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Darkdragons123 chapter 48 . 7/25
OMG! That was sensational! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmaaaaaazzzzziiiinnng! I loved it!
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
It's so hard to like the idea of Ranma being a half boy and half girl, isn't it? So Ranma would've been better off being portrayed as a full boy anyway but he also would've been better off being portrayed as another half demon and half human too.
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
"Don't be so humble, little brother. You're a mere half-demon." Inuyasha and Ranma twisted their attention to the collected and taper-eyed Sesshomaru, whose thorny words iced them in their place.
A small girl's head popped out from behind Sesshomaru's baggy leg. She medaled both half-brothers her trademark smile, "Glad to see you two getting along!"
Inuyasha and Ranma swapped dull faces.
Darkdragons123 chapter 42 . 7/25
Don't listen to those stupid ppl who r saying stuff that isn't nice, bc they r blind bats who can't see straightly, let's see them make a better story bc I bet they can't! I think it's the best thing ever!
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
'It's only early nightfall.' Inuyasha worried over the darkening sky. 'Damn you Sesshomaru. How the hell am I supposed to hide this from Ranma if he wants me to be in this little group family meeting tonight? The old hound was implying I told Ranma tonight about it, but...' The moon was indistinct but seeable behind the transparent wisps of clouds. Inuyasha's now amber eyes remained as solemn as an expressionless boulder. He slipped his hands into the sleeves of his hoodie and sat cross-legged in the backyard tree. 'I can't risk it,' Inuyasha's mental vote hissed. 'I don't know if I can trust him.' His ear's rim twiddled. The snap of a discarded twig caused Inuyasha's muscles to solidify. His eyes raked over the shelf of his shoulder, malice embarking on his baleful iris. But the only thing that emerged from that rattling bush in the corner was Ranma. Inuyasha's shoulders unwounded from their tension to see the sixteen year old approaching the old tree in the company of a snooty grin. "Hey bro, you've looked lonely for two hours straight." Ranma stood under the tree's limb, still grinning. "I mean, the fact that you haven't called Kagome or anything is a bit scary." Inuyasha solely continued to watch him before facing the faded moon again. An expression of annoyance smugded Ranma's grin. "Shesh, even a 'keh' would've been better than this." "What the hell do you want?" "Mm? Now THERE'S the Inuyasha I've been looking all over for!" "Ranma, what...the HELL do you WANT?" Ranma shrugged and settled himself between the tree's lap of roots. "I've been thinking about the whole 'I told you to do something about that' thing you've been saying. You were talking about my hair, right?" Ranma glanced up to watch his half-brother. The head of flowing black hair didn't sway to reveal the profile of Inuyasha's caramel-tinted face. Instead he sat stiff and silent like a phantom wanting only the friendship of loneliness. Ranma pouted as he fingered at Akane's scarf again. "...Were you thinking about Akane?"
Ranma's finger stopped. He sucked in a stale breath to hear the sincerity in Inuyasha's voice.
"When I...asked you about that scarf, you looked like you didn't even know you had it on." The tips of Inuyasha's far-reaching mane rocked at the lower of his head. "Y...You mean was I thinking about Akane when you came in my bedroom?" Ranma prodded his forefingers together, a streak of neon pink striped across the bridge of his nose. "Yeah..." the tone of Inuyasha came low, awkward and intimate.
"Well, j-just...what's this got to do with MY question...?!" "...You looked like me because you were wearing the face I wear when I think..." "About Kagome," Ranma finished. Inuyasha didn't even flinch or mutter. "...Kagome's important to me. I want to keep her. When I hurt her I never mean to. I'm just not good with words and a girl's heart or whatever," was all that Inuyasha could muster up to whisper.
Ranma turned his eyes back on his soda can. He studied the label as he pondered over their current discussion. Those poignant words sounded like his own avowal about Akane. "What about Kikyo?" At this, Inuyasha stiffened into a marble statue. "Don't talk about KIKYO," Inuyasha's frosty voice with prickles of bitter ice froze the humid air. A chill frizzed the hairs on the back of Ranma's neck while he stared widely up at the boy's back. 'So this Kikyo DOES involve him. But she's dead, isn't she? So how could...?' "So I hit a nerve, my bad, okay?" Ranma waved his hand drolly. "Let's talk about something else since the moment's so serious. Let's talk about Naraku." Shockingly, the answer slithered out of Inuyasha's mouth as well, even if after a dragging silence, "He' old enemy of the family, especially Kagome's. Awhile back he stole something from them. It was called the Shikon Jewel." "Shikon no Tama!" Ranma snapped his fingers in remembrance. "I thought that was just an old fairytale!" Inuyasha ignored him, "Shikon no Tama can grant any wish to the person who holds it. We just recently obtained it from Naraku." "Any wish, huh?" Ranma's hand drifted over his masculine chest knowingly. "Why haven't you or Kagome wished on it yet?" "It's not Kagome's place to wish on it. Neither is it mine, but...I'm attempting to anyway after I choose." Ranma mentally snarled. 'Damn, I could use that to undo this curse of turning into a girl. Maybe if I get it first...' "Anyway," Inuyasha rose onto his feet. "Go back inside. InuTaisho will be calling for you." "Don't gotta tell me twice." Ranma stuffed a dumpling into his mouth that he had brought before ambling back to the house. Ranma secretly smiled to himself as he tucked his hands behind his back. Even though Inuyasha's confessions were small, it was much more than he could ever expect to get out of him. He really was opening up to him, wasn't he...? The dreading night was darker than usual since the moon had disappeared beyond their eyes, and Ranma wondered if Sesshomaru was ever going to show up. "I'll just tell Inuyasha if Sessho' strolls in, don't wake me," Ranma yawned as he arm-stretched his way down the hallway. He cracked open the door to his half-brother's muggy bedroom. His lilac eye probed around for some source of illumination. When he found the sandy light prying in through Inuyasha's window, he could quite vividly see the long-haired teenager standing before his beloved body mirror. 'Does he love to look at himself or what?' Ranma snorted as the black-haired Inuyasha traced an elongated fingernail around the glass of it. Wait, hold on... Was that...? Huh, he could've sworn his fingernail looked more like a CLAW.
