Reviews for Hidden Truths
Flareup4Ratchet chapter 2 . 3/15/2016
This chapter gave me the biggest and hardest laugh ever! I am still laughing over the reaction to the elevator being under maintenence. I wouldn't have carried anyone up that many flights of stairs. I just found this story and I am going to read the rest, just wanted to review this chapter.
jesi ki kage chapter 21 . 7/19/2015
I LOVE IT! Was definitely wondering what you were thinking when I started reading this story but you've pulled it off brilliantly. Completely enjoyed it. So much cuteness. _ Oh the fluffiness. Thank you for writing and keep up the great work. -Jesi Ki Kage
GFMCTB chapter 21 . 5/30/2015
Loved it, great story
milktea5 chapter 21 . 3/23/2015
so only 1 couple kissed out of all the couples. okay, maybe the story is centered on jad/r. i do understand now. since its not in the description. but its all good.

my comment was cut in my last previous comment. but i think i am lazy to re-write it again... so anyway, the story was okay.
milktea5 chapter 17 . 3/23/2015
oh well! so far, this chapter is okay, i guess. but from the start of it, they don't even seem to care about their past lives as a lover, but i don't mind it with Jupiter though, i just don't like that she is always seems to be the first to fall in love, but in the manga, its not like that, or that much anyway, but then again, you kind of inspired me in a way, like i want her to fall in love at first, then break her heart, and made this guy really do some effort to win her, cause he truly loves her. *i wouldn't mind if more writers would write something like that so cause i love reading something angst due to how they poorly do to my favorite, cough ahem... hehehe... anyway, but given that you combine him to his old anime character and was written a long time ago. so i really understand, and before i used to not mind it at all... lately i don't know why, i just realized that the manga and the 90's anime has nothing in common, like what you wrote there, rei never dating mamoru, jadeite/kunzite, but most of all... i like when you wrote that they are 18 in the silver M. oh wow! i think we even almost the same feelings about it... but the only difference is, i didn't even read it from you, but you thought of this along long time ago. i only thought about it after researching and recalling SM again, and thought of it myself... so meaning we felt the same way about things as well as some other fans i bet*which is super great* especially if people would read it in a fanfic, like neph is practically 21 *but he looks like 24-25 to me and read it from somewhere about bein 25* and it seems like he just feel that she is a younger sister, friend, is what he saw in that extra, that he change in the end to become a good guy in the old anime, before dying and never reviving again, as well as jadeite, kunzite, zoicite. practically just no way! a 14 years old! is like he becoming a pedo... so i rather prefer her with her fellow extra- Umino. and they are more like a normal human beings... unlike the sailor scouts... who are not even practically 14 in the silver m. and never really has a relationship in the silver M with them in the 90's anime, but just people assuming there is even without seeing it, well that's what i feel before, but after seeing the extra was given a spotlight, that's when i thought how me and the early 90's kids not to take that scene seriously, as in, and more excited about the new scouts to show, like Jupiter, that's why there are lots of Jupiter fans back then too, only that Japan didn't know, cause Internet was just emerging. and not all has an internet, but only the rich ones at that time... *
but then again, that scene with the extra, and where Neph dying, zoicite/kunz, Jupiter never meeting him, or etc etc , well that never really happened in the original, Naoko never wrote and directed the script, as to why she has problem with the anime producers, etc. a lot of times. and wanted a remake, *the only famous anime in the 90's that has a very different stories from the real original manga story, because she has no power on her own creation, unlike her peers, the other authors/creators of some anime/manga in the 90's that despite fillers are normal on the anime, they still follows the plot of the real creation, and the characters, unlike sailor moon, especially if you read their interviews and Naoko's interview, Naoko had it the worse, they, changing her real story as she has no power over. read her interview. that i don't want to mention anymore which anime/manga are those, but its another 90's anime.
i was really starting to love this story even more at first, when you wrote that the senshi are not 14, but 18 in the silver m. and doing the description well... (gosh, sorry, i am feeling dizzy, but still wanted to read on, and still manage to write long and give comments, but i am not sure if this is the story that i am referring about being 18 in the silver m. and they are 21 etc. or if i read that in another story before this, but i think it's this one) .
in the new anime Crystal... the real age of mamoru is only 17 in high school, not 19 and already in his first year in the university in the old anime. kunzite is 25, neph is only 19 but in the old anime he is practically 21-23, jadeite is 18, and zoi is only 17 and a half, the same age of jadeite, and mamoru.
