Reviews for Forever
Khelek-sul Renai chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
I like it... I think it really does portray how Hikaru feels about Go very well.

Well written.
TheHamsterInMyMind chapter 1 . 4/14/2007
That was BEAUTIFUL! The metaphors were WONDERFUL! ()
fascimility chapter 1 . 11/11/2003
Beautifully written. Yes, I love the metaphors that you included inside- they really make the piece come alive and provide an indsight into their relationship. Which is about Go. :)

Good perspective to explore this side of their relationship Great fic, please continue writing! :)

*adds to favouites list*
Gisela chapter 1 . 11/11/2003
That was beautifully written. However the problem with point of view is one can't write in such a way that drifts of from the character. The words do not emit to me the essence of Hikaru, his character, his personality, his mindset...but nonetheless the work in itself was wonderfully done. You may not have captured Hikaru it it, but you have definitely captured the essence of Go or perhaps the essence of the people's passion for Go. I hope to read more of your work.
Urufuudo chapter 1 . 11/10/2003
A truly beautiful piece,it is.

there should be anymore side stories from the Hikaru no Go manga (which probably won't,sadly), this could be the tailored-made script for it. (Normally I am not too fond of stories in 1st person,"Forever" is a rare exception.)

The flashbacks and reality are merging in so seamlessly and can almost see the 2 players exchanging glances, within the game or not.

And no,I don't think it's short or badly-written. It's the quality not quantity that counts.

Sorry if my use of words are crappy,but my praises are sincere. _U

Thank you for sharing your work with us ! Please keep writing !
mirai aria chapter 1 . 11/9/2003
I really liked this :-) And not at all 'badly written' too. I found the style used in this fanfic very fitting too.. I mean, with all the details you put in, it just makes everything come to life in my mind and.. I guess if it were written in any other style, it wouldn't have made THAT impact to me.. :-) This thing is going to my favorites list :-)
enkeli chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
Well, I must say, I liked the opening. The phrases "the first time I ever..." were beautifully done, and brings out that sense of looking back and change. And I think it was nice that it was used in running like that.

However, I must confess, I felt that those sections could be put to better use. Rather than reading them as a linked entity, I saw it as three separate things... which spoilt some of the effect of continuity. Here, (and this is just my opinion), I would have felt it better if you had given some indication that there are going to be a few "the very first times". Maybe because you put in so much description in between that the focus is changed to the differences, rather than the "very first time"s? I'm not exactly sure.

But I feel that the idea behind it is wonderful. I can most certainly see Shindou thinking like that. That the whole thing had no significance to him until he met Touya. Both Touya Senior and Junior.

What I liked most about this piece, however, was really the feeling of "I love Go" throughout. That go is linked to everything, and it's so amazing and wonderous. And I like this idea very much indeed, though I can't help but wonder if some revision might make it even better than it already is.

Right now, you have a pretty good feel when reading the story, but I can't help but wonder, if you had used those parallels a whole lot more effectively (you use a couple more later on), would the feeling that I have right now move up a notch from "feeling good" to "absolutely standing in awe"?

Nonetheless, I did enjoy this piece, and I'm very glad that you posted. It is, without a doubt, one of the pieces that I've enjoyed more. Thank you for sharing.
Regatto chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
Oh. *clutches heart* This is wonderful! I read everything in one breath...great job! It so evocative!

You are really good you know? Please write more!

Arigatou Gozaimasu!
WhereIsMyBacon chapter 1 . 11/7/2003
*Wipes away stray tears*

How can you say it was horribly written? It was horrible, yes, horribly horribly touching, that is! It was heartwarming *_* No other way to put it. It's suddenly inspired me to go and draw Hikago fanart...