Reviews for Level 2: Children
OldSchool101 chapter 8 . 11/7/2004
Whew, that was a ride. I still can't believe it's taken me this long to review this, but hey, better late than never, I always say. Anyway, as insane as it may sound, I just spent a grand total of 8 hours re-reading Level 1 AND Level 2, with about 3 hours worth of sleep in between. Why? I dunno, guess I was bored. What else does an insomniac (sp?) have to do on the computer at night? Play computer solitare? Well I do that all the time anyway so that doesn't count. But really, I just wanted to get myself syched up for level 3 (it IS coming soon, right? ...RIGHT?) And right now I'd say I'm in my "Super Nostalgic Fan-boy" mode, which is when I get excited about pretty much anything that happens. Heck, I was at a point where I got hyped while watching Beyblade this morning when that kid Daichi (nice name, huh?) beat that guy with the weird-lookin' red hair in the BBA tournament. And I rarely even watch that show! It's a good thing the Atlanta Falcons have a bye this week or else I'd be screaming my head off for Mike Vick to run the friggin' ball! And for God's sake, Mora, put Duckett in the GAME!

...Okay, I just jumped from your fic, to Beyblade, a rant about the Atlanta Falcons running Vick and T.J. Duckett. I get off subject a lot, but that's like a record. Guess that's some of the effects of SNF mode. So where was I? Oh yeah, a review. Well, after 8 hours of non-stop (well not exactly since I had 3 hours of sleep) all-out, mind-fucking, cryptic-bastardized (just kiddin') insanity, I'm not sure what to say. I have, however, spent this time trying to understand everything leading up to Takoji's return to the fake real world (yeah, I'm calling him Takoji for the time being. (Note to self- use names Daichi and Takoji in future OC fics)). I think it's safe to assume that anything considered impossible is what's most likely going to happen.

'Is Guilmon dead?' probably. 'If so, would it be possible to bring him back even after being erased from existance?' no. Which is exactly why it's most likely gonna happen...I hope. Heck, I'm still holding out for the chance that TAI is gonna show up eventually! (I'm still kinda pissed that you killed him off) 'What's gonna happen in Level 3?' I haven't the slightest clue. I do hope that Y(ass)uo Akiyama gets what's coming to him (part of me wishes that Daemon would've made it to the real world just so Yasuo and everyone involved with the Sealing would suffer slow, painful deaths, but oh well, maybe next decade)

I have to say that I'm not exactly looking forward to Takoji (I just like that name for some reason) being put through more mental and emotional HELL. I mean, seriously, between you and Daneel Rush, you guys have done everything but nail Takato to a cross. Would it hurt to let Takato have a happy ending? I know you're capable of writing happy (yet not sappy) endings with Odaiba Memorial Day, along with complacent, yet disappointing endings with Grim Reality. So I can't really assume too much about the ending of The Connection trilogy. All I know is it's gonna be good. Now hurry up and write it! lol
Mike chapter 8 . 8/5/2004

I now hate them. And so ends half of my time.

Fanfiction .net is a bunch of idiots. Please, leave now. They deleted MG2, #$& them.
Digi fan chapter 8 . 8/1/2004
What a great ending, can't wait for the third sega.
gerjomarty chapter 8 . 7/22/2004
Wow. The stage is set indeed. Extremely surprisingly, I understood that stage quite well. When I sit down to read this I always expect to know absolutely nothing of whats going on. I have to say I'm part of the 'kicking themselves' group for the Mari/Jeri thing. As always, it all becomes clear once it's been explained. And identity has been a predominant factor in the whole level because having an identity is all part of "existing", which seems to be the theme of the whole bloody Connection story. I believe that this level is actually ending on a quite positive note rather than a downer, even though the odds are pretty low, or so Tally says. If the MAXIS real world, that Takato comes from is "ruled by a god", then there's every possible chance that Takato can get back there. Whether or not he will rescue it from the D-Reaper remains to be seen, but I hope he does. Maybe this God can do more about the real world than you're letting on. The again, who knows if there even is a physical 'God' to the MAXIS real world. You never really know with your mind-fuck fanfiction. After this whole level, which has been extremely suspenseful, gripping and utterly brilliant reading, there's only three words that spring to my mind: Roll on October. Thanks again. -Gerjo
Ninja Kasuga chapter 8 . 7/22/2004
While some of this is downright depressing, it is one of the better thought out Digimon fanfics I've read in a long time.

I like how Takato/Koji as a character has grown, from the opening tragedy of losing his parents in Level 01, to his comming to the 'real' Digital World and finally to the Real World and al that has led up to this.

