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wswpub chapter 6 . 9/15/2015
Really? This is the end? I'd like to know where his parents went. I'm assuming they're dead but I'd like to know what happened. I'd also like Nim to keep him himself or a nice Elf Lady to take him
BookWorm624 chapter 6 . 8/8/2014
damn! I soooooooo want to know what happened to Little One! But since it has been about a decade since you updated I don't have much hope that I ever will...pity, this was an excellent story! :-(
gginsc chapter 6 . 4/15/2012
Please finish this story! I like it a lot.
MiniFruitbat chapter 6 . 5/4/2008
I'm finding the Elflings' actions to be particularly brilliant. Both Silma and Little One remind me of some chidlings I once had the, er, pleasure, of nannying.
MiniFruitbat chapter 4 . 5/1/2008
I am thoroughly enjoying this so far. Nimaron is both competent and kindly without seeming to be omnipotent. I am, however, a little perturbed by how closely this Elvish infirmary is mimicking a modern hospital. While I'm sure the Elves would have good reason to keep notes and get into each other's business, specific mention of "prosecution" and "paperwork" seems out of place.
Faerfaen chapter 6 . 8/8/2004
I think Nimaron should keep him. Poor little squirt. That would so suck being deaf. I love this though and cant wait for more!

*~ Dy *~*
Lutris chapter 6 . 6/26/2004
This was a nice chapter, I especially liked the short trip they made to the gardens. And Silima! Dreaming of her white sandals! :)

Nimaron is one of my favourite OCs, so I'm always curious about details. :) Especially about why he always feels so uncertain about his foster parents?

You should put your Little One drawing you sent me in your Yahoo profile - the elfling is adorable, and in your drawing he looks even more so!

I look forward to next chapter! :)
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 6 . 6/23/2004
Now, I will finally review this brilliant chapter! Sorry for the delay! :-) (Dragon and Alagant sit down at the computer desk, each of them equipped with a cup of tea).

I like the way you show the transition to this new point in time - without lengthy descriptions, you allow the reader to develop a feeling for that "full week" and what must have happened in it. It is very interesting to see how the mere physical damage heals (as far as it can heal - and the pacing of this story allows it to get accustomed to the thought that it will not heal fully step by step, a gradual realization) while the psychological problems are only just starting... It really shows that you have a lot of experience in the matter.

It is also very telling that even people who know better (Mardil) still *talk* to Little One casually (that is, not in a manner fit for trying to teach him lip-reading or whatever, but just in this "Hello, elfling" style) as if he could hear them - I keep wondering if they wish to create a sense of normality for him by treating him as normally as possible, or if the notion that *speaking* to someone is just the thing to do is so deeply entrenched culture-wise that people (especially the "Quendi", hm?) just do it regardless.

I like the tension in the conversation between Mardil and Nimaron - Master Mardil really has his own views, doesn't he? But I like that Nim is still ready to hope - there is more to our lemon-loving healer than meets the eye!

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of Little One's POVs - you write children so well, and especially him! It is just perfect to see the medical treatment and the strange grown-up elves through his eyes ("You are so very brave! And so clever! I like that you figured out how to make them stop!" *grins at his pen-friend encouragingly*). It is an entirely different perspective, unique and touching.

The use of language in the following Nim snippet was great - gathering up the concerns vs. gathering up the little elfling... Perfection! It is also lovely to see him getting accustomed to Little One and dealing with him. It is all very realistic - no "love at first sight" and an instantly functioning relationship, but very many little steps in the right direction... A sheer joy to read! You excel at describing those relationships.

The Little One bit following here is great as well - we finally get to know a bit more about what he has been told about the world and what he knows... And yes, other children would be quite something new! ("Other children? That can be good. Or not." *looks doubtful*)

But now... The Silme part is priceless! So very true and childlike! You made me chuckle quite fondly over her thoughts - yes, having the sandals all the other little girls have would be important. And a "Lady Arwen" dress! That is so typical! Hm... What fun would it be to see Lady Arwen in brown sandals now! How proud Silima would feel! ;-)

I really liked her thoughts on the visits to pregnant ladies/young mothers with her mother - yes, that would be fun for a little girl. It is a nice touch that, in turn, the infirmary is boring for her. Silme is great, really! :-) She might become one of my favourite OCs in this tale (no, Nimaron does not count as "OC" any more, he is canon. So is Little One. ;-)).

LOL - Silme's poem is such fun, and it sounds very much like a child's poem, yes... especially that "and they will be white" solution in the end! Too sweet! It is a breath of fresh air to have a "normal" child, unhampered by injuries/problems of the caliber Little One suffers from, in this story as well. ("Normal? Normal! She is a silly girl! Girls *are* silly... 'Lady Arwen Dress'!" *snorts and looks entirely too much like his ada*)

Silme's observations in regard to Little One are precious - I like that she does not shy away from the strange and different being that he is to her, but really tries to get into contact with him and offers to play... Congratulations, Little One! So young, so new in Imladris, and already conquering the young ladies' hearts... ;-)

Little-One's counter-observations were very nice as well, though the bit about his Ada not being there almost made me sniffle - over his outward condition, it is almost too easy to forget that major problem - his parents are not there, and their fate is unknown!