Ranma trashed the hallucination from his mind before studying his half-brother's eye through the profile of his frustrated face. Was that a honeyed-gold eye instead of pastel violet he saw? Ranma sweat-dropped now. 'What the hell...?' When he ultimately took a glimpse over to the mirror itself, he had to eat and swallow back his wheeze. The man standing behind the glass of Inuyasha's mirror didn't look like Inuyasha at all! The glinting mane of silvery white resembled more of Sesshomaru or InuTaisho, but the thick black eyebrows and unplumbed eyes could only belong to Inuyasha. But what shocked Ranma more was the fact that his half-brother's ghostly reflection had two white, upright dog ears! Ranma's pupil collapsed back into his indigo-shaded orb as Inuyasha's body pulsed in the formation of a heartbeat once the last splinters of dusty light diminished into the darkness. The shattering of glass cut at his ears; Inuyasha's bloodied fist trembled against the broken mirror. "Grah!" The pigtailed boy froze into himself to see Ditzer growling up at him from the crack of the door. "Shit," Ranma squeaked, fearful to breathe as Ditzer barked the alarm. Within seconds, something heavy and inhumane leapt out at him and forced him into the hard wood floor. A vase of roses toppled over and emptied all its water on Ranma. Ranma opened cobalt-blue eyes to stare up at his attacker through now dripping red bangs. "...In...In-Inuyasha?!"
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
"Keh." "Hmph." Ranma served Inuyasha an irritated glare from the dinner table. The jerk hadn't met eyes with him since he walked into his bedroom. He hadn't exactly braided his hair, though. So maybe that was the reason. "I hear you met Kagome Higuarshi?" InuTaisho spoke in the course of a majestic voice, wooly black eyebrows raising and almost apparent through his stringy white bangs. Ranma had muted out InuTaisho, though. The cool mood of his half-brother was adding more abuse to his nerves. "Hey, the old hound's talkin' to you." Inuyasha reminded him without needing to peek over. Ranma's attention shot up to InuTaisho. "Uh, yeah! Yep! Sure did!" "Charming young lady, isn't she?" InuTaisho's eyes sashayed to Inuyasha over his bowl of rice. Ranma followed his new guardian's watch as well before rolling his eyes. The stubborn dolt beside him was eating rabidly and trying to tune them out by the looks of it. "SURE is," Ranma found the liveliness to execute a jagged smirk. "Would make a FINE wife if I do say so myself. Eh, Inu?" He flicked a cracker at Inuyasha's temple. On cue, Inuyasha's noisy grubbing stood on hold. His bulky eyebrow shuddered, two veins popping across his noggin. "Don't...say that to me," Inuyasha warned in a rumble behind his teeth. InuTaisho allowed an inward chuckle or two. "And what are you laughin' at, old hound?!" "Quit your barking, ungrateful dog. Your attitude is making the food grow colder." InuTaisho ate away at his dishes of sushi in peace and left Inuyasha seething in his chair. Ranma traded quizzical looks between the two. 'Man, either they're some serious dog-people or...they ARE dog-people.' "So Ranma," InuTaisho cleared his throat. "Will you be seeing Kagome again?" "Uh, I...guess? I mean, I was gonna go visit her little brother tomor-"
"Look, CHANGE the subject!" Inuyasha whammed his hand down on the table, causing some bowls to hop. When he detected the overused force in that offhanded action, he drew back with a flushed frown of embarrassment. "Fine." Ranma beached him a dry look. "What do YOU wanna talk about?" "...How about if you realized that you've got a fishing net around your neck?" "A fishing-wah?" Ranma diverted his gaze down to the yellow scarf he had instinctively slung around his collarbone. His face dyed red. 'When did I...HOW did I...?' "H-HEY, it's a SCARF not a FISHING-net, you idiot!" "It's SUMMER, Ranma."
"Says the guy who wears suffocating HOODIES!" "At least they don't look like garbage-disposal scraps!"
"It was a Christmas gift from AKANE." "Akane?" InuTaisho's chopsticks stopped between his tanned lips. "Yeah, she's my, EX-fiancee. Our dads had arranged for us to marry back at the Dojo."
"Shesh, so she's clumsy at making stuff too. Just your type, huh 'bro'?" Inuyasha slurped up his noodles of Ramen. "Inu-YA-sha," Ranma growled forebodingly. For a first time since Ranma arrived, Inuyasha had never heard such a demonic sound secrete off the boy. This awarded Ranma with fresh new attention from Inuyasha. "You better watch what the hell comes out of that foul mouth of yours, or else I'll make you CHOKE on those words, GOT it?!" Ranma's fingernails chipped off the paint of the table in a fisting. Inuyasha only stared. And stared. And...stared. "Keh," he smirked, going back to his meal. "Lovesick pup." Ranma's face overturned with a tidal wave of red again. "D'oooh it's NOT like that!" "I already told you to do something about that; you still look like me." Inuyasha pointed his chopstick at him observantly. A million question marks exploded like fireworks above Ranma's head. "Settle down, you two." InuTaisho coughed. "All have you know Sesshomaru will be arriving here soon."
Inuyasha and Ranma's in-sync reactions were mixed between disappointment and distress of, "WHAT?!" and "Are you serious...?" "He'll be here tonight." InuTaisho seemed to only be tackling Inuyasha with this. Inuyasha's lips underwent a cycle of gymnastics, "Tonight?" "Tonight." InuTaisho rumbled. Ranma sat back to examine just how hardened both men sounded. He wasn't fond of Sesshomaru, but the way Inuyasha handled it was sometimes ridiculous. He couldn't find the relations between InuTaisho or Sesshomaru when it came to Inuyasha, anyway. They had white hair and pointy ears, for Kami's sake.
"But Pops, tonight's-" "I know what tonight is, but he has...something he wishes to present to you. In front of ALL of us." "Like what? Death? Ooh, ooh! Lemme guess! Humiliation?!" Inuyasha's voice dripped with sarcasm. "...Very funny." "If it's so funny, then why don't you laugh, old man?" "...It's NOT that kind of FUNNY!" Ranma stirred his soup with his finger under boredom, unconsciously re-wrapping Akane's scarf around him.
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
Usually Inuyasha, the black-haired Ice King, would tease him with a, "Oh, so you got up all by yourself, didja? Looks like I won't have to smother you with a pillow to wake you up after all." But this afternoon of all times, his eyes were steelier than accustomed to be. Didn't they just come back from Kagome's? After that cheek-kiss, he should at least be smirking. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes even further on his half-brother before turning. Through his side-vision, he noticed that Ranma's pigtail was replaced by wild, thick hair that touched the feet of his shoulder blades. That wasn't what disturbed him, though.
This so-called 'half brother' of his had isolated stars twinkling in his eyes. They were troubled and hard, something that looked a bit hazardous for Ranma. "Hey," Inuyasha lastly growled. Ranma blinked out of his rooting contemplations to frown up at him. "What now?" "Do something about that; you look like me now." Ranma tilted his head as he watched the stern teenager exit his presence. He then looked at the straddling strands of hair that rested limply over his collarbone. 'He must be talking about my hair since his is always down like a wannabe Rapunzel. Tsh, jealous weirdo. Me and him will never have anything in common.' Ranma reached for a rubber band, eyes varnished over in memory. 'Kinda reminds me of that whole Dragon Whisper-scenario. I REALLY looked like him then.' He recalled hiding in the janitor's closet to escape Akane's nosiness. "Akane..." Ranma reflexively vocalized. "I can't believe I'm still getting colorblind dreams of her every now and then." He slapped himself once or twice, trying to blink away the short-term pain and reflection of his ex-fiancee. Being here was nice.
