Reviews for Zero 2: A Revision
HeroOfTheHazard chapter 37 . 10/7/2017
(I forgot to mention last chapter but the whole telepathy bit from before was funny, though an interesting power for telling your allies your plan without alerting your enemies for either stealth or battling. Nice.)
And Ken got his Dark Spore used to help evil again, great.
Well, BlackWargreymon went out protecting Davis this time, so even though I'm sad that he still died, at least it got Davis angry enough to don the Holy Armour of Miracles.
Oooooooooh, oh man, I was right! I knew Kari's observation was foreshadowing for this! I actually squealed when he referred to them as mother and father, I was so happy since the pieces only fit together if that was the case.
So Sora is the other parent. Good to know Taiora is your ship too, actually. xD
What I want to know is why did Shaun think they all died because of him (did he unleash Demon in both Worlds or something, he seems to have some history) and what happened to the other kids he was with (probably dead)?
Also, I guess those past villains saying they recognize (Wargreymon) must be from all the time travel in the Brave Tamer games.
HeroOfTheHazard chapter 33 . 10/7/2017
(Oops, I posted on here a long time ago again.)
Oh shit, I was joking about Shaun dying. Whoooops. Even killed by the web jape trick and (Wargreymon's) Terra Force. Damn.
"Paildramon, (...) suddenly realized he still held a struggling Kuwagamon by the neck in this hand. With a quick punch to the face, he knocked Paildramon out" Wait, what? Paildramon knocked himself out with a punch?

Oh boy, (Wargreymon) vs BlackWargreymon, this'll be...destructive.

Oh god, Shaun became a Pokemorph I mean Digimorph! I admit, I did not expect Shaun to be wearing Sonocomon's armour.
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 32 . 10/7/2017
(Oops, I realized I missed the part of chapter 31 where clearly Arukenimon was setting up her trap. For some reason, I stopped reading after the crests reveal the Crest of Miracles, lol, sorry. I also missed more Dragomon being creepy about Kari like he's been the entire story and his thoughts about Davis, which are interesting but I keep expecting him to be the end game boss rather than staying an observer for long)
Davis, the Crest of Bad Luck. Heh.
It's a running gag of Davis's at this point, TK, just like the whole bad landing curse, roll with it!
Oh my god, the curse of bad luck strikes again! I actually laughed at this one, I expected him to get lost after going too far in, not immediately falling down a hole.
...of spiders, I mean Dokugumon, NOPE!
Man, Ken, Cody, and Yolei fell into quite a sticky situation!
Dang, Arukenimon pulled out all the stops in her trapping the entire mountain, down to them ducking down instead of trying to go over the swarm. Impressive.
I like the fact that Digimons can train in/get used to their new forms and with experience come up with wider movesets.
Oh, they did end up getting caught. Well, they were abushed. I don't see Arukenimon being the type to sit next to the light beacon so this'll be a problem instead of being a comedy of errors that end up miracously working out for them...yet.
Hawkmon digivolved to save Yolei from the hungry dismembering spiders! Yuuuuus.
Ankylomon too! Digivolutions left and right!
Whoa, reflecting web! It is extremly strong and bouncy, so it does make sense that it can reflect solid objects.
Man, everyone is dropping in! Everyone but Davis is pretty okay, honestly. What bad luck on his end.
*Spit* Davis?! How the heck did you manage to move rip through the web when other Digimon like XVmon and Shurimon couldn't?! Now a real Miracle. The bridge to the light of Miracles was even there to OH MY GOD it is a comedy of errors that somehow miraciously lead to this, I've been japed!
Sure hope it's Shaun, because I'm evil like that. JK it's totally going to be TK to throw me for a loop! (JK Don't kill anyone permanently, pls. D':)
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 31 . 10/7/2017
Noooo, Cody's dad went out right after he got a promotion and from a sniper...and Oikawa had to watch. TK's and Matt's dad after the outing to celebrate too...damn.
I feel bad for Jim Kido, he's trying to help but the dad literally shut the door in his face.
Man, no human could've survived it and (Agumon) as (Wargreymon) took enough damage to dedigivolve back and couldn't move after (it was shocking) but Davis came out relatively unscathed...I guess you could say it's a Miracle~ *Lenny face*

Oh, is the trick to the barrier to be humble with your power? Huh. Interesting trick.
Oh, an inscription telling you the answer, and we knew Cody was a little Detective Conan, so of course he got the Kaito Kid-like riddle. Path of least resistance instead of bloodshed to enter indeed. Good job, Cody.

