Reviews for Once Upon a Halloween
adalin chapter 1 . 4/21/2011
That was so amazingly cute! Great Job 3
KingAleksander chapter 1 . 7/27/2008
is this the end or is there moar? o.o; cause i love it
Angel with Painted Black Wings chapter 1 . 8/19/2005
Aw man - that was amazing. I loved it. Please update!
takuya chapter 1 . 11/10/2004
wow that was very cool i really loved it tons. if your going to write more plz update soon
brittie bear chapter 1 . 5/3/2004
cute are you going to continue this? i hope so
Kipius chapter 1 . 2/6/2004
Cute fic! Daisuke as a child was adorable, he was sure from the beggining that Ken was a vampire.
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 1/6/2004
Hi again, Rae-chan. You have much digi-ficcage, which is going to make for much Lira-reading- eventually. *sigh* No point in getting you down with a review, but… *head… hurts… must… die…* Heh. *all depressed and sicky and unhappy* I’m relying on you and vampire-Ken to cheer me up. *sweatdrop* I put much faith in you, don’t I? *beams innocently* Anywho- cute disclaimer. *more sweatdropping* Time to actually read. And the insanity begins.
First and foremost- it’s Jun’s fault Daisuke doesn’t celebrate Halloween. It’s Jun’s fault Daisuke started watching vampire movies. Well- go Jun! XD No idea why I’m so pleased with her… I’m not all that pleased, really. It’s just interesting.
Hai. I’m such a dweeb. I’m all “stake Jun! GO DAISUKE!” and happy… And then… Daisuke on a balcony? *giggles helplessly* It’s not as funny as I think it is, but- “ON A BALCONY”! *.* I couldn’t resist. Somehow I sorta smoosh all your stories together, don’t I?
“It's going to take a while to warm up that way,” a soft voice said.
Vampire Ken- ne? .
“Would it scare you very much to know that I actually like garlic? And that a cross made of sticks isn't a crucifix?”
*smiles despite herself* It’s kind of pathetic, how easily I cheer up. Somewhere inside my head, I’m still spazzing about how I’m going to fail biotech, and how that’s alright anyway, because then I can take biotech again instead of –GYM- again, but how it’s gonna suck when my mother finds out… (I’ve finally given up on my ability to catch up in that gods-awful class -.-; ARGH! I hate it!) but… Right now, the part of my brain that I like is just all- VAMPIRE KEN! GIMME! MINE! *drool* *sweatdrop* It’s actually VERY pathetic, isn’t I?
Tell me grades are important. Then tell me I have a future, so I’ll believe you. Then tell me –what- my future is, because I won’t believe you anyway. *sigh* I love you Rae. Very much. I just don’t like –me.- With good reason? Oh, and sorry for bitching in the supposesd-to-be-genki-but-I’m-sick review. -.-; I suck.
It’s just… So… Cute… I am so amused by sweet little Daisuke. You have no idea.
More cuteness. Oh, Rae, but this is special. I wanna hug vampire-Ken, too… *sniffles* I don’t know, it’s insanely cute, with tiny Daisuke and everything… But if I thought about this right, I could probably use your fic to make myself cry. *strange smile* Don’t mind me. Really. I am –so- odd.
And I get attached to people who make me cry. O.o But I’m already attached to you.
“On his birthday, he had blown out all nine candles in one breath, earning him a wish. He had wished to see the vampire at Halloween again... and for Jun to turn into a toad. Just because one didn't happen didn't mean the other wouldn't.”
Too. Cute. Aya… I’m vaguely teary. I wonder if anyone else was bizarrely touched by this… Or am I just weird like that? I know I’m weird in –general- but… Heh. I want to hug sweet, young Daisuke… And vampire-Ken, of course.
*smiles a small smile* Daisuke the ninja turtle? Your idea, or his, so to speak? I mean… Does he –want- to be a ninja turtle, or did his parents just pick it out? Anyway, I –know- you have some bizarre ninja turtle thing going on inside your head. Don’t even try to deny it. *giggles*
Daisuke looked up into a smiling face. In an instant, his bad mood vanished as he recognized, vaguely, the dark hair and eyes of his vampire. ”You came!“
Lira’s Response: Aw… And more vague sorrow. Still don’t know what’s up with me. I think it’s all sweet… But… Foreboding? I’m just –waiting- for something awful to happen. And I’m not quite sure why.
*vaguely dizzy* I’m going to give myself a headache (urgh… my head –already- vaguely hurts) with my strange emotional-ness. Emotionality? Yeah. I still want to CRY at your fic, and it’s SWEET. Daisuke… “Playing with a friend” *is very “aw”* Aya. *touched*
*still melting* Aya… Ten year old Daisuke and another Halloween with Ken. No toothfairy? And Daisuke is all worried that Ken will be a lie as well… The whole “even if you don’t believe in me, I’ll still exist” thing… That –also- hit me in an odd way. Hee. I shouldn’t read when I’m mentally fucked up. But I’m loving it.
I –love- vampire-Ken. I want to… I dunno… I want to be a mini-Daisuke so he’ll obsess over me, too . *smiles* But… Aya… The sweetness- it BURNS. *giggles* Ken’s making Daisuke promise to remember him, huh? And then Ken’ll return. . Ah, but it’s just EVER so lovely.
