Reviews for Shikon no Go: A Fanfic in 100 Chapters
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 36 . 10/21/2015
this was an intriguing thing to do and say... since i have watch anime movies online i might have an advantage over some of your other readers. inuyasha is too proud and stubborn to admit that he loves kagome. he does say to her in this tale, i said id protect you, didnt i. this is a very intriguing thing to say. i admit it takes some time for me to get through some bits of the story, it is the essence of the tale that gets to me. this chapter is one that you can use to explain why kagome and inuyasha are so close. they care.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 35 . 10/21/2015
two katanas made from two fangs of inutaisho, for both his sons... huh? he only had one son. what did totousai know that he didnt. excellent on the dialogue and storyline, the way the demon lord spoke to the sword maker very respectfully; it makes sense he is the best sword maker in all japan. the demon lord is a very powerful dog demon who can change what he looks like so that he doesnt scare his servants. i enjoy getting to know more background of inuyasha... although he never met his father it seems he has the same values as his dad.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 34 . 10/20/2015
i often wondered what those killer bees were fed... it is possible that they made honey but since they seem to be around kagura, kohaku and some of the other characters naraku made of himself. i always knew that kagura wanted to escape. it seems that each of narakus minions were as nasty as he was. the carcass that kohaku dumped in that hut for food for those nasty bees was dead with the poison he wanted them to have. great; in telling this story you let us have a glimpse into the lives of some villains in the tale.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 33 . 10/19/2015
this i guess is when kagome first got to the feudal time. i cant walk very far, bum knees, so i do understand. what is funniest is how she says,onigiri, (sit) so quietly and he does... with a humph. excellent how she looks back at her old home in japan and realizes that although she did walk at home she didnt do any where near the marching there that she does in feudal japan. it is better for her health to walk in the fresh air, almost no pollutants there.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 32 . 10/19/2015
more of mirokus memories... oh boy... why did you HAVE to tell him about getting heirs mushin, like he didnt have problems enough. miroku soon, much too soon, got a mini hole in his hand... he had to be told to put a cloth across it and wrap a blessed rosary on the hand and be careful when he used it, how to be able to tell when he used it enough. so much grief to give a little boy. excellent how you tell it. it is hard to have to tell a little one something that will never change; like a child with polio being told youll never be able to walk or run like the other children.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 31 . 10/19/2015
oh my... a part of mirokus past that stands out when hes alone... i dont blame him for not wanting to be alone. he saw his dad die being sucked into the wind tunnel in his hand. horrible, i can understand why the memory would stay with him. miroku got the curse of kazaana at age eight. what terrible things to happen to a young lad. this chapter is great, it tells some of mirokus past. mortality really kicks you in the butt when you have something like this happen right in front of you. thank the gods that suiin had mushin-sama to take care of his son.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 30 . 10/19/2015
inuyasha and the well... the one that brought kagome to him... first to gt him away from the sacred arrow to fight the centipede demon, and take her away. he and that well had a love/hate relationship. he loves it when it brings him kagome and her many goodies in that yellow bag; he hates it usually when she goes into it to go back home. isnt home where he is and the rest of their group? hes gone through the well to get her, sometimes with her. it usually takes her from him. excellent how inuyasha is sitting there thinking about the wood covered well. awesome, he has deep thoughts. cool.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 29 . 10/19/2015
so the jewel still has the charm it always had for kaede, even if its only shards. what a difference it would have made if kikyo had lived. wow, even thinking something like that brings goose bumps to me. excellent on how seeing the bits of the jewel bring back those memories for kaede. what will happen next? will the shards be reunited and then kagome will make a wish. i wonder what she will wish for? the innocence of kagome i guess is why shes able to hold the jewel shards. i like this chapter.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 28 . 10/19/2015
i wasnt aware that sesshomaru liked having his ears gently touched, im not sure if inuyasha likes his ears being touched. i know, sort of, he doesnt like having them pulled like when kagome has to show him something and hes not paying attention. the chapter might have been named ears but that might have brought other connotations to it. i hope that kagome was just as gentle with inuyashas ears as she was with sesshomaru.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 27 . 10/19/2015
chuckles galore... kagome and inuyasha having a water fight... laughing at each other as both of them got soaked. this shows a more playful side of kagome and inuyasha. he seems so serious but when kagome has a chance, like on that hot summer day, she can get inuyasha to play and get into a water fight... all the better. have to cool off sometimes. excellent throughout this chapter. every now and then i forget that when i first started this series kagome was 15 years old. being half-demon i am not sure how old inuyasha is. i never get even a hint of his age.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 26 . 10/18/2015
the name of this chapter is prayers one says at new years to wish everyone the best... at least thats from the groups view point. kagome didnt have a kimono in the feudal period. her friends figured as much and bought one for her. inuyasha bought the material with money he got... somewhere. kaede knew some one in the village who could make the kimono quickly and the rest of the group helped pay for it. true love and caring are the things this chapter brings to mind... even inuyasha says a prayer. this chapter is a way of showing how special kagome is to those who knew her in the feudal years.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 25 . 10/18/2015
chuckling over the comments at the end of the chapter... yeah, it seems that way.
