. "Admiral Janeway, you can contact our President on this frequency."

Earth Alliance Shuttle One:
President Clark glared at the small but incredibly powerful ship that escorted the gunboats that had protected his shuttle. It was just like the Yeager butwith minute differences that his trained eyed noticed. Months of dedicated study enabled him to immediately recognize the ship's design in his sleep. In real life though, seeing it in front of him, he was rather surprised by the small size of the vessel. This was also his first time viewing his vessel in person and he discovered that photos and holograms couldn't do it justice. The ship was totally alien in design in a way that simple images could never show. But in contrast there was English script plastered boldly across the hull. USS Rantoul. It had to be a second one.
What was Sheridan doing, creating a fleet? Well, if the man wanted to command then he needed ships. That was understandable. He would and was doing exactly the same thing. His thoughts were interrupted as the co-pilot signaled for his attention.

"Sir, there is an Admiral Janeway on gold channel who wishes to speak to you."

"Janeway?" He didn't remember an Admiral Janeway on command staff. "Which Admiral is that?"

"A Federation one, sir," the young Ensign said, a bit too dryly for comfort.

The President's heart skipped a beat even as he continued looking out the window. The slight sarcasm in the voice of the comms officer was completely missed as the second, much larger vessel eased into view. Designed along the same lines as the Enterprise and Ambassador, it looked somehow meaner, much more imposing. Its coloring was a darker gray that-

The ship shimmered and armor simply disappeared. In its place was a much brighter vessel with windows everywhere. Windows! Lots of them! The ship was so close that he could see people inside. This transportable armor was incredible. Nothing like that had been seen on the Enterprise or Ambassador.

"This is President Clark," his voice squeaked and he felt a little light-headed. Weightlessness was getting to him. "Thank you. The people of the Earth Alliance are grateful for your assistance."

"There are a lot of things to discuss," the Admiral said to him. "We would like to meet with you as soon as possible Mr. President."

The woman's voice seemed kind, almost maternal, yes, even gullible. "Yes that would be good," the President said excitedly. He stroked his small chin vigorously. "We will meet at my command vessel, EarthFor
ThanosofTitan chapter 58 . 4/1/2014
The minefield doesn't quite work like that
ThanosofTitan chapter 50 . 3/28/2014
The Genesis Device only created a planet
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