It wasn't SO nice, but the hospitality from InuTaisho, discourtesy from Inuyasha and neglect from Sesshomaru wasn't so bad either. Inuyasha had brought him the same craziness the Tendos did that kept his sanity. Being here was nice. But wasn't something missing? Something, someone important?
Pooch wagged his tail to and fro to see his owner standing up to let out an arm-stretch. Ranma allowed a rickety deflate of air to leave him. He aligned his eyes with the window. 'I knew I'd miss her and everything, but...urgh, damn it all!' Pooch lowered his energized tail as Ranma passed him by to tend his affections to a scarf instead of him. "Stupid Akane...I really sunk this low to depending on her." Ranma whispered, delicate yearn cracking under his voice. "Just what the heck am I supposed to do without you, you un-cute idiot?" On the other side of Ranma's bedroom door, Inuyasha shifted off his back's weight against that door to continue walking. "Keh, just like I thought," he huffed. "I told him to do something about that."
Love Crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
" long will you be gone?" "Uh, I dunno. Who's to say I ever AM coming back?"
D'oh, now he wised he hadn't mumbled that. A chill of blunder crawled underneath the tissues of his skin as he stared bug-eyed at the short-haired girl before him. She wouldn't meet his violet gaze.
She wouldn't raise her head. She wouldn't smile. She wouldn't loosen the tight grip on the wrinkle of her dress. "Akane..." he took a bothered step near her, hand outreached in silent argument to comfort her or to let her be. "Akane? Akane, c'mon! Don't be like that. Look at me at least -" "We're gonna miss you, ma' boy!" Mr. Tendo patted his shoulder with manhandle despite the exaggerated feminine tears brooking down his face. "And I PROMISE when we find that ungrateful father of yours, I'll surely let you know before we hang him!" "Gr, RAN-MAAA!" At the roar of his name, Ranma didn't even agonize to glimpse up at the sky the shout was descending from. "How DARE you abandon our unfinished battle to go off on some lousy VACATION you JER -" Ranma smoothly shoved Ryoga into the nearest pond, curious eyes on no account deserting the precious girl in front of him. Precious... She was never exactly 'precious'. She was more of a violent, brick-hard tomboy. And yet right now...
She looked more precious and vulnerable than he'd ever seen her. She looked... She looked... So damn CUTE. "Akane...?" Ranma asked permission for her gaze again, azure-toned eyes budding wider under the planes of thick bangs that curtained his forehead. After a long wait, Akane met his bold stare with her own. Her jade eyes were mantled in slivers of stuttering light. A flinch got the best of Ranma. 'Is she gonna CRY?' "Well, you got what you wanted!" Akane interlaced her fingers at her legs, head cocked with a voice too sugary to be sweet. "H-Huh?" Ranma face-faulted, a few hairs sprouted out of place on his scalp. "Oh you know, our engagement, silly!" She forged a carefree giggle. "It's finally broken off." Even if he were almost positive her attitude was a stage-act, he couldn't outwit the prickle that pinched the main artery of his heart. Ranma's brow quivered. He wanted to yell at her.
Shake her until she finally let go of her pride and told him how she really felt, but his own ego surfaced before his confidence could. "Oh, r-right..." The 'pretty boy' grazed a wandering hand behind his head, laughing shamefacedly. "Yep! J...Just like we wanted, ha-ha! Ha..." An almost unnatural silence came next over the entire Tendo family. "Come on, you two. Get on with it," Mr Tendo beckoned under his breath. "Hush, Daddy," Nabiki shushed him. "Hey, Ranma?" Akane spoke to her feet, fidgeting awkwardly under Ranma's unbendable stare. "Y...Yeah?" Ranma leaned forward, heart thumping; her voice niggled with so much suspense. Akane lifted a bashful palm of folded fingers to her lips to almost muffle her offer, "If...if things don't work out there for you, y-you'll always be welcomed here."
Despite the kindness of that, Ranma's chest collapsed in unison with the slump of his shoulders.
"Gee...thanks," his dark eyebrows laced together. They stayed in the same place under the ginger rays of the setting sun; Ranma anxious and confused, Akane feverish and uneasy. However, during the sheepish pause, Ranma's fingers had twitched. There was a foreign lock of cobalt dangling in front of Akane's eye. And it didn't belong here. Ranma's impulse of trembling fingers reached out to get rid of it, to tuck it back where it belonged so it wouldn't block the atypical color of her eyes. Ranma gulped in determination even as a dribble of sweat raced down his temple. Almost there... "Quick, get the CAMERA, Kasumi!" Mr. Tendo urged his eldest daughter. "Their first act of romance!" "Um..." Akane brushed that stray strand away and looked back up at a now stone-Ranma. "Shouldn't you be on your way by now?" Ranma's face paled at his extended hand. He urgently hid it behind him, reminding himself a little mental note of punishing that disobedient hand later. "Wh-What, you want me to leave that bad?!" He blurted the first thing he could to coat his own humiliation. Akane's eyelashes flurried. "Wha..." her face then crossed over to the color of blue. "That's NOT what I'm saying you insensitive jerk! You're on a TIME limit, REMEMBER?!" "Oh yeah?! Well thanks for being my AIRHORN! Geez, you are SO un-cute!" Ranma practically pressed his button nose up against hers. "Well EXCUSE me for being un-CUTE!" "..." Both withdrew and hung their heads in embarrassed shame. "Didn't even last five seconds," Nabiki recorded. Ranma peeked up from his jet-black bangs to the flustered Akane. "L...Listen Akane," the rest of his words got netted in the saliva of his throat when she turned to him.
"W-Wait," Akane squeaked as she dug into the front pouch of her dress. "Before you say anything else..." The crook of Ranma's lip arched as she draped that excuse-for-a-scarf Christmas gift around his sturdy neck. He respected this thoughtful scarf more than he could ever admit to. "Just so, you know, you don't forget..." Akane's cheeks blotted a stubborn rosy pink. Ranma half-smiled down at the fidgety girl. "Akane..." He then gave her a rather cheesy grin, "Now you know your gorilla punches have already indented the memory of you into my head a thousand times; of course I won't forget you, stupid!" ...A vein resided on Akane's temple. "Oooh, RAN-maaa..." But then suddenly... His strong hands gripped her shoulders. "I'll keep it safe," Ranma smiled with a sense of genuine, eyes shining in meaningfulness. "Okay?" Akane's sea green orbs shuddered under the pressure of moisture that thankfully hadn't submerged from the pools of her eyes yet. "R...Ranma..." she whimpered, wanting to say more as her fingers tightened into the fabric of her poorly knitted scarf. "RANMA!" "RANMA-HONEY!" Ranma and Akane sweat dropped in absolute disenchantment to see Shampoo and Ukyo jogging into view. "Ranma, s'ture you leave Shampoo?!" The plum-haired Amazonness cried.
