Reviews for Shikon no Go: A Fanfic in 100 Chapters
WyldClaw chapter 23 . 11/15
whoa! way to go kagome
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 93 . 11/3
sesshomaru had rin for quite a long time... she was back in a village similar to her own but preferred his company to those of her people. he visited her as much as was possible. rin requested to visit kaguras grave. he obliged her. where her resting place is a meadow and the little animals played among the meadow blooms. very peaceful, very quiet... kagura was at peace. this is a very good way to end your tale, harmony and peace.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 92 . 11/3
kagome misses inuyasha... badly. if she had only stayed there then maybe... eri, one of kagomes friends stopped talking to kagome... she listened but... didnt say anything. id say she understood. will kagome and inuyasha get together again? i see that my thoughts were in your mind also... sengoku jidei was calling and she went there for good some time after this. angst all over... she wanted to stay but she had to go... erg, i (like all moms) want her happy. thank you for putting this info down.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 91 . 11/3
so... miroku and sango have twins... both little girls named midori and kaori. the little ones saw inuyasha as their play toy. his was the first discernible name that they got out,doggy. well, not necessarily what he wanted to hear but... because he missed kagome so much... he didnt mind being thought of by the little girls as their doggy. babies are often thought of as cute but these two like their doggy a lot. excellent... the way their children take to inuyasha is sweet. them pulling his ears is just a plus. now inuyasha can tease miroku and sango by telling them his name was first out of their girls mouth. he doesnt mind being a doggy to the girls. it is cute.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 90 . 11/3
graduation day for kagome; in japan, i guess you study hard to get through middle school to take exams to see if you should go on to high school. kagome did all that, she would like to continue her schooling but... as inuyasha said, she is smarter than everyone he knows. excellent on how you have the closeness of inuyasha and kagome stand out here. this is a true comrade. awesome.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 89 . 11/3
kagome did a lot in the feudal era. some things that even got her mentioned as a legend by her teacher, the only name in the tale was kikyou. most of the adults in her time do smoke. excellent on telling us the reason why kagome doesnt like smoke and never will.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 88 . 11/3
shippo and his parents... i dont hear much about shippos folks except they were killed by the thunder brothers, and inuyasha killed them. it is nice and sweet that we get a glimpse into the life of shippo before his life started with inuyasha and his group; insight into how really young shippo is. hes been trying to take on much more than he can; excellent on showing shippos home life.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 87 . 11/2
sesshomarus mother is inukiai; she started telling a long story to rin and kohaku. sesshomaru didnt want to stay and listen to another tale of his mothers making; but he did in the end. this is an intriguing chapter; we dont hear much about sesshomarus mom. i assumed that she had died, maybe not; maybe she and his father parted ways. an interesting snippet in sesshomarus life.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 86 . 11/2
two love triangles; kagome in each of them... kouga would treat her like a queen, inuyasha wasnt sure which of the two ladies he wanted the most but he was leaning toward kagome... she healed his heart. what a mess. this bit of prose is excellent for the convoluted way things just dont fit. inuyasha for his confusion on how he feels is steady on one thing... he is with kagome now. thats all that matters.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 85 . 11/2
this is sort of a weird way of finding out that you are a legend. kagome was in her class when her teacher told of kikyou the miko and the girl who appeared 50 years after her death and released the hanyou and he was pissed. wouldnt it be strange if we found ourselves in the same position? very good tale... kagome finds herself in the place where she can correct some errors in a legend because she was there.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 84 . 11/1
the two ladies that naraku created from pieces of himself are strange souls. kanna doesnt have any emotions and kagura has more than she can handle. the void and the wind... two opposites but they come together because they complement each other in a strange way. kagura wants to escape from naraku, kanna doesnt care. he made a number of different types of puppets to test the inuyasha group and others around them. it is weird that these things can sometimes be as living things at others they are statements about feelings or monsters. unique, horrible things that sometimes fight and sometimes make you wish they could have a better future.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 83 . 10/29
sometimes kagome needs a little alone time. studying her geometry with the noise around her. she decides she needs it RIGHT NOW. goes into the village, gets herself some kushi-dango, sits down on the river bank and enjoys the meal. she feels like a train... the others in her group are following her. kagome has some quiet time by herself, maybe one minute. she finally relents when shippo asks her to play in the water. excellent how kagome seems to have havoc around her, finds a nice quiet spot on the river, and feels like the team is after her. leave the lady ALONE.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 82 . 10/29
kagome and sango are friends from different times, that is super. kagome thinks that sango and miroku dont have enough time by themselves. the ladies think up a picnic for sango and miroku. hum; wonder if the others in the group will leave them alone? excellent how they plan on distracting the others so they can have some time by themselves. wonderful.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 81 . 10/29
kikyou didnt want to be any different than those around her. kaede was young when her mother died. she didnt realize how difficult it was for her sister, the miko, to take white rice from the peasants. kikyou preferred the brown rice. kaede was a young girl when she came to her sister with a bowl of white rice. her sister, the miko knocked the bowl and rice to the ground. were not any better than those we help. she said firmly. great how you made kikyou not above the villagers she helped even if she was the one who talked to the gods. she was their aid not one who lorded it over them. very good.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 80 . 10/29
shippo and souten were both orphans, about the same age and both loved the crayons and paper kagome brought from her home for shippo, a birthday gift. will she like the gift shippo is getting for her? will it still be in her mind how inuyasha killed her brothers? was it okay if shippo and souten stopped fighting and started coloring on the multi colored paper? the name for this chapter is correct; what child doesnt like crayons? excellent how you blended the fights the thunder brothers had with the fact that their sister and shippo became friends. very good. may all be solved so easily.
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