i wonder about mako though, if she is going to be 15 at dec 5, and the oldest inner senshi. or if she is the youngest in that year with the other inner senshi since they are 14 in the start of the series, and minako was 13 in sailor V, but kunzite was not that old? so there is another reason and an exception for her. and for mako- so far without having a parents, usually that's why they want someone a bit older than them, cause she prefers someone older than her a few years, and someone taller than her, is usually the case. besides, girls if they turn 20 or 20plus, 10 years gap is no problem... just not like your grandpa's age. i just dont go for that. but its also disturbing if a young 14 goes out with a old 20 plus year old guy. so just no! so good thing in the old sailor moon 90's. the senshi has no connection whatsoever with the shitennou! and never was a lover in the silver m, but at the same time, its not what Naoko wanted to happened. and she has nothing to do with that. cause if she didn't supported the shitennou/senshi, she could have just killed the shitennou like in the manga, but she let the animators of crystal make the shitennou live longer, and has a scene in episode 10 crystal. while letting the other enemies just died in the dark moon. and following the story line so far. so i really believe she supported the shitennou/senshi - that's the only thing i like in sailor moon crystal so far though. so i am glad that Naoko created Neph for her originally, and what could fit for her.
in Minako's case... well... they are eternal anyway, and the shitennou really turned into stone... we could always think that maybe someday, they will be revived. since mamoru is eternal as well and they are not practically also an ordinary human any longer, and not just ordinary human anyway. so its better that they turned to stone just like in the manga, as they wait for the inner senshi to stop aging forever. so that age does not really matter anyway. cause gosh! they be like you know... pedo if some of the senshi has a thing with the shitennou like venus as a example, so i think people should be thankful it never happened in the old sailor moon! that shitennou/senshi has a past relationship. but again, the sailor scouts are not really a normal human being, yes a human, but not a normal one. who could still ground you with electric even in the normal human form (manga/crystal base, not the 90's sailor moon anime, where naoko never directed it *90's anime*, and no control... as she drew the staff/anime producer, or whoever that is she is referring too, in her manga, where the old man is a pig) yes, even if i hate the manga before, i could honestly say, i might prefer the crystal soon enough...even though the 90's is my childhood or what, but then again, i also like some things in the 90's anime. that i would honestly say that i hate in the manga in the coming soon episode of crystal to come. i only liked crystal because of what naoko did to jupiter in episode 5 crystal, giving her what is rightfully hers. her real original partner and Naoko supported as her original. that despite the animators,directors, keep messing jupiter's original partner. i mean, they given rei/jadeite a moment, which basically, she always gets a spotlight. so i was so freaking glad that they gave jupiter her spotlight too, for neph/jupiter. as in near the level and similarities with jad/rei. like how jadeite holds his shoulder, while neph holds his upper arm after being defeated by those two senshi. and then they also gave venus/kunzite a scene... and yeah! mercury/zoi has a slight scene only, but the looks give it away too, before Zoi was blasted with water. i also noticed that the 3 senshi has defeated their past lovers when the 3 shitennou lost their focused while fighting their chosen pairings in the crystal. i think i will blog that soon i don't mind if someone will do it for me too. haha, but i want to share to to all the shitennou/senshi fans.. and yeah! i am a new fan of the shitennou/senshi. i don't even care about those before, even if i did know a long long time ago that they are past lovers or something... i only care about the episode with Jupiter, and some important things in the 90's anime. but those who knows the manga a long time ago, didn't really took the extra seriously. we know it was for spotlight only and fake fillers to make sailor moon series really longer. like we also don't hate, we just didn't care. but more focused, and more excited about the protagonist, main characters. especially jupiters first appearance back in 1993 (basically in my country, that was 1993, and following venus, and the outers appearance as in for the long wait and anxiousness of seeing the other scouts.) but after i saw crystal, and re-read the manga again now translated in universal language on the net, my past feelings are also resurfacing about how i felt about what they did to jupiter before when i was a kid. the thing about Jupiter's original partner Nephrite, also bothers me of what they did to Jupiter. this one adds up to my list as an adult, and dislike the unfairness they did to Jupiter. so im glad that Naoko makes it up for her in episode 5, and those animators in crystal. but they already kind of messed it up. i also think that they did pgsm also really different, that's why the director of that live action (naoko not really involved with the whole story) changes things from the original, to make it more unique from the original, adding a few characters never in the manga, never in the old 90's anime *that the animator directed,not naoko*,. as it says in t
milktea5 chapter 16 . 3/23/2015