"What about our engagement, Ranma-honey?!" Ukyo clutced her jumbo spatula to her breast. "You promised!" "Oh GREAT, who invited them?" Akane muttered before shooting a defiant stare at the guilty Ranma. "H-Hey, d-don't look at me!" A wrathful squeal split their eardrums in half. Before Ranma could crane his head around to the familiar oink, a sharp pang walloped him in the back of his head. Shampoo and Ukyo stopped dead in their tracks under terrified gasps, "RANMA! HOW COULD YOU?!" "Well wouldja lookit that..." Nabiki blinked in a monotone response in contrast to everyone's flabbergasted faces. "KASUMI! CAMERA! QUICK!" 'P-Chan' aka Ryoga clasped his pudgy cheeks between his hooves, squealing like mad. He suddenly felt a flourish of dizziness come over him until he fainted in tears. Ranma and Akane stood there, hair standing on end with their lips locked between one another's- "DAH!" Ranma spooled straight off the edge of his bed, head-first hitting the timber floor. Pooch cocked his naive amber eyes at his master before trotting over, woofing out a small yip of concern. "...Akane..." Ranma blinked, looking past the upside-down pup in front of him and only into a remote memory. "Oof -" his pillow dropped on his face to rouse him wholly from his haunting dream. Both Pooch and Ranma jumped to hear the door wrench open. "Yo," Inuyasha greeted as he stood in th entryway with his unfathomable eyes of pale cerulean. "The old man's got dinner ready, so get it together soon, alright? You've been dozing off nonstop around this time of day." His eyelids, out of the blue, went slit and forewarning. "In other words, don't make me have to worry about you." "U-Uh..." Ranma nodded from his overturned pose before sitting upright. "'Kay, thanks." It was weird. Really weird.
Love crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
l era of demons and whatnot." "You're a pretty fun guy yourself, Ranma," Kagome crossed her legs while she sat on the carpet's kinky curls. "Inuyasha over exaggerated when he was describing you over the phone." "Same here," he chuckled sheepishly. There was a bit of unwavering stillness between the two as Kagome combed out her black waves, Ranma watching quietly. More daylight seemed to spill into the blue that traced around the black of her hair. "...Huh..." A casually interested sound slid out from between Ranma's lips. When she felt the strange gaze upon her, she cocked her head at him, "Something wrong over there...?" "D-Dah?!" Ranma flushed from sheer embarrassment, flinging his hands about. "N-No! Course not! Aha! Nothing's wrong, n-nothing at al!" "If you say so," Kagome ran her fingers through her strands beside the following brush. "So uh," Ranma twiddled his thumbs on his lap, trying to dismiss the earlier little scene. "How long have you known my half-brother, exactly?"
"Three years," she replied without shilly-shallying. "Holy cow, are you serious?" Ranma voiced laughingly. "No wonder he's got the hots for you!" "The...hots?" Kagome's tone squeaked, a few rows of blush plastered to her complexion. "Well yeah, can't ya' tell?" "No," Kagome looked down in clues of innocence. "I mean he gets jealous sometimes, but..." "He's an alright kinda guy...sorta...I guess," Ranma continued, trying to hunt for evidence of her feelings towards Inuyasha. "I mean, he never cuts that stupid long hair-do and he always wears the baggiest clothes, he's got a temper, he's rude, he's an idiot, selfish, a total jerk," he seemed to sing-song the list away. "I know, I know," Kagome warped a hair of black around her finger. "But...Inuyasha's a very remarkable person. Everything he does, from the way he moves, talks, to the way he looks, just screams that he's hiding a lot behind those exteriors." Ranma blinked once, twice, a practical three times. He never thought about it that way! "Hey, you're right...he's like the type of guy who's only lover is DENIAL." "That too," she muffled back her snigger behind a hand. Ranma smiled at the detail of her closed eyes and bubbly smile. 'I coulda sworn that was Akane for a second.' "Ranma?" Ranma shivered subtly as the voice of his ex-fiancee rung through his temples. "U-Uh?" When he looked down, he only saw Kagome. "Inuyasha never told me why you moved in. I mean, I know who TOLD you to, but...why?" "Oh yeah, well..." Ranma folded his legs in, hands on his knees. "Mother wanted me to meet my half-brother, I guess. She made me promise this mission to 'mend' his heart because it was something that she never got the chance to do after putting him off for so long. But I don't see what's wrong with it; he just seems like your average jerk." A melancholy glittered on Kagome's gaze. She stood up, wispy strands of raven-black slithering off her shoulder blades. "No, Ranma," she corrected while taking a few enclosing steps to her desk, picking up a photo. "Inuyasha has a lot weighing down on his heart. He tries to hide it so no one can find that little bit of evidence, but he's been hurting ever since birth. I'm shocked that after all he's been through, he's not dark-hearted. He needs more mending than just a few stitches." Ranma's big eyes blinked nonstop. How much could a guy learn in one day? "He's just...a beautiful disaster, that's all. He has his faults, but he also has a good heart," Kagome's fingers touched her cheek like she needed a dam to stop any rivers of expecting tears. "That's why I'll always be at his side and have to stay there, no matter what happens between us. I can't abandon him, even if I wanted to." "...Well if you're so devoted, then what's the point of having me here? I could go back home!" The raven-haired girl gave him a sideways stare that minted so much emotion, it made his innards tether. A milky way of dedication and desperation spiraled behind those eyes. "Because he needs all the help, love and support he can get. He needs to know that people love him." Inuyasha finally gathered himself up to face the two now. He would maim his younger half-brother for all this later. Just as he was about to barge in, he heard the conversation unfurl: "Hey, do you mind...if I get your number?" "My number?"
"Yeah! I mean, just to call you sometime? Just in case I need some help with it...? I'm a big boy, I can take care of it myself and all, but if it gets hard, I could really use your help, Kagome." Inuyasha's burning face practically EXPLODED. 'What the HELL?!' "Sure, Ranma! I'm always glad to help someone out when they're in need! I know how big of a deal it can be to get Inuyasha to-" "Ran-MAAA!" Inuyasha marched up to them after bursting through the door, a vein clutching the flesh of his forehead. "Just what in the hell do you think you're DOING?!" "Huh?" Both Kagome and Ranma remainded dumbfounded, both palpably sitting face to face on the floor. "URGH, that's it! I'll deal with you at HOME! C'mon!" Inuyasha dragged him away from Kagome by the pigtail braid. "Just what the heck did I DO?! And why do we gotta leave so SOON?!" "Because the old HOUND wants us back!"
