Reviews for Where Have All the Muses Gone?
its-never-lupus chapter 3 . 6/26/2004
This was SUPREMELY funny. I LOVED it. Are you gonna update soon, 'cause I wanna find out what happens next! Update soon!


Braids21 chapter 1 . 2/10/2004
Gryffin! Oh no! Have ur muses left you? You havent updated!
*begs newsies muses* PLEASE get back to her! I want to read more!
Shot Hunter can't log in chapter 3 . 1/16/2004
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I JUST FOUND THIS NOW AND IT ROCKED! I love it. You have the dorm down, and my quote and oh my god it was so good. The funny thing I was tryin' to write a Race/Blink and it wasn't comin' out right, so I dropped it for now. Hmm, maybe I'll find it and try to write it again. Hope you write more of this soon. Bye now
*Carryin' da bannah
Shot Hunter*
Yank'nChipper chapter 3 . 12/12/2003
Chipper: YAY! ::squeals happily:: I LOVE THIS FIC!
Yank: O.O! Calm down!...
Yank: ::sighs:: I give up...
Yank: -.-;;
Chipper: You better update soon or I will hunt you down...!
Yank: ::sighs once more:: Yes...yes...I love the idea, Gryffin. ::Smiles:: It's very cute, and it obviously made Chipper's day.
Chipper: - ::kicks in her cheesy British accent:: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts! There they are standing in a row!
Yank: definately made Chip happy...and...hyper. Well, we need to go...s'time for our Midnight Snack Time! Update soon!
Chipper: Big ones! Small ones! Some as big as your head!
Pyrotic chapter 3 . 12/2/2003
Yay! More Gryffin fiction! Luthien just told me about this one! And it's every bit as good as she said it was! It's really funny! I can't wait for the next chapter!
I guess I'm luckier than all of those poor Newsie fanfiction writers. I still have my muses! Unfortunately for them, I might add. I don't have any Newsie muses, though...
I guess I'm kinda ranting on about randomness, as usual. Anywho, my muses say 'Hi' *Shawn and AAron wave*. I suppose I'd better go stop them from LiquidNail-ing all of the doors shut. Happy writing!
'Don't pet the emus; they bite'
Thistle chapter 3 . 11/30/2003
Eh. I can't believe I haven't gotten to this chapter before. Anyways, it's still going good. But what's going to happen to the boys? Keep going!
luthien chapter 2 . 11/30/2003
hi'ya gryff,
quick review and than i'll continue reading your story. i really really really like this story! its very amusing and the newsies are hot and entertaining and when you throw in a random orlando bloom it is even better!
lots of love,
Taps Riffwalk chapter 3 . 11/28/2003
yay! you wrote more! and its good too! like all your other work, but is that real song or did you make it up?
Kristan chapter 3 . 11/27/2003
I will never listen to that song in the same way again. We'll be singing it at a meeting or something and I'll break out laughing. AH! I love you very Mush!
Shakeseegirl chapter 3 . 11/23/2003
AH! I only have time for a quickie review, unfortunately!

This is the FUNNIEST story on FFN, it has to be! It's hilarious! I was dying of laughter the entire time I was reading it. This is SO awesome, you are a fabulous writer!

And dude, I so feel bonded to Bumlets Davey IS quite a beauty. *sigh* *hugs Bumlets*

Gothic Author chapter 3 . 11/23/2003
AHAHA! ! ! ! ! !


Gothic Author
studentnumber24601 chapter 3 . 11/23/2003
1) Ahahahaha.

2) The rumor is that Mondie's gonna update over Thanksgiving Break, but alas, it's just a rumor. We can always hope it's true... ::hopes a lot::

3) Conversation, directly after reading this:

Me: Ahahahahahahaha!

Leah [suitemate]: What?

Me: People talking to invisible Newsies!

Leah: [sigh] Are you talking to your muses again?

Me: No! Other people talking to their muses! I want one!

Leah: You do know they're fictional characters, right?

Me: Shut up! You ruin all my fun! [crying]

Okay... So no actual crying... But my friends think I'm insane. Because I talk to invisible musies anyway. So this story makes me feel better about myself... Or... Somethin'. :)
deadaccount4468 chapter 3 . 11/23/2003
I'm laughing right now. No relly, I am...

Very excellently beautiful. I like the Fan God part. It reminds me of Le Seigneur de Cuillere.

"Maybe she pay attention to you if you put some pants on!"

I think I'd be more apt to pay attention if he WASN'T wearing pants...

Very nicely done indeed...
Inquisitive chapter 3 . 11/23/2003
Dude! That was awesome! Keep it up!

I love it!

Nakaia Aidan-Sun chapter 3 . 11/22/2003
WHOA! I mean dude! The Newsies should come to Utah...I mean they could stay at mine and Chip's house (since we are sisters after all) Oh! I have to tell you the GREAT NEWS! My Muses aren't as obsessed with Monty Python has no moved to Mel Brooks movies. I mean it, Itey!Muse is pretending like he's Leo Bloom from the Producers! And Les is acting like he's Eigore (I can't spell) from Young Frankinstien. I really really need some mental help! Well, great job! I really really am enjoying it!

Peace, Love, and Newsies Slash,

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