Reviews for The Guardian
Ninqe chapter 1 . 2/15/2005
*bows* SAIYAN I AM SO SORRY *bows* I AM NOT WORTHY! *bows*

Argh, so much for saying I would read this fast... oh well. I finally read it, I'm sorry it took me so long. Wow! I was so surprised when I looked at the bar and it was like a little sliver... haha.

Oh well, I lurve Sola! I think it's cool how Yami has a twin... I had this idea of Yami having a sister, and I had this picture to go with it... and then when I read about Sola... I was like OMG! ITS THE GIRL FROM MY DRAWING! lol!

How do you come up with such cool names? Naid... and you even used your screen name! Oh well... who cares? You are officially worthy of the title of "Best Name Comeruper Person Ever to Exist in the World."

YOU DUCK TAPED SETO'S MOUTH SHUT! *blink* *blink* YOU ARE MY HERO! *bows* Geeze, I was cracking up when I saw that... I was like, Saiyan betta watch out! Seto might file lawsuit for that... I could so picture that...

"Your honor... I want to sue Saiyan Jedi for invading my personal space and attacking me with a... sticky object. Yes... that is correct, jury... she duck taped my mouth shut. I feel that I should receieve... FOUR MILLION DOLLARS OFF OF THIS!"

MWHAHAHA! They found Yugi's missing Exodia cards... I bet theyre full of alge... and mold... and soggy. And they probably smell funny too. Oh well... cards are cards I guess.

So I very much enjoyed the story... now I have to go read the other ending! Very nice jorb on this!
LadySora chapter 1 . 9/1/2004
Sora: Well, well, well, that was nice. but then again...i took that quiz of yours and i'm Naid. -_-

Yami Sora: oh boy, here we go...

Sora: Well, yea, I didn't think that she would go through hell! but i think it's funny how yami and seto like her. i'm thinking about doing a fic like that. but it's nothing like yours and i've been planing it for about a month now. so i think i'm gonna right it. i hope you'll read it! i think i might call it 'Anicent Egyptian Love Triganle' so yea.

Yami Sora: I'm gonna...*gets hit on head* X_X

Sora: Don't mind her. L8er! -
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 2 . 4/14/2004
. *holds watch* Ya know, I have this thing for lateness that matches that white bunny rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland." Gomen, many times, for extreme lateness. Hey, maybe that can be an X-treme game or something- how late can you get? I'd win!
Djanil: -_- You lose at everything else.
LoneWolf16: ... No comment. So yeah, much better ending to this fic. Not so sugar-high; but did have some funny bits here and there. .~ Can't keep it high-strung the whole time. Stayed in character better too, yea to you. (Woot Yami and Seto! Slug it out! .~ j/k) One thing you need to work on is the problem-area of plot. You kinda solve them too easily. They need pain/mistakes/fear/something other than four lines and the solving mechanism. .~ Kinda hard to do it in one ending though; so oh well.
Yes, I am a Christian, and glad it shows in . I want to somehow reach out; touch someone through my writing. *laughs* And I already listen to k-love! .~ "Positive, encouraging, k-love!" Wow, to think that when I'm listening to k-love, a fellow writer's listening too... .~
So yeah, rock on! Buy a floppy disk drive! .~ Ja ne!
Dark Magician Gurl chapter 1 . 2/23/2004
I loved it ;) make sure u contonue, or else you'll feel the wrath of my Yami.
Yami Cassie a.k.a Casie: Er, no! *sends Cassie into the shadow realm*
Cassie:Heehee, very funny. Bring me back Casie, Casie! CASIE!
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 1 . 1/5/2004
*waves* Aiyo! I have finally attained the Internet! Sorry that I haven't replied quickly; but if you did read my bio, you would know that I update and reply very, very, slowly. Veery slowly...
*victory sign* So yeah, like, hey! Great to know I have a kindred spirit out here in ! Wolves and swords and books galore, and girly junk a big X-out. As for your question in a previous review...*sweatdrop* What would I do? (Djanil: No clue. LoneWolf16: *nods profoundly*) Heck, if I don't know what I'd do in a situation of bad pokemon, I shudder to think what you might say I'd do... no go. For sanity purposes. (Djanil: *nodnod*)
So anyway. To the subject: this fic. Very interesting. "Yami sickness?" I hearth the call of the Ravager... Aw, you healed 'em. *pouts* I was looking forward to mass pain and various yamis and hikaris getting very, very sick. Very. I liked the sister/younger brother deal; Yami often appears (and acts) like the elder so a different POV is nice. *cocks head* Although I got a little confused at the end. You came in and well, rearranged stuff. The fic was moving along nicely and then it got totally changed around by an outside force. I'm confused on that; why stick in the humor?
*shrugs* Ah well, I suppose you'll flame me for my not-understanding. Ja ne!
Rayna Ayoki chapter 1 . 11/26/2003
Great story. Oh, and about the career in writing...I'll think about it. My teacher last year said the same thing...maybe I should take people's advice for a change... _
Yami Gurl chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
Really cool. And long. But that's a good thing! Please update soon.