Reviews for ALIEN 3 Into the Fire
Arthemas Fox chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Das ist die (mit deutlichem Abstand) beste FF, die ich je zu diesem Thema gelesen habe. Wenn Steve Perry annähernd so gut schreiben könnte, wie du, wären seine Bücher Bestseller geworden. Weiter so!
Lunara85 chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
Hi Katzilla!

I really loved your story. I am from Austria so I had no problem with the german language. ;)

I read that 'Into the Fire' is only the first part out of 3. I am really glad to hear that because the end is not very satisfying. Where can I find the other storys. You said you already finished writing?

I was very disappointed when I saw Alien 3 on DVD and since this first time watching it I never did again. I really hated what they did to Hicks and little Newt. Your story is a much better one and so well written.

I only hope you are not killing off Hicks. I want him to live and get rid of the Alien inside him.

Do you know the homepage ' '? It's a german homepage where your story could maybe find more readers than here. I was noticed that most users here do not read german storys because most of them do not understand german language.

So, I hope you can tell me where I can get the sequels to your great story so that I can continue to read after I come home from my job. It really helped me to relax when I read your story in the last few days.

Great work, thanks for sharing it.

With kind regards, Lunara
Mahtala chapter 7 . 6/8/2007
Can't read German. Damn. :/

Some translation maybe...? ;)

Nevertheless other pieces are a good work, nice to read even for a person who isn't native to English.
wolverine chapter 1 . 5/13/2005
Not a bad history. Strongly differs from all nonsense by which the network is hammered. The main thing is not present any Predators! Films about Another's it is much deeper and cleverer. Having looked the first film long for a long time, became the present fan. And at all because of these "fantastic" Giger's Animels. Though, probably, they also have affected that I became the biologist... There Is in these films something, that does not release me a hedgehog of 16 years.

The beginning really very interesting. It is a lot of years back to me тожехотелось to write, something similar...

There is nothing strange, that on it there are no responses. In a network teenagers who are interested absolutely by another " the side of a medal " "wander" basically: they try completely seriously to describe biology Another's. Ridiculously! Or blunt fights Aliens vs predator are necessary for much it would be desirable to read the ending of a history. Whether probably to send me it or she is on other sites?

I ask a pardon for my bad English.