Reviews for Dragon Ball Odyssey
Lil Songbird chapter 2 . 11/21/2003
Min, no offense taken. Reviews are nice and there are specific times I'll ask for feedback on specific things I just meant don't hinge continuing your story on them. Your story is a good story whether you get 20 or 100 reviews.

I'm enjoying this so far. I'm intrigued by your choice of Tenshenhan as the prophet and enjoyed the whole update of the timeframe, especially the whole conversation of the suitor over the possibility of being sued. Good job.
Sloth Manifest chapter 2 . 11/15/2003
I hope others review for this because its truely great. Youve been true to the style of the odyssey and dbz so far. Your right i never thought of it but dbz character do fit pretty well into the odyssey, see-ya next chapter!
Dark Panther chapter 2 . 11/15/2003
very interesting...Please continue!
Nightelf chapter 1 . 11/13/2003
haha...i'll never be able to look at the Odyssey (and i'm always paranoid about misspelling that) the same way again...good thing i'm no longer doing ancient history huh?

but i'm sure i'll enjoy this journey- whoa! inspriation! i could use part of the Odyssey for my english supplementary text on journeys! !


Bet NO-ONE will think of this one...hehe...well i'm off to do english homework, so all i'll say now is...

keep writing!

Lil Songbird chapter 1 . 11/9/2003
Hi Min. As a lover of myth and lore I find your idea intriguing. It works very well so far as you've written. I'm interested at how you will combine the elements of the odessy into the DBZ world.

I hope you go on with the story and not be so dependent on reviews. My own stories don't get the 1,0 of reviews that some poorly written stories get but I write for the enjoyment of it and to better my skill. Just a word of advice, I know several people who view statements like you have at the end demanding reviews offensive and never look at a story again out of principle. All of these people are loyal fans and reviewers. A simple statement pleading for feedback has much better results.

I've not looked at any of your other stories but I intend to now I've found this.