Reviews for Zero 2: A Revision
The Duelist of Dawn chapter 1 . 9/1/2009
Man, you have a great story right here! Almost the same as the anime, then ran off doing your own thing, even used some things that were untapped, congrats I plan on finishing this and the rest of your stories!
mariecatneo chapter 60 . 8/20/2009

*deep breath*


that's all I got. ;-) keep it up!
Doctorman chapter 1 . 7/21/2009
Your story was far more satisfying and better written than the real zero two. You especially excel in descriptionan fight scenes.


I thouht your fusions were weird,I was like WTF! at all of them. GOliamon made the least sense. Shaun was a pretty good OC. HE was powerful without being a god mode sue and he hato gain everyone's trust instead of being instanly loved by everyone like a regular mary sue. he hints at who he was were subtle but I figured out the twist whe the first hint was dropped.

You gave malomyotismon some dignity back. I have to admire that. The way he went down in the real series was embarrassing.

I question your double standard about violence and cussing. Cussing isn't okay for a K rated fic but graphic violence is okay? I mean seriously, you had a baby being devoured, a woman's whose got devoured ,adn a girl forced to shoot her parents.
Martiny the one and only still chapter 24 . 7/18/2009
This is my fourth time reading this, and I just saw this error.


Everyone paused. Shaun had just spoken. They turned around to see Shaun speaking...despite the fact it sounded hoarse and weak. It was sort of odd, really...Shaun had been a figure of strength and authority amongst the Digidestined, and his knowledge of the Digital World was invaluable. To see him look so vulnerable, so near felt a little odd, to be honest.

Blood leaked from his mouth as he spoke. ” He lapsed into unconsciousness. (Agumon) dedigivolved all the way to (Botamon), his body unable to hold it together anymore. “Bo...”

Suddenly, the magnitude of what Shaun had just said hit them. Emperor...Arukenimon...did that mean those two had done this to him?"

He never said Arukenimon. Also, I can't wait for you to do the Shaun's past story thing.

I'm just sad it took four reads for me to catch it, good thing my cus. distracted me or i would have never realized it. .;;

digitalBlader chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
not bad, not bad at all.

I noticed the few tweaks you put in.

(but i have to say, the Digimon Emperor sweatdropping isn't really that easy to imagine, the dude's just so darn serious)

Anyway, GREAT JOB!
Little House in the Woods chapter 60 . 6/15/2009
I normally do not read action/adventure stories, but I am glad that I read this one. I enjoyed how you recreated 02, because season 02 tbh, made me very unhappy with Digimon. I was quite put off by the stupid jokes, the unfinished plot points (Daemon and the Dark Ocean), the episode 50 ending, etc., but after reading your story, I have faith in Digimon again! I liked how you included all the characters, gave them solid personalities, treated them with respect (avoiding the Daisuke, Matt, etc.), and made each of them have important roles.

It was refreshing to see the depth you gave Daisuke as he struggled with his darkness, how you wrote Hikari, made Dagomon intimidating and how the action scenes just flowed together and always felt fresh and original. I liked how you dealt with all the individual arcs, making them all coherent and smoothly fit in together, and the ending was just epic.

Thank you for a wonderful experience! *fav story*
Arika Ito chapter 39 . 6/3/2009
TK and Kari rule!
blakeosaurus23 chapter 52 . 11/26/2008
Nice chapter. You've finally made me feel hopeful. I think you did a good job avoiding the possible cliche from the mass pulling together and relying on faith that tends to happen in anime stories, and I felt a real thrill as Kari transformed. I'm ready. I'm SO over Darkheart. It's been going on too long. I'm ready for it to be finished. And Kari needs to do this within the next two chapters. Let's rock.
Air-Quiet-Reader chapter 60 . 11/10/2008
Well well, while waiting for you to update Dreams and Nightmares, I decided " What the hey, I like this author, let's read his other big story." And I did. And now I like Digimon again, something I gave up long ago. BLAST YOUR AWESOME WRITING!

*Ahem* Anyways..awesome. Epic. Superb. Sweet. *Insert 1 million different positive adjectives here* The villains, the heroes, the plot, everything very well done. I will stop now for fear of sounding redundant.I am looking forward to your future works.
Darkheart chapter 60 . 11/7/2008
Very impressive story, a bit over the top at times (the nuke for example), but you held my attention through all 60 chapters. On a side note the name Darkheart has been a nickname I've for many years
the21stMartian chapter 60 . 11/4/2008 story was incredible...I look forward to reading your other works in the future!
the21stMartian chapter 44 . 11/2/2008
Happy 5th anniversary!

I gotta say, I've been reading this story and it's incredible. I think you captured Piximon's character perfectly (not that it's that difficult, but still to see Piximon in action is always hilarious)

I especially liked it when Piximon told Tai, “You’ll do no good stomping around like a chicken with its head cut off, nope nope nope! Keep your head on your shoulders! Ranting isn’t going to find Kari.”

Anyways, I look forward to completing my reading of this story and moving on to your other works.
blakeosaurus23 chapter 51 . 10/30/2008
Not sure how I feel about this chapter . . . First of all, for the most part, I really enjoyed it. Again, I've been a fan of your writing since day one, and it continues to be very well done. I was IMMENSELY pleased to see The Mind meet his end, and I thought the entire exchange between Nega and Darkheart was very creative and enjoyable, as well as a good characterization device for Shaun. However, I did not like the fact that the Gravemon remain past the demise of the Mind, and while I thought the scene with Jun and her parents was well done and emotionally poignant, I feel that this scene, among many others in this chapter (ex: Elizabeth's death) and in this story as a whole (ex: Davis's torture) has a darkness and overt - almost excessive - violence to it that really departs from the feel that Digimon, both canon and fanfiction, usually brings. Again, I'm still very interested to see how things turn out, and I think you're a wonderful writer and should be commended on crafting such an epic yarn, but ultimately the level of violence has made it hard for me to follow along as excitedly as I did in the earlier days of this fic.
the21stMartian chapter 17 . 10/23/2008
...a fitting. I always thought it was weird how the Emperor had an entire army of digimon to command, yet he didn't utilize it's full potential. The 02 Digidestined got off easy in the actual series in my opinion. At least this shows a more realistic side of an impossible situation...
Zukemon chapter 60 . 9/16/2008
You my friend are a genius of subtle plot devices and hidden plots. I can only hope to achieve the level of awesomeness that you have.

(Didn't like the Daikari but to each thier own) Congardulations on creating such an epic fic.

Keep writing

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