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cal chapter 10 . 11/18/2003
i thought the first part was rather amusing when Jack was feeling guilty for the previous night's activities, but not *too* guilty! :) i would have loved to have seen his face when Ana told him that it would be a long time if not then. i can imagine that the bewildered horror he experienced would have been equal to the "yes, but why is all the rum *gone*?" scene from the movie! :) when i read about Will hearing the arguement, i cringed for both pirates. the arguement was incredibly painful to read because i could see both of the combatants points of view & agreed with both of them. every time Ana interperted Jack's words in a different way that he meant them, my heart broke a little more for them. i think that Ana's hormones might have muddled up her emotions to the point where she actually thought that her husband didn't want her or the baby. :( when Ana took off her ring & left Jack standing there was one of the saddest images ever! :( when i read that she didn't even look back, my heart broke even more for the torn pirates. :( i wish that Ana had been able to hear when the Turners were trying to convince her that Jack knew what he was doing, but i think she was in too much pain to hear anything but her own sorrow & grief. :( when Ana was contemplating her new life, without Jack, i could feel how cold & lonely she was & felt so bad for her. i could also feel Jack's sorrow the possibility of losing not only his wife, but his child as well. the words of "White Flag" were so appropiate for the couple & the mess that their in right now! is it a song or a poem? who is the author of such a beautiful piece of work? i love the line where it says i'm in love & always will be. that is so beautiful & so achingly sad given the situation! my tears were quickly dries & my pulse rate increased when i read the last passage! i guess that Ana will have a part in the final confrontation with the Dickhead after all! i hope all the good guys come out of it relatively unscathed & that this time when he dies that Derrick will *stay* dead! i can't wait to see what happens next! keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
Maimat B chapter 10 . 11/17/2003
you fit the song perfectly in the story... wonderful job. so sad
JackFan2 chapter 10 . 11/17/2003
*Sniff, sniff*

reads more...

*sob... choke*

reads more...


NO! NOT DERRICK AGAIN! He's really starting to make me mad that, that, that, BILGE RAT! And he's going after the Pearl, not knowing Ana is no longer ont the ship.

Well, secretly I'm glad because that means Jack wins right? He'll get to protect Ana as he wanted to, right?

ooh.. 2 weeks more.. two more weeks and PotC is out on DVD! YEA! We should all synchronize our watches and at precisley 7 pm that night, we put in our dvd or vhs and start watching.. Then, we run to our computers and start writing as I am sure we are all going to be incredibly inspired after the drought of not seeing the movie for so long. I know I'm feeling it..

Ok.. Loves your story I do... moreover, love your quick updates. Jiminy.. Great pacing and characterization and all of it! MORE!
Elizabeth SwanTurner chapter 9 . 11/17/2003
i have an idea for he story

why don't you have jack sleep with ana tonight but right before give her something to drink that has been drugged or something like that and then carry her over to will ship adn that way the black pearl can get away and wills ship can get closer to port royal before she wakes up

good story btw

i really like

kingleby chapter 9 . 11/17/2003
sorry i haven't reviewed in ages...mocks are up soon *shudders* bloody exams. love it _ so cute! whats jack up to? can't wait for more!
cal chapter 9 . 11/17/2003
that was a little funny the beginning when Jack had apparently learned his lesson on how to not wake up his wife. :) it was even funnier when the poor captain had to deal with his not-too-bright crew as they were trying to repair the Pear. :) i loved the little scene with Gibbs. who knew the man had so much knowledge? :) i was warmed by his concern over how both of the pirates were doing. i felt really sorry for him when he mentioned that he hadn't seen his own children for a long time. :( i so wanted Ana to be a little closer to the 2 men when they were arguing so she could've heard what they were saying. i don't think that she's just gonna slap Jack when she finds out about his plan. if his plan is successful, she'll be more likely to beat the tar out of him! :( when Will was observing Ana as he was thinking about her was a little strange to me. it almost seemed like if he was admiring her on a different level than that of a friend. it seems as if there had been no Jack & Elizabeth, that Will might have had a romantic intrest in the lady pirate. i loved his complimentary thoughts about Ana, by the way! :) i liked the last paragraph. i loved Ana's determination that she was gonna be where she belonged in her cabin in her husband's arms. *sigh* :) i can't wait to see if the plan goes off without Ana realizing what's happening! keep up the great work & please ppost us more & soon! :)
cal chapter 8 . 11/17/2003
hey, i read this yesterday, but only now have the chance to review. that was as funny as it was gross when i read about Jack cleaning up Ana's mess & the resulting mess he made when he tossed the vase away. i would've hated to be that poor sailor! yuck! :( i also thought it was funny when he entered the cabin holding his boots in order to be quiet before the big lunkhead threw them to the floor. only a man would think that he had been quiet & considerate by doing that! :) i loved the line where Ana was trying to weasel her way out of the cabin. very funny & it made me feel sorry for the poor girl. forced bedrest can be such a pain in the rear! :) i loved Jack's thoughts when he was mulliing over why Derrick was alive & why he was after his wife. i guess Ana's not the only protective pirate around, huh? :) when Jack had his moment of insecurity & asked Ana if she'd be with the Dickhead instead of Jack had she known that he was alive was a moment that made my heart break for Jack. Ana's quick & unhesitating answer to her husband filled me with joy for Jack & his little family. Jack has the Pearl, but Ana's words assured him that he'll always have a *home*. *sigh* :) i loved it again when Ana was reassuring Jack the end that he would always have her & that they would always be together when she indicated their baby. that was an incredibly sweet moment. i think that it is one that Jack will treasure for the rest of his life. :) I'm off to read the next chappy, see you in a few minutes! :)
Maimat B chapter 9 . 11/17/2003
I really enjoyed this chapter, it has emotion, and depth, and everything! And he's planning on Leaving ANA behind? I'm frightened for him... she can get nasty... wonder if he'll live through it?
Maimat B chapter 8 . 11/16/2003
Great little chapter, very introspective and character driven. I really like how you write your Ana, very strong, very in control.
JackFan2 chapter 8 . 11/16/2003
HAHAHAHAHA *cough*... drats..