His father's words that Cody built his life on ended up getting him the Crest of, but great that even in death his words helped Cody greatly.

Whoa, I guess you needed the other crests to get them to point out Davis's giant beacon, SHEESH. What a light show! (The enemies are totally going to see it and set a trap and seeing the next episode, it's going to be Arukenimon!)
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 27 . 10/6/2017
I actually think Gryphonmon's and Mummymon's thought process to be interesting, it's more than a fight for power for these two.
I like that you gave every digimon, controlled or not, dialogue and their own personalities, it makes it better since it means I can care about them or get scared of them.
Oh, so the other crests in the flashback last time where the scattered crests! I think I know what the gold one is~
It was foreshadowed before by Davis wonder if the Digiegg of Miracles had a corresponding crest like the all the other Digieggs and I believe this is the answer.
Oh. There he is. Oikawa. Just walking around.
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 26 . 10/6/2017
And now two of the Dark Masters are back and man, canon is out the window at this point, isn't it? This isn't Oikawa pulling the strings anymore, this is UmbraDevimon, so I have no idea how this is going to go!
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 25 . 10/6/2017
Wait a second, I just realized something!

Remember when Kari said Shaun 'resembled Tai'? He even has an (Agumon) just like Tai, and he even comes from the future...was Tai his dad? Does that mean Tai died in the future from a falling building? Or Kari could be his mom instead, for all I know it's a family resemblance! That would explain why Shaun knows Davis and the others so well, as well as knowing how things play out. I wonder if they told their adventures to him as stories.

Though he does have green eyes which is not a Kamiya thing, but that could be from the other parent. I looked it up and it appears there's a 38% chance to have green eyes if one parent has green and one has brown, so yeah, fairly possible.

Plus we know the reason he doesn't exist in in Odiba now is because he's from the future. And that half-truth about his parents from before was because it is true, it's just in the future.

Now the Crest of Wisdom not being made by Gennai's people making more sense, he's from the future, who knows, maybe people found out how to make Crests and tags.

Wonder who that blonde girl is? Looks like those were happier times for him.
Oh shit, hey Ryo and Cyberdramon! They fought together (two headed digimon? MoonMillenniummon? ZeedMillenniummon even?)

Oh. Oh man. UmbraDevimon is holding nothing back, those are so many Black Gears and he can create more of them using the Control Spires as well as more digimon for his army. Jesus Christ, this guy is dangerous.

Oh my god, Gennai actually closed off the Real World from UmbraDevimon, keeping him away from us but locking the DigiDestined in! This is quite some Batman gambit! Looks like he jumped into the Real World since the Great Seal only activated after he jumped into the port? Looks like it was so the secret of turning it off would be safe with him.
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 21 . 10/6/2017
Oh...but Shaun's light is orange. I would have thought it would be dark blue...
Yeah, Wormmon's death is worse here since you hear Ken breaking free. TK gets it though.
Jun, I'm pretty sure that's stalking and sexual harassment along with non-consensual touching. Matt really should file a restraining order on you.
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 20 . 10/6/2017
Wow, he was about to stab Wormmon. Jesus Christ, Ken!
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 19 . 10/6/2017
He actually went into their homes, stole their partners and their limbs (parts) for his Chimeramon. It's so much worse than the show.
I can't get over the fear I felt for a second when he said 'body of (Greymon)' either, oof.
HeroOfTheHazard chapter 18 . 10/6/2017
(Apparently, I already reviewed this in 2010 but I don't remember reading this before so I'm reviewing.)
Infiltrating an enemy base for information? Keeping something in and releasing it on accident? I'm getting some Resident evil movie vibes from this.

Whoa, the Emporer left Digimon down trapped in the base still? Good thing they found the place or they'd forever be stuck down there.

Yooo, Orgemon too?! Two years? Damn, man, we gotta get you out of there.
Uh, of course he did, Kari, he's willing to nuke a town full of digimon that serve him, is it really a surprise that he just left digimon prisoners down here?
I'm honestly surprised he even left the food service running. I'm not sure if he forgot or there's some kindness in him, but my money is on the first option.

