Reviews for Backwards Compatible
the3littlewords chapter 18 . 7/26
i hate to be one of those update please nuisances, but i saw your i'm back from the grave and now a zombie writer update and hoped you would continue this soon...? i'm in love with it and while i know you have a lot more recent fics you probably wanna focus on i really really hope to see more of this one.

Oh, and you're awesome btw.
kb86 chapter 18 . 7/23
I recently came across your story here and I can't help but notice you've stopped right in the middle of the tale. I've really enjoyed what I've read so far, but I can't help but wanting so much more. Do you have any plans of coming back to this story and continuing what you've started? Much appreciated and thanks for the tale thus far!
Potter says chapter 18 . 7/11
Holy shit! My favourite author in fanfiction is BACK. YES. YES. YES! I sincerely hope you'll take up this one again. Please. Please. This is a story I reminisced again and again throughout all this years. Please won't you.
Guest chapter 8 . 7/9
After the explanation I stopped reading. The story isnt what I am looking for
Guest chapter 18 . 7/8
It's verry sad that you stopped writing.
Aelis chapter 1 . 6/30
What a whimsical storybook like writing style so far. I especially liked the universe sneeze, I'm quite interested in seeing where this goes. Shame he didn't go back just a touch further though.
MPPC chapter 18 . 6/9
Fantastic Story. I enjoy time travel, but only when it is well put together, and this is really well written.
Tora chapter 18 . 6/4
Very impressive. Hopefully your muse will bring you back this way some day.
Simianpower chapter 14 . 5/30
Your answer to "Why doesn't Harry nuke Voldemort" is not valid. "It would be a shorter story" holds no water, since you as writer gave him nukes, and how is reducing Voldemort back to a wraith rather than a living and malignant cult leader a bad thing? This is the weakest part of the story, actually, and it's never addressed.
Simianpower chapter 15 . 5/30
I get what you did using the others as a means to get Harry to explain what was going on, but they're so annoying that I had to skip part of the chapter. They just. won't. shut. up! It's been evident in other chapters, but in this one it was simply too irritating to read. We all know how utterly stupid Ron is, but this is over the top for anything short of a crack fic.
huntjd1 chapter 15 . 4/20
This chapter was a bit disappointing. The combat scene seemed to try to mix comedy and drama and as a result fell kind of flat. Throughout the chapter Harry seems to know what needs to be done and is time critical. but at the same time he calmly argues with his so called friends about what needs to be done. "for example before the combat scene he allows his so called friends to delay him with arguments while it is extremely more than likely that his girlfriend that he supposedly loves is being tortured and raped. Then the last scene his friends seem to argue with him over and over about what needs to be done while curse after curse is revealed. This section just seemed a little to contrived to draw things out to actually hold me in suspense. Overall I think the chapter has some merit but needs some polishing.
huntjd1 chapter 12 . 4/20
I got interested in this story because it looks to be a story where Harry is willing to do what is necessary in war. So far this story has been pretty good. If you hadn't guessed I am one of those who believe that war is ugly and if you aren't prepared to do what is necessary to win than you most certainly will lose. This chapter has me worried though. everybody seems to be far to worried about going too far. Especially having some get so worked up over the development of a plasma rifle. In war if you don't develop new techniques to defeat the enemy you will also most likely lose. I hope you are just showing the need of the main group to grow up rather than set the scene for everyone on their side to use nothing but stunners and miraculously win anyways. Hopefully this did not come out sounding like a rant or worse a flame. If so that was not my intention.
yitiantulong chapter 18 . 4/17

It's been years since I've dropped by, but I just wanted to say this fanfic is still one of my favorites after all the reading I've done since, and I'm still hopeful that this will be finished one day (and hopeful that I'll be alive and able to read when it is!) and hopeful that it's finish with as much aplomb as it was begun! :) Thanks for sharing- it's always nice to come back to an old favorite and realize that it's withstood the test of time!
Icewrite chapter 1 . 3/1
Why did you stop this? It's excellent!
killroy225 chapter 18 . 2/27
So...Do you intend to continue this or any other stories by chance?
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