Sorry I disappeared on ya lastnight... Ryan woke again puking like Ana (different reasons) and we had mayhem all over again.. Guess I laid down with him to get him back to sleep and *blush* and guess I went down with the ship.

Ok.. this chapter is amazing and the part about Jack throwing the 'contents'of the vase out and hitting his crewman..!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Thanks for that... I love to laugh and worry all at the same time in a story!

Now to the worry part; Derrick! Bo... His... I'm NOT going to like this guy much am I? Wait, don't answer, I already don't like him for trying to separate our two sweethearts. Down to the depths with'm!

Oh.. tell me this will end happy! PLEASE! Tell me Ana will keep this baby and Jack and she will be together at the end!

Mainly, tell me you'll update again really soon..I mean REALLY soon.. *checks calendar* hm.. yup.. today is good for me... I'm free for that I believe. Well somewhat.. I'm taking dog to groomer and headed to see Love Actually with a girlfriend at 2 pm.

Tinkabelle21 chapter 8 . 11/16/2003
Ah, a nice sweet chapter, soothing to read after a long day. I like the dynamic between them, you make them actually a married couple, rather then just Jack and Ana-Maria set five years later. As always, I love reading about the quiet moments between them and the little things, like him droppign his boots, and his arm on her growing belly. The way you write it, those two can survive anything (hopefully). Lol, update soon and I'll send you cookies. Hugs Tinkabelle21
ErinRua chapter 7 . 11/12/2003
Whoa ...

I must apologize for not offering the least thing in constructive critisism here, but I'm too busy feeling nearly sick for Anamaria. I know it's a hard life she chose, though, and you don't flinch from showing how terrible it can be. You tell a good tale, and this chapter really clubbed me in the heart. Well done ... and I hope for better things for a very strong but vulnerable lady pirate.

Cheers ~

cal chapter 7 . 11/12/2003
i liked how you brought the present first before Ana started telling Jack what happened to her. my heart ached for Ana when i read that she had been held for three days! that's a lot of time for some truly bad things to be done to a person! :( i felt bad when Ana was telling Jack about how she had wished that she had least given him a kiss good-bye & how she felt that she would never see him again once she'd been captured. i think she had a sense of foreboding even though she knew her husband would come for her. i don't understand the reason for the feeling that Ana had, but i do understand the feeling. (does that make sense?) my sorrow & grief for Ana & her experience increased ten-fold when i read the line where Ana was telling Jack why she had been captured. the self-loathing & self-recrimination in her words was almost too painful to bear. :( i liked the image of Ana with the parrot on her shoulder. although it was a little cliche, i think it made her really look like a pirate! :) too bad that Ana wasn't as aware of her surroundings as the bird was! :( i cheered when Ana kneed the offending asshole in the balls even though i knew that was going to cost her in the end. i winced when Ana was knocked out & wished desperately that her husband had been there to offer some aid. i smiled when Ana was in her cell thinking about the parrot & it's intelligence as compared to that of the Pearl's crew. i smiled even more when Ana used her sharp tongue on the guard. she's so fiesty & defiant it's hard not to love her! :) when Ana woke up from her ordeal, i was filled with dread. as i read further & further about her assorted injuries, i knew that those assholes had cut & punched her. i was still holding my breath, because i was so scared that they had taken turns raping her. i was immensely relieved when that was not the case! i think that was what the shitheads were attempting to do to her, when the quick-thinking lady grabbed the pistol to defend herself. i was filled with a black hatred for the fucker who grabbed Ana by the throat & tried to choke her before he put his boot to her. when the first kick connected, i cried out because i knew about Ana's baby. after the second kick, i was weeping for the Sparrows & the treasure that they had lost. :( i liked the commadore; he seemed as if he were a decent man. too bad, he didn't get to Ana sooner! :( the doctor was someone else i liked. i liked his bedside manner with Ana. when he told Ana that she had lost her baby, i was once again in tears. Ana's reaction to that awful news broke my heart. i wished that there had been someone there to offer Ana a hug & try & give her a modicum of comfort. after so much sorrow, the present offered a smile & hope for the future. i was glad that Daddy Jack was able to find the vase in time, although i'm not sure the other captain will apperciate Ana's decorating touch to his cabin! i thought it was very sweet when Jack was next to Ana & he was offering some comfort while she was puking her guts out. i was amused to see that Jack was still self-involved enough to muse on how all this retching was gonna be an inconvience to *him*. i think if she were able to hear Jack's thoughts & if she hadn't been busy the time, that Ana would've knocked the shit out of Jack. and he *would've* deserved it! :) i loved it when Jack was contemplating the new grand & scary adventure that was in store for him & his wife. that was a warm & fuzzy moment. :) the last few lines were a bit gross & very humorous. very sweet end to a chappy that definately needed something light in it! :) i hope that they'll be able to dispatch Derrick soon & without too much trouble! then the Sparrows will hopefully get the happily ever after they deserve! :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
Maimat B chapter 7 . 11/12/2003
Ah, so the truth is revealed. Poor Ana.
guinevere chapter 7 . 11/12/2003
plunge, that's what comes to mind. the second-last sentence, after Jack muses on the new life and possibilities Ana pukes over his bookts -i love that touch. also, how much...nicer...the commodore reads -is his a happy marriage? he was nasty in "In your Absence"

(just curious: what happened to it?)
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