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Maimat B chapter 15 . 12/18/2003
ah, that was a great ending. Not alternate ending, but ending... right? anyhow great anyhow, i loved it. Will there be more from you, or is this the end of your Pirate fic for now? All the best to what ever you choose! Keep writing, you've got a special gift!
Captain Lane-I chapter 15 . 12/18/2003
i gotta say i liked that ending better. i'm an 'ol romantic' i guess hehe. that was such a great story, hav u written any others? if u hav, please tell me cos i wanna read em!
moad37 chapter 14 . 12/18/2003
Alright, I confess! Mea culpa! I've been enjoying every morsel of this story and haven't reviewed. I am loath to admit how much I have displeased you. (snivel) Please forgive. (grovel). I love the story, OK? Its very believable-Except for the theme that Gibbs knows more than Jack about almost everything. (Jack"Pregnant? But how did Ana get pregnant?" Duh.) But you /did/ address this in the story, and it is /very/ funny and so so true to life-which /is/ hard to believe-but in truth there is no explanation for stupidity or the capacity to be clueless. And now it is over. (whimper) And Ana is dead (sob). And so is the baby. (grieve) (Still, if even a tenth of the fanfic stories are true-Jack has kids all over the Caribbean) And I didn't even see it coming. (whine) I am loath to admit that I feel more sympathy for Jack than Ana-she had no faith in him at all (that bitch) and even a pirate is entitled to some happiness and so here I am begging for the extra chapter and epilogue (plead) Please please post the epilogue. I am going to hold my breath until you do. (gasp) I am also going to squeeze Jack until you do. (wheeze) So if you won't do it for me-do it for Jack before some serious damage is done because he's going to get injured here.
JustCallMeMarly chapter 14 . 12/18/2003
OOh, ooh, ooh! I'm holding back the tears... holding 'em... still holding 'em... And what's this about a BUT? You have to write the alternate ending! And the insert! You're torturing us! So I request it with everything it me, savvy? I really liked this chapter, and it would be cruel to just end it there. And since I know you're not a cruel person, it's only logical to assume that you will post the epilogue and its insert. And since I'm such a logical person, I will not panic. I trust you... :) Anyway... You did a wonderful job with this... I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with next! Brava!
cal chapter 14 . 12/18/2003
OMG! of course i want an alternate ending! i want a happy ending that won't leave me in tears for both of my pirates! :( i also want the insert chappy too! this was so good, but you've broken my heart along with Jack's! :( & right before Christmas too! :( Ana's pain when she was being held captive by the Dickhead was so palpable that it was hard to breathe. the image of her the window with her hand on the pane was achingly sad. i could feel her terrible sense of lonliness, abandonment & hopelessness. when the bastard came in & interrupted Ana's reviere, i was filled with rage & wanted Ana to attack him with her teeth & claws. when she was musing on how the Dickhead used fear as a weapon & how he always had, i loathed the fucker even more. : when Ana was remembering that she had been drugged, i feared for the baby. when Ana was thinking that sometimes she wanted to die just to end her torment, my heart was filled with sorrow for her & the immense pain that she was in. i was once again filled with anger towards the bastard responsible for Ana's pain. when Ana reached down & felt her tummy where the baby was & was reflecting that she hadn't felt any movement for days, i was filled with dread & horror what that might mean! :( i was glad to see that Ana stil had some fire in her when she was defying the asshole before he struck her. when the jerk off told her what had become of Jack & the Pearl, i was angry & frightened. angry because i was sure it was a lie & frightened because there was a possibilty that it might not be a lie. the passage where Ana cried herself to sleep (again!) : & she had her dark thoughts as to the possibility of both of her loves being alive was one of the saddest things that i've ever read. the sense of pain & loss in that paragraph was immeasurable. i felt so bad for Ana when she was marching to her granfather's house & yet she still had a bit of hope as she looked towards the harbor, looking for the Pearl & her husband. my heart broke for her when she saw neither. :( Ana's ancestral home sounded beautiful, almost like Tara from Gone With The Wind. i was very happy when Ana was granted a reprieve from her fate. i was even happier when the bloody guy ran up to them because i knew who was responsible for making him bloody! YAY, JACK'S BACK! :) i was so happy to see that the news of her husband's arrival had energized Ana into fighting back & not giving up! :) i can't say i was too surprised when the Dickhead refused Ana's promises of wealth, but my breath still caught when the asshole said that he really wanted to see Ana hang. i didn't know that a person could be so filled with hate! : the opening Jack scenes were very tense & exciting. you could feel his desperate fear as he was searching for his wife & child. i was so happy when he finally found them! i was extremely moved when Ana's first words to her husband expressed concern for *his* safety. when Ana was asking Jack for forgiveness & pleading with him not to be mad, i started getting the awful feeling that all was not right. when she revealed her wound to Jack & he tried to stop the bleeding was a real breakdown point for me. & it's not like my eyes had been exactly dry before! :( when Ana started talking to Jack as if she wouldn't be around anymore, i wanted to cover my ears & tell her to shut up. i wanted to scream her to stop being fooloish, she'd made it this far, she *would* be okay, damnit! : the bastard's interruption filled me with more anger than i thought i was capable of feeling as did all of his vile, disgusting words that he said afterwards. : i wish that Jack had had the opportunity to feed the asshole to the sharks, one piece a time! : the last scenes where Jack is imploring Ana to hold on & fulfill her promise to him & Ana doesn't have the strength left to do as her husband orders was unbearable. the last sentence left me feeling as lost & desolate as Jack felt! :( this was extremeely well-written, as is all of your stuff, but i think it will be a long time before i can re-read this story. it will be too painful, since i know what will be coming! :( i really hope that you write us a "happily ever after" ending. yes, i know it's corny & cliche, but then again aren't most dreams? keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
tiganna chapter 14 . 12/18/2003
And I do want that alternate ending and whatever else you are willing to give, please! This, in my opinion, is a very good story; I'm just sorry I stumbled upon it only today, so I haven't been able to praise it sooner.