Project Alien. You are telling me, that the Digimon Emporer made a bunch of alien digimon made from Dark Rings? This is going to be scary, he even has Terminator units with guns, wtf I CAN'T EVEN-NOPE!

The prisoners and Orgemon as a shield?! Oh my god, how dare you, Ken?
The shriek is the Alienmon, oh no...
Well the good thing is that Alienmon is still the Terminator Unit's target, so if you can get them to see Alienmon, you can use the Terminator Units to escape (diversion). Since they are trying to kill you too.
(We are on the set of Alien vs Predator, ALERT WE ARE ON THE SET OF ALIEN VS PREDATOR)

Dang, Yolei! Wrecking the shit of all the T units with their own weapons!
Aw, what the hell, Davis?! Go help TK! Freaking heck, man! Thanks, Shaun.
(Orgemon, trying to understand the human condition)
Uh, actually, Davis got TK's name right Chapter 14 against MagnaAngemon after the Gate starts sucking the combo attack and Davis is all, "WTF, TK, WHY IS HE SO OP?!" pretty much, haha.
Aw shit, Alienmon ate Orgemon. What a way to go. 0n0 At least he'll be reborn.
And Davis got shot. Well at least TK and Patamon are alright. Though that infection later is going to be awful, Davis, I heard bullet wounds get infected most of the time. And how are you going to explain that to your family?! (But yeah, you do kinda deserve it (even though you already got the point so it's a bit much), just not the infection. I wouldn't wish that on anyone)
But Cody got the digiegg for the Submarine(mon)! Don't you remember, Shaun? It's part of canon~
Oh, so that's the Sea Guardian, I thought it was a slave of Ken's or something, derp.
Uh, Whamon, not trying to be a kill-joy, but you do know you just ate an Alien that has acid blood? I hope your intestines are going to be fine...(holy crap it is like hot sauce to him, wtf that is one iron stomach)
Well, hopefully, there's no infection and Joe is able to treat it properly.
And then not-actually-his-real-name!Mummymon is born! Mummymon has backstory though!
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 17 . 10/6/2017
...holy shit.
He actually nuked an entire town of Digimon after enslaving them all to wipe out a single (huge) thorn-in-his-side Digidestined.
Jesus, he is a real piece of human fecal matter, isn't he?
I agree with Cody so hard right now.
I can't right now, I actually was horrified at the reveal at the lengths he will go to just to get rid of the Digidestined here. Even if you think that he thinks Digimon are nothing more than data, he still tried multiple times to kill other people, so in my mind, he really is a mass murderer.
Can't wait till TK punches him. I hope it hurts.
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 16 . 10/6/2017
I have to say, Ken is way more brutal here than in the anime, I mean, he's strangling Gazimon and the way he deleted those Airdramons before they could escape just so they won't turn on him later?! Jesus, man. Even though I know how nice he is before and after the Dark Spore, I still abhor his actions greatly and who he is right now. He's really sadistic and going on a power trip for sure.
And here is the birth of both Arukenimon and Mummymon. I didn't know they were made from and by Devimon though. I thought Oikawa was their master too...
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 14 . 10/6/2017
Ah, so Shaun did come from the future. That answers that question, but man that means that the future is really bad over there and Shaun's parents got crushed by a building. Brutal.
(Also, when (Wargreymon) 'snapped' MagnaAngemon's neck, I called out, 'That's the jape! He had a video prepared for this fight with MagnaAngemon! Though I have no idea how he pulled out the projector during the fight? I guess (Wargreymon) knew precisely where to aim the fall. How good is the range of this projector?' and it was. Cody the Detective Conan here found it out too! Nice~)
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 11 . 10/5/2017
Shaun's D-3 is colored orange but his signal is dark blue? Well, I think that means that he used the same program to change his digivice's color as you. Why he's hiding it I have no clue.
Oh man, a dark blue "something" hidden under his shirt that's shining? It's his tag!
Should have known, how else would (Agumon) become MetalGreymon. xD
He has the Crest of Wisdom then if the symbol is the same as Sonocomon's.
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