Reviews for Seasoned Dead
bobblestheninja chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
Nice could have used a bit more suspense but I loved it all the same
nicksgirl24 chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
OMG this was great! This would make an excellent episode! Kudos to u and ur mom!
StarlaMarie chapter 1 . 9/18/2006
Yay! Thanks for the cool Halloween fic!
Random Reader504 chapter 1 . 5/1/2006
""Cannibal." "Huh?" Sara turned. Al shrugged "That's what Ballanic spells if you rearrange the letters.""

Not true; one has 2Ns and 1L, the other has 2 Ls and 1 N.

GOOD Story though. How did he do all that in one night and did he get all the bodies the same way?
Nightbreeze chapter 1 . 11/2/2003
How can Grissomeven think of *food* after a case like that? Much less steak? Well, good story. Spotted a couple spelling mistakes but I'm sure you'll edit them out. Over all good story. Weird guy. *Walks off muttering about peanuts*
Belle Walker chapter 1 . 10/31/2003
What a deliciously gross story! I loved it. Icky parts and all! (blame it on my sadistic side)

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