when we start out inuyasha is a little boy of eight or nine years and sitting with his mother, watching her die. this is so upsetting... whos going to take care of this little one now? it zips by, time, and inuyasha has someone who believes in him and because of a cruel bit of fate... she shoots him with an arrow and he dies, stuck to a tree. he awakens still stuck there by who he thought was kikyo but instead was kagome, she needed saving and time is zipping by again. this is just a few of the things the hanyou has gone through. excellent how you keep me in suspense... wondering what will happen next. no wonder inuyasha is so suspicious...almost everywhere he looks folks want him to be a demon or a human. he is both, until he meets kagome he is on his own. she accepts him for who he is, a friend.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 24 . 10/18/2015
miroku had a couple of problems... the curse of kazaana the wind tunnel in his hand, his wandering eye for the ladies, his caring about sango and trying to be a monk who practiced his religion, shodoshi. the curse he got from his dad... who had inherited it from his father... the downside... it would grow until it consumed him. wandering eye... well, he figures he wont be long on the earth so why not get some ladies pregnant so they could carry on the curse? not very smart miroku. caring about sango... tell her already. trying to be a monk that practices his religion. sorry for making the intro so long, it helps to summarize the chapter... the way this man isnt sure what to do next boggles the mind. be like any rational human being and solve the problems one at a time. oh i forgot i am talking about miroku. confusion? yup... sometimes when watching the series i swear he should have a keeper to make sure he doesnt mess up too badly. this chapter tells about a decision miroku should have made long ago... should he ask sango to be his wife. simple really but... we are talking about miroku.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 23 . 10/17/2015
kagome has had it. she is erged by the feeling that she cant think or do things on her own. kouga, the wolf demon head of his pack wants her as his. inuyasha is usually saving her from things he gets into trouble with, they get pissed at being approached by some nut job waving a sword in their face. i really dont blame them. this is what the sweet little kagome is like when she gets angry. i dont blame the rest of her group for backing up when she states, i need to be alone for awhile. women are a powerful force, they have to keep the home together, take care of the cooking, have the children, and make sure that all are sane in her little world. these amazing creatures, i am including myself in this group, are the ones who take care of minor major boo boos and play nice when your world seems to be falling apart. trust me all will be fine at the end of the day, if not you have tomorrow. sorry, i could write a book on men who have thought i couldnt handle myself in a crisis; wrong.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 22 . 10/17/2015
the fact that the members of his group got poisoned wasnt inuyashas fault; it was one of the horrible seven that was given new life by naraku and his tainted sacred jewel shards. if not for myouga sucking out the tainted blood his friends would be dead. inuyasha did something he did very rarely... he cried. when kagome said his name... when he and shippo were sure that miroku and sango would be okay... he cried... myouga, the flea helped them by doing what comes naturally to a flea. this is a very touching chapter, it shows how fragile life can be. it also shows another side of the hanyou... isnt it something. i know inuyasha... you never cry.
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