"STOP RIGHT THERE." Both brothers flung their attention on Kagome, both looking caught in the headlights. Kagome stomped over, glaring at Inuyasha who instinctively dropped Ranma. "I didn't get to thank you two." Inuyasha's lip twitched. 'Y-You mean...she's not gonna 'sit' me?' He suddenly threw his hands over his head, a concluding tear cornered in his widened eye. 'AH! Oh no, it must be a TRAP!' All his fretfulness was left behind in vain as Kagome pecked his cheek as well as Ranma's.
Ranma's chest inflated to match the shyness of pink grazing over his cheeks whilst his braid arched high in the air. Inuyasha's entirely red face released a puff of steam, his thick hair frizzed on end.
"So she said, 'What's the pro-blem, Ba-by?' What's the problem? Well I dunno, well, maybe I'm in love!" On the way home, all Ranma had been doing was singing stupid love-songs. In the beginning, he tried to get Inuyasha to answer questions on this Naraku-fellow and his eerie but silent response to Kikyo and Kaede's names, but Inuyasha's lips were sealed by a good postal stamp. So this was torture, probably... "FOUR words, Ranma. FOUR, FREAKIN' words." Inuyasha counted the words on his fingers, "Shut. The. Fuck. UP." "C'mon, c'mon, tuuuurn a little faster," Ranma wiggled his little bum, his voice at Inuyasha's eardrum. "C'mon, c'mon, mooove a little closer! C'mon, c'mon, I waaaanna hear you whisper-" "HEY, lame-brain!" Inuyasha grabbed the boy in a furious clasp by the collar. "If you're in love with Kagome, then keep it to yourself! I don't give a damn about the two of you, just keep all that away from ME!" "...In love with who-ha?" Ranma blinked before denoting with laughter. "You DOPE! It's not me I'm singing for! It's YOU!" Inuyasha's face gradually swapped between colors of caramel and flustered red. Ranma nicked at the scalp of his hair, still in his comrade's grasp. "She's not ANYTHING at all like you said she'd be. She's actually really, well...cute!" "Ranma, my dear, favorite little brother?" "...Huh?" "Be a good boy, and...SIT!" Inuyasha chucked him into the pavement, mocking Kagome's usual treatment over him.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/25
"So she said, 'What's the pro-blem, Ba-by?' What's the problem? Well I dunno, well, maybe I'm in love!"
On the way home, all Ranma had been doing was singing stupid love-songs. In the beginning, he tried to get Inuyasha to answer questions on this Naraku-fellow and his eerie but silent response to Kikyo and Kaede's names, but Inuyasha's lips were sealed by a good postal stamp. So this was torture, probably...
"FOUR words, Ranma. FOUR, FREAKIN' words." Inuyasha counted the words on his fingers, "Shut. The. Fuck. UP."
"C'mon, c'mon, tuuuurn a little faster," Ranma wiggled his little bum, his voice at Inuyasha's eardrum. "C'mon, c'mon, mooove a little closer! C'mon, c'mon, I waaaanna hear you whisper-"
"HEY, lame-brain!" Inuyasha grabbed the boy in a furious clasp by the collar. "If you're in love with Kagome, then keep it to yourself! I don't give a damn about the two of you, just keep all that away from ME!"
"...In love with who-ha?" Ranma blinked before denoting with laughter. "You DOPE! It's not me I'm singing for! It's YOU!"
Inuyasha's face gradually swapped between colors of caramel and flustered red.
Ranma nicked at the scalp of his hair, still in his comrade's grasp. "She's not ANYTHING at all like you said she'd be. She's actually really, well...cute!"
"Ranma, my dear, favorite little brother?"
"Be a good boy, and...SIT!" Inuyasha chucked him into the pavement, mocking Kagome's usual treatment over him.
Darkdragons123 chapter 39 . 7/25
Omg! It's liko! She is always there when kagome trips or falls! Ahh she is a wench! It's awesome too!
Keep It Quiet chapter 1 . 7/25
"A rosary?" "My grandpa gave it to me. He said it was passed down from my ancestor Kikyo and her sister, Kaede." Inuyasha fidgeted and tensed uncomfortably in time with the mentioned names. Ranma noticed, but decided he'd ask about that little tibit later. "Okay, I got cha'. But...mind me asking WHY it's on him in the first place?" Ranma tugged at the beaded necklace sealed around Inuyasha's neck.
After being kicked out, the three sat on the benches outside the restaurant. "So she can TORTURE me until I die," Inuyasha shot a mean stare at Kagome who chuckled tensely. "What, like you own him?" Ranma snickered at his idea. "Aww, does it come with a wittle leash too?" Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. He spun around and displayed a balled fist to Ranma in forebod. "You want a knuckle sandwich or do you just wanna die instead?" "Inu-YA-sha," Kagome counseled. "C'mon, I'm just horsin' around, Inn! It suits you, y'know?" "...You're just ASKING for it, aren't you, RAMEN?!" "Oh yeah?! You wanna go, yeah?! You wanna go?!" Ranma budged his face into Inuyasha's, rolling up his green sleeves. The two stopped quarreling at the tinkle of Kagome's slow laughter. "Hm?" they questioned together, giving her twin looks. "What's so funny?!" "Oh nothing," Kagome chimed. "It's just that it's so cute to see two brothers give each other pet names." Ranma and Inuyasha exchanged screwed-up faces before facing their backs to one another. "Keh!" "Hmph!" "So Ranma," Kagome tore in. "Is there a girl back home?"
"Girl...back...home?" Ranma curled his lip. "Um, w-well, uh, let's see here," he itched at his cheek again with his nail, voice cracking. "S-Sorta...four, actually." "FOUR?" Inuyasha and Kagome recurred.