I am a bit crushed Ryo is part of the bad guy's but that is your right as an author to decree who is who and where the loyalties truely lie.

Tally and Reily get my full thumbs up for saving Koji's bacon and for showing there are those who're fighting the bastards who screwed over the Chosen and the Digimon.

While I dread some of what will come in Level 03...I also can't wait to see what you have planned next.
clueless97 chapter 8 . 7/4/2004
wow... Koji/Takato is actually going home now? i truly can't believe that, but i'm glad he is anyway. can't wait how the events turn out.
Ashkore chapter 8 . 7/2/2004
Very well done story! I love stories that piece everything(or at least somethings)together at the end. This is alot more easy to understand that Level 1, though it was equally excellent.

I hope Level 3 maintains it's past Levels' greatness and thickly enriched plotline. Even more angst expected and maybe even a dash of Rukato (refering to the Rukato-look-like moment in Level 1).

Another thing, don't listen to OmnicromXR. I know he is entitled to his opinion, but he is obviously taking it a bit to far with the insults and such. Exspecially when he doesn't even have a story of his own. Though I don't have one either. Keep up the good work with all your other stories and good luck with Level 3: Experiments.

PS: I hope OmnicromXR doesn't think he is responsible for the removal of Last Shot because of his, at least in his eyes', constructive critisism, because Black is way to talented to be persuaded by his words, however hurtful they may be. Once again, good-luck.
rebeccag239 chapter 8 . 6/30/2004
Fantastic chapter

I cant wait till October to see what is going on

Keep writing

lightyearsaway chapter 8 . 6/30/2004
Alright! Great chapter! I'm looking foward to reading Level 3. Good luck!
Blitz Blazer chapter 8 . 6/29/2004
Holy Crap.

That about sums it up, ive read level one and two non stop i just couldnt stop. It was very good espically the end f the second one.

It seems li ke from the first part itll be Rukato but theres also things to mislead to the more current. I dont think i can wait till ocotber id perfer it all sonner!

Just get it out as soon as you can ok?
Ja Rule chapter 8 . 6/29/2004
You so have to continue this.
pokemon-35055 chapter 8 . 6/29/2004
exallant hurry up and white level 3
anthropomorphizer chapter 8 . 6/28/2004
Amazing story! I can't wait for you to upload to third part!
Hitomi No Ryu chapter 8 . 6/28/2004
Damn...that was just plain satisfying. You better not pull a Gainax on us when this trilogy ends! *growl* Never forgive Gainax for what they did in the 4th Kare Kano DVD! (Not to mention the Evangelion TV series ending episode. :-P ) Good luck on the next fic! OH YEAH! *Whacks author with frying pan* That's what you get for saying on your profile the last chapter is completed and then make us wait for 12 LONG days!
OmnicromXR chapter 8 . 6/28/2004
There are many things I can say in my final review of your monsterous atrocity. I planned to say them. Then I realise I already had. I've already spoken out repeatedly against you and your entire fucking unsatisfactory world, your despicable romance, and your existence in general. So much so that to continue on would be redundant. In the last few chapters I believe I explained very thoroughly why I hate you, and given the chance, why I would seek to perform acts of physical harm against you. I hate your story, not for being bad , but for having a nails-on-the-chalkboard effect on me. By association I have come to hate you too. What more can I say? Actually there are somethings new to bemoan about you.


I know by now it's far too late for me to ask for a happy ending. I admire your thoroughness in completely destroying any possibility rational hope in your story. I also admire your villain. Akiyama Yasuo will be the scumbag that I am going to compare to every villain until the end of time. Few are going to measure up to your bastard. As I said it's far to much to hope for a happy resolution, so I'm going to ask for a resolution that could be considered satisfactory after how far you've beaten down my expectations. Any ending that ends up with a truly cruel fate inflicted on Yasuo qualifies immediatly. The worse the better, and I KNOW you can think up some unreasonably bad things to happen to the man(wrong descriptive phrase).


Can I also request you not mistake satisfactory ending with Jurato ending? You claim Alice's identity is important right? You haven't given me reason to care I'm afraid. I don't care about who she is, who she thinks she is, who she isn't, or who she wants to be. I don't care about Juri, who she is, who she thinks she is, who she isn't, or who she wants to be. Nope don't care.


At the very least you've given me enough of a base to let me predict the events of book 3. And I don't like what I'm intuing from that base. I've also learned from experience that my guesses have a rather sad margin of accuracy.


Mind you I'm not expecting an ending I'd like, I don't expect something that unreasonable. I'm just hoping for an ending. If you can actually make an ending you'll be one-up Black. Of course any ending would be a reprieve for our characters, so I'm not really expecting one from you.
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