Reviews for Hidden Truths
Kamikashi chapter 21 . 8/19/2014
This was bloody brilliant.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 21 . 6/7/2014
Wolfspirited chapter 15 . 8/8/2011
Hey, cool, you thought up the same name for Zaoicite as I had! P But I doubt I'll ever get to write that story... Toooo complicated.

And shouldn't Makoto be the youngest?

Cool story anyway!
Lalaith Quetzalli chapter 21 . 2/9/2011
Totally and absolutely amazing fic.

Not exactly what I had imagined when I read the summary (which isn't a bad thing, really).

The only thing I wish you had added is the way they dealt with their prolonged absences, maybe it's just the fact that I justlove fics were people, mainly family and close friends find out they're senshi, and then if you add the royalty, I think it would have been interesting.

They could also have used the same trick Venus did, when telling Mrs. Aino that her daughter had helped the senshi and been hurt while doing so. That would have been credible, I think.

And I totally loved Rei's attitude in front of the nuns! It was great!
Watcher of the Moon chapter 21 . 1/8/2011
That. Was. Absolutely. Amazing.
oztan chapter 21 . 2/21/2006
I just read 'Hidden Truths' and I have to say I loved this story the story line was great. 'Hidden Truths' had a better story line than 'Angelic Embrace' maybe because I like were you were going with this story.
Moon-of-Serenity chapter 21 . 1/24/2006
I loved your story. Keep up writing, as you are extremily good at it!
Neko no Baka chapter 21 . 10/23/2005
- I loved your fic! I've been looking for a good senshi/general fic. Not enough of them out there. _
Catherine McCrohan chapter 21 . 8/12/2005
Hey! that was an awsome story! my favorite senshi is jupiter so i thought she was cool in this! i really liked it so if u ever wright another sailor moon story let me know! bye bye!
Starlit Warrior chapter 21 . 2/23/2005
That was awesome! Good luck on the next story and God Bless!
Reyana Ashaete chapter 21 . 1/24/2004
This is one helluva fanfiction! The story is thoroughly thought out, and it's absolutely amazing! I read all 21 chapters in one sitting! I love your style of writing. It's very mature and stunning. You even got me near tears at one point or another. Keep up the marvelous job, luv!
apsara chapter 1 . 11/6/2003
so adorable! I love this story and I can't wait to read the rest of your work :D
Lady Mischief chapter 21 . 11/6/2003
I loved your story. I was disappointed that there wasn't a scene kind of like the Rei/Jadeite first date, for the other senshi. Other than that I enjoyed the story.
lija chapter 1 . 11/5/2003
Hi there. I finally got around to signing in...though it's a pain...*grumbles.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all of your stories so far. I especially like the fact that they're mostly finished. Yay!

If you have a mailing list for your newest works, pls add me to it. Thx.
Astgal chapter 21 . 11/5/2003
This story's so awesome! It's so interesting to read! And I can't even believe that I'm the first to review!