*positively DROOLS over vampire-Daisuke* Damn, but there is TRULY something wrong with me. It’s just… Wow… And he’s all good at talking with him vampire teeth! And me? I’m thinking Ken’ll show up, and he’ll either be charmed, or sort of… Horrified. In that “I can’t say anything, but this is NOT COOL” way that people become displeased. *nods sagely* *reads on*
Only the thirtieth, huh? Somehow, my slight anxiety doesn’t decrease. I still expect Ken to show up. Even if he doesn’t? Well, there’s always the next story-day, and you never know. I love Ken ever so.
You know… Daisuke in all black would freak me out, if I wasn’t sort of predisposed to reading this. Heh. I’m still not CHEERFUL, but… Sort of apathetic. A black Daisuke would suit my mood. If I allowed myself to have a proper mood. Gawd, but I’m a drama queen or something… *cuddles black Daisuke* My point was just that he’s usually so bouncy, and bouncy in my mind means COLOR- not black.
Hai~~! Hikari the cat and Miyako the witch. Quite perfect, I do believe. And… *resists urge to think insane thoughts while cuddling them* I’m me. Draw your own conclusions. But yeah… I’m in a Mood… Don’t take everything I type seriously. -.-;
Taichi in the shadows making out with Koushiro You’re fucking with my mood, woman! That made me GIGGLE, and I don’t know WHY. It really isn’t all that funny. Taishiro fans might “aw,” but they wouldn’t LAUGH- would they?
“And he's a mime.”
Why do I quote this, you ask? Well, because I read this as “And he’s mine” THREE TIMES, before I saw it properly. Gawd, but I’m fuck-y today.
“Beside him, Koushiro's eyes were watching Daisuke with something akin to morbid fascination. Daisuke figured he didn't get out much.”
I was going to make a comment about Daisuke putting way too much gel in his hair… But this? I don’t know. It made me half-giggle, but I’m still being all ODD. Love me.
Takeru and a younger boy dressed as a pirate, huh? *resists urge to state her opinions on who that might be* Well, I just kinda spoiled that, didn’t I? And Taichi… Very Taichi… Spending the entire party making out with Kou-chan. XD But I shouldn’t assume about Takeru.
And it’s Karasu, mostly, anyway.
JYOU THE INSANE HOMICIDAL DOCTOR! I think that about explains itself. Even if the semi-crack about Karasu might be too cryptic even for the two of us.
“Then the figure walked under a streetlight and Daisuke's heart began hammering in his chest.”
I’m pretty sure an actual comment would just spoil it. You know me. You might even know what I’m thinking. *small smile*
*forces lots of words down your throat*
“You still believe in me?” Ken asked, voice hushed even in the stillness of early morning.
“Yes,” Daisuke answered confidently, taking another step forward. He was almost fully in the light now, though not in the center of it. “I don't believe in vampires, though.” Ken looked exactly as Daisuke remembered him. He hadn't aged at all in the eight years since the last time Daisuke had seen him. They looked to be the same age, now.
Ken smiled slightly. “You don't, hm? Do you have another explanation of why I haven't aged?” It was the only evidence he had to show to Daisuke that he wasn't normal, wasn't human.
Daisuke moved forward again, this time closing the distance between them until he stood just inside the light on Ken's edge of the circle. He raised a hand and gently cupped Ken's cheek. “Because you've been waiting for me to grow up,” Daisuke answered simply. There was surprise on Ken's face in the instant before Daisuke leaned in to kiss him, but the fake vampire paid no attention to it as he kissed the vampire he'd been waiting the better part of a decade for.
*smiles her small smile* Too much, ne? But I really, REALLY like the way you wrote this one part. It’s perfect, really.
Oh, my sweetling… It’s just too sweet… Here’s to an urge to tear up for a PROPER reason, ne? Adorable as anything. Must cuddle you to death. Must.
I’ve said this far too many times. This review is far too long. Possibly even for me. But… Argh, it’s –so- sweet. Like sugar-coated SUGAR. I want to lick it. *lopsided grin* No, honestly… I kinda sorta want to cry. Now. Now… Now I want to read something ANGSTY. Truly angsty. Not just “Lira is a freak and tears up” angsty, but… The kind of story anyone would cry after reading.
I’m such a strange little thing, you know. I love you. I adore your Ken –so- much, even if he was kinda drooling over an eight-year-old Daisuke- he waited, and that’s enough. Daisuke is brilliance as well. I suppose I’m like him, just a tad. It wasn’t eighteen… But yeah, a sweet little third grade witch promised to give me the power of flight when I was fifteen. I was ten at the time… I don’t know, I still haven’t flown properly. But I kinda sorta still believe her. We’re in touch. It was Jesse- Jesse from the party, remember? I love her. Anyway, a little story for my sweetling. I love you muchly, Rae-chan. You just rock.
Now I only wish I could get at your reviews while offline, and see what the other responses were. I’m sure everyone loved it- it was just so sweet. But I doubt anyone was as strangely touched and somehow saddened as me. And- sorry if the –review- was at all morbid or depressed. You know I love you.
Catgirl Rahena chapter 1 . 11/23/2003
Lol. Cute. Fluffily cute. Keep Writing.

