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Fire Makes Me Smile chapter 2 . 3/22/2011

he fell really hard, really fast.

and also, i'm pretty sure that would be sort of illegal (not that it would matter to Remy) and I think Rogue would be panicking a little more.

All well! (*skips off into sunset*)
Sharky237 chapter 5 . 10/23/2010
Yay! 400th reviewer! I really am starting to like this story. At first I was unsure of 'Gambit', he wasn't at all like most stories portray Remy. I am excited to read on. I am sad though that this story has been abandoned. Just remember: with every abandoned story, an angel loses its wings.


sexyhaha07 chapter 3 . 6/5/2010
wat da hell y is remy so bitchy!i know y rogue is moody but she'll get ova remy shouldnt be abuse 2 her its soo cruel!
tfobmv18 chapter 22 . 7/2/2008
This fic is good. It's so dark and yet, I just can't stop reading it. I personally like Katherine better than Kitty. I get uncomfortable when you write about Gambit though, but I guess that's the point. Poor Rogue, Jimmy, Mell, and Remy (not Gambit), life just its being all that nice right now and Gambit scared the s.h.i.t out of all of them. Keep up the good work. Please continue this fic. Update ASAP.
Navigator101 chapter 8 . 6/22/2007
I meant to reveiw a chapter or two ago please don't take this the wrong way I just don't reveiw very often cause i'll get carried away i'm assuming the way your phrasing everything with Remy is that in this story he is the biological son of Jean-Luc/Knave I must give you a lot of applause this story is very original and I like that and I also like how you're portraying Remy he's darker in this one but honestly to me it makes sense I doubt that Remy would have seen as much as he had without any type of problems occuringI also like the twist with Kitty and Mystique is Remy's brother Henri going to be in this story at all or will he just not be in the story? I also like the way you made the collar out of Adamantium I think that's how you spell it even though i'm dissapointed that we won't have any cute Logan hunts Remy for being near Rogue I understand why you did it I was also laughing my head off well okay chuckling my head off when she had her conversation with Kurt that was priceless I was chuckling because my mom has to be at work by 6:30 in the morning and it's 11:30 at night while i'm typing this but if you could rate stories like video's on Youtube I would give you 5stars for a good plotline and orginality.

keep up the good work Thanks Rogue
Alliriyan chapter 22 . 8/28/2006
Listen. You have 400 reviews. I would let you take time off Fen, because I can see the raging hordes you were so scared of really DO exist.

And...You're killing me off? How could you!

Should I reread this or wait for the revision in ten years' time?
Selene chapter 22 . 11/11/2005
aww, god damn it! why, oh why did you have to leave a cliffy! more!
sleepy26 chapter 22 . 11/8/2005
Steph Silverstar chapter 22 . 6/16/2005
I think that I can chivvy you a little now, right? Update, update, update!
lara-belle chapter 22 . 5/18/2005
oh my my good

just remembered this story its so good! will you ever update it again?

clutzoid chapter 22 . 3/14/2005
well update already
Demon Flame chapter 1 . 1/6/2005
i love it
Tsugath chapter 22 . 10/20/2004
AH! I need more! Come one and update! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE:)
Yumi chapter 22 . 8/13/2004
I rarely review (too shy, and I generally think that if I can't offer criticism or say just what I like about it, it's pointless), but I've been reading this fic since near the beginning and I just wanted to let you know how much I adore it. It's really hard to put into words how much I like it, and authors tend to practically live for the reviews, so... ; Just wanted to let you know.

I'm very much looking forward to the next update (and definitely interested in seeing the continuation of all the substories in this. I'm really impressed with all your OCs in this, by the way, as well as your Kitty/Katherine. Very well-done), so please keep up the good work.
XME chapter 22 . 8/6/2004
Here's an idea; why don't you cut this into two stories? Stop updating with stuff about Mell and Katherine, and put all that stuff into a seperate story? I dunno, it might work... At the very least, it would help you keep track of what's going on with who.


PS: Oh, and my friend had this same idea... so she might suggest it to you too...
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