Rat chapter 14 . 12/17/2003
so you killed her did you? very sad. :(
You had a really good thing going right to the end. And there's nothing I can say against killing her, cause I've done the same thing myself... though I did make it a fake death, but all fictional deaths are fake deaths, thats what makes fiction so much fun!
Anyhow, this was great reading all the way, and I am looking forward to you writitng more... oh and I'd love to see that alternate ending you've got!
SavvyJackSparrow chapter 14 . 12/17/2003
that was so sad. i can't believe that you had ana die. jack's lost everything that mattered to him. please post an alternate ending to this and also an insert of the one shot. this was greatly written though. i give you props for that.
JackFan2 chapter 14 . 12/17/2003
OK ... WHAT!
You... you've absolutely GOT to write the alternative ending to this story YOU"VE GOT TO YOU HEAR ME? PLEASE!
WA... WA...WA...WHA
*SNIFF..sniff* ok.. calming down now.. hold on... getting another tissue...
Ok.. I really enjoyed this chapter. I could really feel every moment of Ana's torment and Jack's frantic search for her. But.. the end had me sobbingg...please write the alternative and post it.. PLEASE!
cal chapter 13 . 12/17/2003
cal chapter 13 . 12/8/2003
i'm sorry that you're struggling with a bad(?) case of writer's block! :( i'm also incredibly sad to read that you think your tales aren't going anywhere & you're contemplating putting your creative instruments away! :0 i hate this awful case of writer's block/ lack of self-confidence that seems to be plaguing all of "my" authors! : HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT! : i know that there is an end for every beginning, but i'm really enjoying this ride that you've provided & i sure as hell am not ready for it to end! :( : maybe your muse needs a vacation. why don't you try watching the movie so it can be inspired to come back with a kick-ass vengeance? :) ok, now on to the review... my heart ached for poor injured, Ana-less Jack when he was fished from the sea & brought back to the Pearl's deck! :( poor Jack! my gosh, i didn't think it was possible, but Ana broke my heart again. her mental & physical trauma was too much anguish for me. i had to break out the kleenex again! :( the image of a sick, pregnant & frightened Ana hurt me so badly. when i read about how she cried herself to sleep each night & she began to despair that her husband wouldn't come after her, that pain i felt became unbearable. :( are you sure that the Dickhead has to live? if he does, then can you least maim him, horribly, pretty please? i took some encouragement about Jack's condition when Will was talking to Gibbs. when i read the last line that Gibbs spoke in that passage, i wept for Jack & Ana. good grief! their child is going to be an awesome thing to behold, because it will be made up of the strength & love of 2 remarkable people. i have a feeling that Jack & Ana will need all of their strength & love to get them through this latest drama. i wanted to scream with rage when i read how the Dickhead was manhandiling Ana! : GRR! how i wished that she had secreted a dagger in her boot that she would've pulled out & used on that rotten son-of-a-bitch! : i LOVED the last scene with Jack & Will. i was a little stunned that Will didn't get what Jack was saying about the sea & her jealousy. *i* understood it & i've never sailed before! i loved Jack's fierce & grim determination when he said he'd get back to his wife no matter the cost! :) YAY! Ana's hero is on his way & there'll be hell to pay! :) i can't wait until the next chappy! keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
Rat chapter 13 . 12/8/2003
short, but well written and to the point, and thats what counts is it not?
Poor Jack... can't see to clear? And Ana is losing heart. ugh, this feels like the end of the empire strikes back! Out heroes are seperated, hope is dwindling... ep. Comeback time is coming soon I hope?
JackFan2 chapter 13 . 12/8/2003
OH hurry, hurry, HURRY! FIND ANA!
Before she loses the baby, before she dies, before Jack loses them both..HURRY!
I really love this story. You've got me waiting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter. Please finish this story. PLEASE!
Don't make me turn all misery on you (you know the movie right?).
OMG! I'm dieing to know where Derrick took Ana! What's on his mind now?
My favorite line was at the end, Jack telling Will about the ocean "...I'd suggest ye not make light of what the sea is capable of. She'll do anythin' in her power to get to me," he paused as he turned to go, saying just before he vanished back into the chaos on deck, "And I'll do anythin' in mine to get to Ana."
Excellent. Made me realize his resolve in getting Ana back. But, he really needs to find her and get to he HURRY!
When will you update this story? Please don't let it just fade out. I swear I'll hound you daily until you do.. PLEASE! DON'T STOP!
The Ghost Pirate King chapter 3 . 12/7/2003
JustCallMeMarly chapter 13 . 12/7/2003
Wow... it was so very poetic. You never cease to amaze me with every update. I am anxiously awaiting more, rest assured. An epic it surely is, and I will be very sad to see it end, yet end it must. You are very correct when you say that to every beginning there is an end. But it's so hard to give something like this up - for a reader and an author, I'm sure. I've been feeling the same pain with my story. You've done so well and garnered so many loyal readers that we'll all be wanting more. *sniff* But I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job in whatever's left. You always do. And hey, I've even started my own PotC story due to your influence... it's slow in coming since my plate is a little full at the moment, but it'll get there. Along the same vein, where there is a start there is a finish, right? Anyways, I can't wait for the next update, as usual! :) Keep up the wonderful writing!
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