"One of them had happened across a clump of dandelion puffs and was blowing the wind-ready seeds into the face of the other. The healer found himself laughing quietly in spite of himself, and shook his head slightly." - I know, this is not *the* central sentence of the piece - yet, it was a moment that touched me very much. We seldom get to see private, relaxed Nim who reveals a bit of his soul (it is small wonder that even his foster parents were not allowed to get close to him), but here he is, forgetting about control and hiding his feelings for a moment to laugh at the apprentice's game... So precious! I liked that a lot! :-)

The Elrond bit was a good transition - and I enjoyed that you threw a bit of humour with the warning about the nearly-lost sock and the idea of Arwen (not) developing "the urge to go stomping about in boots"...

The last part of the chapter was probably also the most interesting one - and it made me realize how much, in fact, Nim is like Little One. This may sound very strange now, so I will try to explain: He, too, is someone who cannot communicate easily (as is shown by the fact that Sarn and Beinell, while being well-meaning and kind, simply cannot connect to him as fully as to their other foster children - and that they still have not found out that his favourite dish has changed...), even though his reasons are decidedly *inner* reasons, not physical disability; he, too, was a parentless elfling at some point. So, if Nim was already a bit too much for Sarn and Beinell to handle, even though they tried valiantly... I would not recommend sending Little One to them. Nimaron is much better qualified for understanding him, even though he may not have realized that yet... So he should care for Little One. Our healer needs a family, anyway. ;-)

A truly wonderful chapter once again, mellon-nin - this is still one of the best stories here I know, and I thoroughly enjoy it! :-)

P.S.: As always, the medical notes at the end were very helpful and interesting! :-)
daw the minstrel chapter 6 . 6/19/2004
Oh no! Little One has to hear again. I know I'm a sucker for happy endings. But this little thing is so sweet. And frankly, Nim should keep him. The child is attached to him. Making him live elsewhere now would be so hard. Actually, in addition to wanting him to hear, I also want his parents to turn up. Is that too much to ask?
AntigoneQ chapter 5 . 4/28/2004
What a fascinating story! Please continue soon.
sqrt-1 chapter 5 . 4/19/2004
I'm glad I found this story! It's good, and I hope you keep going with it, I'd like to find out what happened to Little One and his parents, and what will happen to Little One in the future.
I like your decision to depart from canon characters here - it helps eliminate any errors in things like who was born and knew who when, etc. that are so easy to get confused. I did like your depiction of Elrond though, and I hope he gets to make another appearance at some point.
Lutris chapter 5 . 4/11/2004
I'm glad you updated this! :) The idea of showing Little One the silhouettes on the wall was very good - I imagine it really was appealing to him.
Now I'm curious about the little bit of info you hinted about Nim, I hope you continue to develop more of him in future chapters; he is an adorable OC and it would be wonderful to know more about him.
I look forward to next chapter!
daw the minstrel chapter 5 . 4/11/2004
I think an experience like this might be frightening even for a child who can hear and have things explained to him, but to this child, alone among strangers and not understanding anything, it must be awful. Thank goodness for the blankee and the shadow pictures.
Dragon Confused chapter 5 . 4/11/2004
Yayayaye! You updated! Nim was fabtastic as ever and I liked seeing that bit of his home life. The memory back to Little One's happy times was so sad, especially as now he's feeling sick and unhappy and there is nobody there to look after him. Being sick in a strange place with people you don't know is a horrible thing.
Grumpity Little One is adorable too... but I winced at the thought of a vinegar rinse for sore little ears! But hiding under the blanket and watching them although he cannot see them is so cute... 'offering a little to the elfling, who chose to extract one tiny hand from the bedclothes in order to shove him away' that's my favourite line I think! He's a little character.
But he can't give him away! Especially not to foster parents he wasn't totally happy with! (*gets Ereinion to poke Little One and attempt to explain the patented technique of grab-the-hand-and-NEVER-let-go*). I think I like Aglariel though... it was a wonderful idea to do shadow pictures, something that Little One can enjoy even if he cannot hear. And with the night light he can even make them for himself without moving too much if he wakes during the night and is lonely.
Specially liked Little One being all grumpy until it looks like people might actually leave him, and then grabbing hold of Nim for all he's worth.
*grins* Wonderful chapter, and I liked it even if you were wobbly about it!
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 5 . 4/11/2004
This was a sad, but very good chapter - I really, really admire how you handle the difficult stuff - both the emotionally tough things and the ethically difficult matters. And although we really get the tough, hard matters here, there is just the right amount of subtle humour and sweetness to let it be an absolutely enjoyable read.
On to the details! :-)
I really enjoyed seeing the "private" side of Nim's life at the beginning - you know I really, really like him, so seeing him at home and more or less relaxed (I liked the details of the shoes carelessly kicked off and the warm milk), if concerned, was a real treat. You also do a marvelous job of portraying the healers' difficulties and dilemma here - many stories that deal with recovering (more or less) from injuries or diseases focus entirely on the patient, with the healer being little more than an instrument. It is very good that you remind us that healers, too, are people with all their thoughts and wishes and worries and quirks, not only "healing robots" who just do what has to be done.
The exchange between Eithel and Nimaron made me chuckle a bit - “This has apples in it
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