Reviews for Where Do We Go From Here?
NeosNameisaSpoiler chapter 4 . 8/18/2011
They deserve it. And they also deserve to go kill the Wachowski Brothers.
tanithlipsky chapter 22 . 9/21/2007
very nice
LiMiYa chapter 22 . 12/30/2004
I'm sad to see the story end. It was great while it lasted. (Will there ever be a sequel? I hope so.)
LeVide chapter 22 . 12/23/2004
Hi, you probably don't know me, but I have read most of your stories, and I found them wonderful! You worked for an year, that's a very long time, I'm a little sad that such a good writer like you stops, anyway I respect you!

Akin Glen chapter 22 . 12/23/2004
And so it ends... a fantastic story and memorable characters. Congratulations.

This one's an A
Sriram chapter 20 . 12/18/2004
And ?

WHere's the rest of the story ?

Which of your storied do you recommend me to read after this one ?

- Sriram
LiMiYa chapter 20 . 11/18/2004
Loved the reunion between Neo and his kids. Please update asap!
grelca chapter 20 . 11/17/2004
Well I'd have to say this is definitely different... but not bad at all. You should totally update soon. I understand about school being busy though. I had to stop writing fanfics a long time ago (even though I only wrote a couple and didn't finish them) because I have so much to do. And then throwing in college applications this year... damn.
angel-death-dealer chapter 20 . 11/14/2004
hey love your story! Shame Trinity isn't in it anymore but your terrific storyline and writing definately makes up for it! Keep going, update soon!
TrinityNeo6 chapter 20 . 11/4/2004
YOU TOOK FOREVER TO UPDATE! gah! *sighs- its ok though- story is excellent! Lovin the older Neo thing- very cool- Loving the plot line too- I wish Trinity wasn't dead but you can't get everything you want- Please continue writing and update sooner this time! lol
theminione chapter 5 . 11/3/2004
interesting and you've written it well
Foreveraharmonyfan chapter 20 . 11/2/2004
Nice chapter. I might need to read up on the chapters again since I've been reading fanfics in other areas. Anyway I'm glad that everyone excepted him even after what happened to Trinity.
Akin Glen chapter 3 . 11/2/2004
simply adorable. Love it.
1ku chapter 6 . 10/22/2004
I don't believe it. You've gone and made sentinals cute.

Cuteness aside, post-Revolutions fics make me happy, and well written ones make me ecstatic! Thank you. :)
TrinityNeo6 chapter 19 . 10/7/2004
OMG- PLEASE UPDATE SOON- I absolutely love love love love this fic! Your killing me here- great writing and loving the plot- have you completely forgotten about the story line after Neo wakes up from his mind being taken over? Or was that supposed to be settled with the Trinity arguing with the machine comment? Please update!
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