"Yeah, four. I don't want any of them, either." "Oh you can't mean that!" Kagome leaned back into the bench. "Not even one of them you're interested in?" A hazy picture of a short-haired girl owning a duo of seaweed green eyes sketched out in Ranma's imagination. His skin paled and a vale of red stretched over the bridge of his nose. "U-Uhh..." "Keh, he's got it bad for one of 'em," Inuyasha butted in. "He won't shut up about her, either." "Oh?" Kagome's eyes twinkled in an innocuous eagerness. "What's her name?" "It's Ak-" "PARDON me for interrupting, 'BRO'!" Ranma yanked on Inuyasha's black forelock of hair. "But I don't recall your name being RANMA." "HEY! Watch the hair, watch the HAIR!" Wolfishly, Inuyasha got a nasty idea. "How'd you like it if I pulled on YOURS?!" Ranma shrieked a high-pitched shril as his half-brother tugged on his braid. "YOUCH, THAT HURTS! Lemme GO, you moron!" "Not until you let ME go!" Inuyasha ragged, feeling Ranma only tether harder. "Oh come off it you two," sighed Kagome. "Ranma, you didn't get to tell me what this girl was like." "Nosy much, Kagome?" Inuyasha insulted through gritted jealousy, only getting his head ducked down by Ranma. Ranma ignored Inuyasha's stifled swears as he just continued grinning like a clueless riot. "First off, she's UN-cute, UN-sexy, her cooking is garbage, she's as violent as a gorilla, built like a brick and a total tom boy!" " Sounds like love, aha!" Kagome sweat dropped, smile trembling. 'Why's all that sound familiar...?' "Hmph," Ranma crossed his burly arms, huffing the bulge of bangs out of his violet eyes. "I do kinda miss the tomboy, though." He seemed to soften into a little something Kagome thought as sadness. She didn't press anymore after that and neither did Inuyasha. Kagome looked at the sky. It was getting dark. "So love birds, what else should we do? All we've done is eat burgers and talk about..." "You," Inuyasha rolled his eyes at Ranma. "Don't hate me cause you ain't me," Ranma linked his arms over a bulked chest, Inuyasha finding his face on the receiving end of Ranma's shoe. "How about you go and get us some drinks, twerp?" Inuyasha did his customary growl after shoving the boot out of his face, nudging a thumb to the restaurant's window. "We just got kicked out!" "You're a snake-charmer, aren't you, pretty boy?" Inuyasha grabbed him up in a headlock, giving him a harsh noogie. "So go charm one of them snakes!" he pushed his half-brother toward the door. "Yeah alright, whatever. I'll do it, but ONLY because Kagome needs her drink too." Ranma slicked back his bangs just to have them bounce outright again. When he left, all but the busy street echoed as a conversation. "He's nice." Kagome awkwardly remarked. "Feh." Silence. "Did you notice the look in his eyes?" Kagome started again. "Come again?" Inuyasha picked off scraps of lent from his trousers. "Ranma; I said did you notice the look in his eyes? They seemed...sad. Like they were just talking with brief misery." "Yeah?" Inuyasha responded distantly. "Whose eyes were talking?" "RANMA'S! I meant the sadness that he tried to guard from us!" Kagome talked in between lines of fake patience. "Sadness?" If Inuyasha had a dog ear at the moment, it would've flagged in reply to the information. "What sadness?" "When he was talking about that girl..." "Oh, that." Inuyasha turned sour and unconcerned now. "Yeah, he gets like that sometimes when she's mentioned." "Who is she...?" "An ex-fiancee." "Fi..ancee?" Inuyasha's nose crinkled at the way she restated him. "Is there an echo on this street? Yeah, FI-AN-CEE." "I heard you, okay!" For some reason, Kagome was just a bit more bothered by the fact that he didn't even leap at the chance to bite back. The dragged out pause was hurting her eardrums. "Do you like him?" Inuyasha stage-whispered. "What?" "Do you LIKE him?" "Yeah, of course." Pause. Fidget, fidget. "How much?"
Kagome eyed him weirdly, "A lot." Pause. Twitch, twitch. "...Do you like him more than me?" Kagome had to hook herself form flinching. Shards of rime-white spanked against the crystal cerulean of her eyes to illustrate the thoughts skating across her mind at high velocity. The busy bustling of the city was little by little tuned out of their hearing. "...Kagome...?" This time, she did jerk. "Do you lke him better than me?" Inuyasha rasped barely above a heartrending whisper. A cherry blossom briefly blocked her vision of the hazy streets in a feather of pink. The lights that weaved in the teenaged boy's eye quivered even more viciously. He fisted his pants leg. Right before he could growl, a warm touch hugged over his fingers; Kagome's. He stared into nowhere ahead, orbs dilated, breath suffocated.
"I like you just the way you are," Kagome endorsed, her eyes gazing down on her slender legs. "No one can take your place, Inuyasha. After all...there is only one Inuyasha." A belated petal of a cherry blossom whispered earthwards, landing right on their interlocked hands. "Ka...gome," Inuyasha voice vibrated with uncertainty, but appreciation. Kagome stole a glance of him, this time smiling. Inuyasha on the other hand, still had the profile of his face bowed with loose twines of black hair falling into his eyes and resting upon his brawny torso. The shedding of illumination that flickered in the corner of his iris brightened with every tremor. Progressively he rose to glimpse at her, hair flinching back at the movement. "Thanks," he smiled simply. It was thin and vague, but it was there. "Inuyasha," Kagome's cheeks were heavy with rushing blood as she beamed wider. The rays of the sun bloomed down on them, a wind tickling the scalp of their manes. "So...should I come back another time or leave you two to stare wordlessly into each other's eyes until tomorrow morning?" Kagome jumped at Ranma's sneaky interruption and Inuyasha grunted. "Why don't you go lose yourself in the park on purpose and never come back?" The older brother insisted more than suggested. "Trust me, MY world would be a better place!" "Would you give it a rest already? Shesh." Ranma handed them their lemonades. "Thank you," Kagome nodded, allowing Ranma to sit on her left. For the rest of the day the three spent time wandering town. Once again Inuyasha was the one tagging behind, going unnoticed while Kagome gave Ranma the little tours. When they had arrived at the Higuarshi Shrine, they were greeted by Kagome's old grandfather. "Grandpa, stop attacking Inuyasha!" Kagome rounded on the elder crounched in front of her as she stood between him and the black-haired Inuyasha. Despite Inuyasha's grudging desire to jump at the old man, he remained frighteningly silent behind Kagome, while Ranma just blinked.
"Hey, what's going on?" Ranma mumbled a little over the hedge of his half-brother's shoulder, who uttered not a word. "I was only doing him a favor and ridding the demon from within him so he can be FULL human like the rest of us! That is what he wishes, does he not?" Kagome's short grandfather fanned his holy papers, some fluttering to the floor from the previous forced ritual. "Demon?" Ranma's lips slouched. "Huh...must be talking about his bad-tempered, mean side." He nevertheless snatched the opportunity to peek at his brother, catching the zealed intensity of Inuyasha's eyes. An intensity that had been foreign to him for the past three weeks. As the time in Kagome's household increased, so did Inuyasha's outrage. Sota was paying more attention to Ranma than he was to him! Giving him stupid little admirer comments he usually gave to Inuyasha. For the first time in his life, he hated his current solitary status... "I'm going out back," Inuyasha muttered under his breath. "Okay then," Kagome's voice sounded tickled in the back when she half-replied to Inuyasha. He rolled his eyes as she laughed at Ranma's jokes. He soon disappeared down the hallway, fists quavering at his hips. "Why I outta tie that bastard to the ceiling fan when we get home." "I have to admit, you're a pretty cool girl," Ranma complimented at the same time as he plopped down on her bedside. "I've met tomboys, master chefs, cheerleaders and amazoness-lunatics, but I've never met someone with a family line of prietess. Kinda makes you believe in that whole feuda
Guest chapter 38 . 7/25
I think it's wonderful! Every boyfriend and girlfriend should watch a scary movie so the girl clutches onto the guy XD, ur really good at getting the topic here it's wonderful! Keep it up! And I wonder what that liko girl is up to... Hmmm.. Lol!