wow! he needs pushing from his friends. i mean no effort at all in my opinion. it would be great if it was on his own... and saying "i guess" is like its just fine. but unlike the other senshi whom jadeite, zoi, and kunzite feel really attracted to their significant others. like from the start, how he reacted about the senshi don't really care, when he started waking up from his true selves. i hope Jupiter dies in this story. lol... or she could have just live with rei... since rei is always present in the story, and seems to be a super near protagonist level with usagi even in the manga, and seriously *me being sarcastic, but with a level of truth in it* i wish Jupiter didn't feel that way... it would be the best, they be just friends in this story. its like he was just forced or something. that's really sad.
milktea5 chapter 15 . 3/23/2015
good, my suspicion is right in this chapter wth the comment i just left on previously. that mako and neph are friends. but i don't like the fact that mako is the one in love. i really feel so deeply for her! she is not ugly as some people and writers seem to portray her to be, or in the manga(which i freaking recalled now why i hate the manga before back in 1993 and the late 90's when i freaking re-read my mangas) or in the anime that she is boy crazy,cause she is not that much. venus, is boy crazy too, but its so unfair for jupiter. that's why i feel so much for her. i mean i don't even care about my manga before, i only am a super freak fan, cause she is so beautiful to us fans back in the 90's when she first came out, with that green eyes of her that she made it famous. well the famous green eyed female character in her generation. cause i do believe there isn't anyone that can surpass her even the older anime generation. and i don't care if she is tomboyish, taller, practically just 5'6 which is tall for asian anyway, and boy crazy as the anime portrayed. but as a grown up and adult now *shT hehe, but its still my childhood fave so, so what*, well... i freakingly appreciate her life story. before when i was a kid i felt unfair how they portray mako, yes, all my thoughts are coming back as i re-read the manga, and rewatched the old sailor moon, and how they messed up jupiter's original partner in the manga, as what naoko had chosen for her. naoko never directed the old anime, but that was the doing of the anime directors, not her. first i was glad when i read this, but now i really feel awfully sad for jupiter. which is awfully good for my angst inspiration to write a story for her... and damn, instead of studying law... i freaking want to write soon, and read more angst for jupiter.
milktea5 chapter 14 . 3/23/2015
i wonder if rei's grandpa is the guy from the anime, or the dude in the manga. cause its a two different person isn't it. sorry, just that you did mentioned you are basing your story to the manga, not the 90's anime. *since there is a new anime now that is basing real close to the manga*
but anyway, i understand, cause this is written like in 2003, and i stop watching anime at 1998 until 2011-2012.. so its all good. but i thought this story was about jupiter being in a coma... but i know it was not fully in the description who this story was all about, so its given... i just thought its a shitennou/senshi that everyone gets to be with the original pairing as naoko intended. but good for the 3 senshi
milktea5 chapter 13 . 3/23/2015
i wish you are still into sailor moon, and was just writing this lately. so, zoi/ami, rei/jadeite, and minako/kunzite dating. and usagi/mamoru *obviously* okay, all good. and neph and mako are friends. gosh i really feel bad for mako
milktea5 chapter 12 . 3/23/2015
sorry, i skipped a lot of paragraphs. but i read a few lines here and there... i think yuuichirou never existed too, if you are going to base this story manga like, since you wrote that you are basing this in the manga about the shitennou. but oh well... its all good. but i am not into rei that much.. so i kind of skipped a lot of paragraphs, so fars it has become about them these 3 chapters so far.
milktea5 chapter 11 . 3/23/2015
well, i know its been a long time written... but if you are basing this to the manga, there is no sanjoun masato. or a red ferrari ever existed. and the friend of Usagi is just an extra, and makoto and nephrite is the real deal. if you see the new crystal anime closer to the manga. also Naoko has more controlled in the new anime, about the shitennou/senshi. that she support to have their lives live longer than the manga.
Kamikashi chapter 21 . 8/19/2014
This was bloody brilliant.
tanithlipsky chapter 21 . 6/7/2014
Wolfspirited chapter 15 . 8/8/2011
Hey, cool, you thought up the same name for Zaoicite as I had! P But I doubt I'll ever get to write that story... Toooo complicated.

And shouldn't Makoto be the youngest?

Cool story anyway!
Lalaith Quetzalli chapter 21 . 2/9/2011
Totally and absolutely amazing fic.

Not exactly what I had imagined when I read the summary (which isn't a bad thing, really).

The only thing I wish you had added is the way they dealt with their prolonged absences, maybe it's just the fact that I justlove fics were people, mainly family and close friends find out they're senshi, and then if you add the royalty, I think it would have been interesting.

They could also have used the same trick Venus did, when telling Mrs. Aino that her daughter had helped the senshi and been hurt while doing so. That would have been credible, I think.

And I totally loved Rei's attitude in front of the nuns! It was great!
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