Digimon Kaiser Chiaki chapter 1 . 11/12/2003
Aww, a happy ending! Yay! *Dances*

I liked it a lot, Rae-san! Keep writing!
BlueMoonEmpress chapter 1 . 11/3/2003
It's really good, I love it. Although, it doesn't seem like it's done.. just kind of leaves you hanging, and not in the good way. But maybe I'm wrong and it's not over with yet.. if it's not I would gladly appreciate being informed of that update.
babydragon chapter 1 . 11/3/2003
my GOD that was sweet... the scene where ken whispered, "you still believe in me?" is etched in my mind for some reason... and... a vampire dressed as a vampire? crazy! XD

sweet sweet sweetness, coz dai is so cute and ken is so ken. are you gonna continue this?
Sillie chapter 1 . 11/3/2003
Hehe... This is really cute.. Are you going to continue this? I hope so...
silvercross chapter 1 . 11/2/2003
*squeals* Gaah! I just LOVE vampire fics! Specially Kensuke ones! _

Ne, is there going to be another part? A sequel, perhaps? I think another chapter is in order! Please? I'll make you a shrine and offer you a chocolate-covered Ken or Daisuke! Pweease..?
SavagePhanatsie chapter 1 . 11/1/2003
it's kinda scarey. We have CiT in my camp...
Dragonflie chapter 1 . 10/31/2003
Cyute! _

Heh. Yeah. Not always what you want to hear for a Halloween story, but chibi!Daisuke is just too cute. _ Hurray for vampire!Ken!