Keep It Quiet chapter 1 . 7/25
"Where the hell IS she?" "Stop pacing, wouldja? You're driving me CRAZY!" Inuyasha, dressed in a baggy beige long-sleeved jacket, paced back and forth along the sidewalk. His hair was once again bristling in the midst of brewing impatience. "You're as insane as it gets, don't worry," Ranma's half-brother barked, eyes half-lidded. "Grah, this stupid girl is always late! Why can't she ever follow a time schedule for once in her life?" "Shesh, take a breather," Ranma muffled a yawn. "She's only two minutes late." "Oh so now you're on her side too? I shoulda known-" "INUYASHA!" Both half brothers arched their heads to the earsplitting shriek from down the road. It was surely Kagome running up to them, in her flaring white jeans, pink tank top and animated black curls. "Hmm!" Ranma peeked his head out in Inuyasha's way, waggling his eyebrows with judgement. "Not bad, not bad! Nice going, Inn! She looks even better than the picture! Who knew you could attract PRETTY girls let alone girls in general?" Inuyasha restrained himself from striking the Curious-George. Instead, he steadied that bile on Kagome, "About time! What took you so long, wench?" Kagome, at first smothered him with an annoyed glower of her own, but then folded her arms. "What you talkin' bout, 'Yasha?" "Ha ha," Inuyasha drawled, bending down to her level quite directly. "You're a real hoot, really. But because of your little tardiness your detention will be paying for our burgers." Just as Kagome was equipping herself to snap, Ranma stepped in between the two, clearing his throat. "Ladies, ladies," he shot a mocking eye at Inuyasha. "There's no need to ruffle up your hair over some petty little thing like this, now is there?" Kagome blinked widely at the masculinely striking stranger who took her delicate fingers in his hand. "I'M Ranma, the GOOD-looking brother." He introduced, grinning stupidly even after earning a lump on the head from Inuyasha. "Oh, okay! I see it now!" Kagome smiled for him, shaking that hand. "Nice to actually meet you! Wow, you really do kinda look like Inuyasha..." Inuyasha huffed, Ranma scoffed. "Inuyasha, he's so CUTE," Kagome whispered to him, giggling. Inuyasha's eyelid shuddered as he sneered down on her. "What, you expecting a dreamy little squeal from me in response?" "Oh you're impossible!" Kagome hissed and then turned back to the 'polite' Ranma. "So, shall we?" They made their entrance into the burger restaurant, Inuyasha exaggeratedly lagging behind the two. He hadn't been all that upbeat before, but witnessing Kagome and Ranma hit it off so well was making his intestines rot. Kagome picked out the booth that aligned to the large window. Inuyasha sat himself down, already in action to grab Ranma to sit at his side before Kagome could. However, to his unanswered surprise, the raven-haired fifteen year old slid into the other end of the booth to be seated by Ranma. At this, Ranma smirked at his jaw slacked half-brother. Kagome ordered the largest of the meals. As if trying to top her, Ranma would order the same amount if not more. "You two done molesting my wallet?" Inuyasha carped. "How'd I get stuck with paying for your crap anyway?"
"Generosity, Inuyasha," Kagome tittered. Five burgers later, Kagome addressed to Ranma this time, "You know you're a lot different from your half-brother, besides looking alike. You're not as rough around the edges of your personality." Kagome ignored the knives being glared into the back of her head. If looks could kill Inuyasha would be her murderer. "Well my friend, that's because I'm a one of a kind kinda guy," Ranma nicked off bits of cheese from the emptied plate. "So...tell me about you and Inu. There anything going on between the two of you I should know abou-" Inuyasha kicked him under the table, causing the plates to rattle and clank. "No," Kagome justified. Ranma couldn't help but pick up on the low notes of disappointment clasped around her voice. He gave her a side-glance of niggling curiosity. "...Right," Ranma assembled. 'How do girls like her like jerks like him?' Ranma suddenly sweat dropped to himself to replay Ryoga's two-month-old-question: "How do girls like AKANE like jerks like YOU, Ranma?!" Inuyasha was no fool either. He wondered why the raven-haired girl didn't thwack him for rudely ramming his foot up Ranma's shin. "Anyway, when'd you arrive here?" Kagome suddenly perked up, staggering them both. Ranma rubbed the back of his scalp. "U-uh, well, not too long ago actually. What, about three weeks ago?" "Do you like it here?" "'s okay, I guess. I mean, the women here are cute," he obviously implied this to Kagome without truly looking at her. "But it's a bit boring..." "Sometimes I wish Naraku was still around," Inuyasha mumbled thoughtlessly into the palm that roosted up his chin. "Don't even, Inuyasha!" Kagome commanded. Both boys looked to her with uncanny shock before Inuyasha squabbled back at her while thrusting his body forward, "What're you gettin' all mad about? All I said was-" "And I'm telling you not to jinx it. You know how hard Naraku was to get rid of? We defeated him with chance!" "'We'? I was the one who-" "Don't kid yourself. We ALL did it as a TEAM. Why do you always butt us out of everything?!" By now, Ranma was busy being bored. 'Whatever the heck they're talking about is beyond me.' "Even Izaoyi told you-" The coke drinks and plates crashed to the floors in a clash of catastrophic mess. A waitress stood bold-legged over the disarray splattered in her pathway, stupefied face drawing up to the troublemaker of it all. Ranma and Kagome, who had moved a bit closer to one another, raised their stares up at the trembling Inuyasha who gripped the paint off the table under his fingernails. His arms were shaking wrathfully and his head was dipped in a muddle of stringy bangs that now feathered his eyes. All the two could make out was the grating of his gnashed teeth. Literally everyone had stopped their grubbing to flog their heads around to the green booth adjacent to the window. "Don't ever," Inuyasha's lethal eye shone from between the tuft of black strands. "Mention her name again. Not in front of me. Not now, not EVER."
Kagome only stared at Inuyasha, bug-eyed of alarm, lips parted of misunderstanding and face complexion the slightest of colorless pastel. "Inu...yasha?" Quickly the face of Ranma went dour. The boy with the short-braid was on his feet, the heel of his boot kicking the table. "HEY," he bellowed, matching up to Inuyasha's irrational temper. "Don't act like you're the only one who lost your MOTHER, you cold-blooded creep! Don't act like you're the only one who was suffering! You don't see me taking it out on Kagome just because I'm a victim to the pain! Why don't you think before you open that big trap of-" "Ranma!" Kagome wailed. Ranma's face whisked around to the right, a bruise dimpled in his cheek. A series of hoots and winches came from the crowd. He stood there quietly in his punched-pose, orbs shuddering as he tried to take in what just happened. "Inuyasha, STOP!" Kagome shot up next, SLAMMING the table. "There's no need to FIGHT over something this-" "This WHAT? This 'insignificant'?!" Inuyasha's flames directed on her again. "My mother is NOT insignificant, wench! Carve that onto your puny little skull to get it THROUGH!" A vein appeared on Kagome's temple. Unbelievably, Inuyasha's hatred sunk like the Titanic. His expression substituted to a look of dreadfulness. "U-Uh...Ka-Kagome?" "SIT, boy!" "OOF!" Thud. Ranma blinked at the boy bounded to the ground, nursing his cheek and sweat dropping.
Love crossovers chapter 1 . 7/25
"Hmph..." Inuyasha stood in the face of his body mirror, bare-chested. He glanced between the two outfits he held at his collarbone. "Red hoodie or WHITE hoodie?" The handsome black-haired teen scowled in campaigning as he closed his eyes shut, mulling. "Hmm..." Today was the day. It had been an hour ago since he had called Kagome, too. Definitely not the best hour of his life: "What are you trying to rush me off the phone for, Ka-go-me?" Inuyasha woofed over the cellphone, nearly destroying it between his strengthening grip and Kagome's hearing along with it. "I'm not trying to rush you off! I just have to go, okay? Don't worry, I'm coming to our meet-up today," Kagome reassured him as sweetly as she could under her intolerance. Inuyasha, as usual, was ignoring her promises, "Oh yeah? Then who's that in the background singing to you?! Is that KOGA? I shoulda known - with you trying to boot me off the phone and all just to go kiss up on that wimpy wolf! I thought you were above all that!"
"NO, you JERK!" Kagome's horns shown on the other end of the line. "I'm listening to Stevie WONDER!"
"Y...Yeah?!" "YEAH!" "YEAH?!" "YEAH!" "Well...well are you kissin' up on Stevie Wonder too to avoid me now?! ...U-Uh, Kagome? You still there...? Kago-KAGOME!" Inuyasha sweat dropped. Definitely not his finest hour. "Hey, Inu!" He just about jumped ten feet out of his skin before training his frenzied snarl on Ranma. "Haven't you ever heard of KNOCKING?!" Ranma only grinned before sauntering up into the bedroom, unannounced. He offered himself a seat across the older half-sibling's mattress. "Hey, what's up with Kagome-" "DAMN, would you just stop already?! We're just friends! I DON'T like her! Me and Kagome, that's's just SICK!" "...Yeah man, that's beautiful, HONESTLY but," Ranma stared. "I was just asking if she was still coming today." "U-Uh..." Inuyasha blinked, feeling the heat of stupidity in every bone of his body. "R-Right, she...yeah, course she's comin'!" he put his sights back down on his clothes. "...So, tryin' on stuff for your wittle girlfriend today?" Ranma NOW teased him. Without much warning, Inuyasha impatiently booted him in the jaw. "ARGH, Gawd! That...that hurt!" He held his jawbone, tears crammed in the corners of his eyes. "Alright THAT'S it!" Ranma hopped into a fighting standpoint. "I've had enough of your abuse, you creep! So let's go, PAL! Me and you! Right here, right now!" "Quit your whinin'," Inuyasha was too engaged to his mirror at the time. "I'll play with you later, ya' big baby." Ranma blinked dimly and then bared his teeth to urn back his frustration. "Inu-YA-sha!" "Where the hell's your pacificer when you need it?" His eyebrow convulsed, his eyes never facing him. Ranma immediately charged for the aggravated Inuyasha with his naked feet hammering the floor in hard strides. His strapping leg whipped out to punt his opponent upside the head, but his half-brother caught it effortlessly. Ranma smirked and kicked off the onyx-haired teen's temple to somersault a safe distance away. He alighted back on the floor with a 'thud' and re-positioned himself to a martial arts pose, cockily beckoning his half-brother with a finger. Inuyasha massaged his abused temple, wrinkles lining his brow now. "Cut it OUT, Ranma, or else I'll accidentally have to KILL you." He menaced, now body-facing the one inch-shorter male. "HA, that'll be the day, Dog-boy." Ranma thumbed his nose in self-righteousness. Inuyasha's mane spiked as he flexed and cracked his fingers as if he had claws. "You wanna take me up on that again, you spoiled little brat?" Ranma simply half-grinned and crossed his arms, mocking, "KEH." There was a hush in the room that added even more spice to Inuyasha's boiling temper. "You're not seriously gonna wear one of THOSE are you?" Ranma nudged his head to the hoodies his half-brother had dumped on the floor. Inuyasha blinked, forgetting all about his previous antagonism. He held up the sweat shirts with an expectant look, "Uh, YEAH," he reminded dryly. "You're going on a date with a pretty girl and you're planning to horrify her with not only your funk, but your over-sized hoodies as well? Geez you're pathetic," Ranma slapped his palm against his forehead pityingly, yet smirked in between. "You need more help than I thought." "Wha...well you're one to talk!" Inuyasha pointed desperately at his half-brother, hair flinging in a massive wave of thickness. "You dress like the nutcracker every damn day!" "...Is that the best you can come up with? You are one SAD little man." "Urgh! LOOK, you insufferable bastard! It's not like I care what that wench thinks!" "Then why would you be struggling to pick over stupid hoodies?" Ranma sighed, staring rather hard at the half-nude man in front of him. "Why don't you wear something a little more loose or TIGHT?" "Keh, no thanks." Inuyasha swerved his head away inconsiderately. "C'mon, 'BRO', I'm trying to help you out here. Those baggy clothes make you look lanky when you're not. I'm sure Kagome gets tried of seeing you like THAT every day." "Shut up and butt out!" Inuyasha flushed a highlighted red of embarrassment, glaring at his wiggling toes. "...Fine. Do whatever you want, but if she complains why you can't be more like me then don't come cryin' to moi." Ranma shrugged, folding his arms behind his head and whistling off until he exited the hallway. Inuyasha pouted at the closed door, brow twitching by means of reheated annoyance. "I really hate him..."
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