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TaIoRaFoReVeR523 chapter 15 . 2/20/2011
Awesome! Just like every single fic u hav. I'm guessing this is one of

your earlier fics, bcuz u mentioned some stuff about school, the

other fics I've read from u were talking bout work.

Anyway, I 3 d plot, it's just brilliant/amazing/excellent...u get d point. )

Well, dat's all i hav 2 say. Am looking forward to reading your other


teatimewithrum chapter 1 . 8/30/2007
very cute story i enjoyed reading it!
CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS chapter 4 . 12/20/2006
there's something wrong with the chapter before this. i can't read all of it for some reason. can you fix it?
princess sora chapter 1 . 2/11/2006
i loved it
angel-skie chapter 15 . 3/4/2005
This is such a nice fic! Aw, I'm so happy that Sora finally found her happiness...
Light's Blue Blossom chapter 15 . 7/17/2004
Great Story! Taiora forever. I'm kinda curious, what happened to Izumi? I'm glad that Sora was able to stay in that world and marry Taichi. Did Hikari and Takeru get married?
Litanya chapter 15 . 7/12/2004
This is a really great fic! I regret it taking me so long to come and read it... I have had a lot on and this got delayed a bit, but this is excellent! I'm looking forward to reading your next Taiora!
I DO NOT OWN DBZ chapter 11 . 6/30/2004
Um... i have a plot hole to point out... um... well, people who have been through things like what Sora went through in this fic, they... well... they don't let the darkness consume them! they deal with their bad memeries, well, unless their cowerds, and bottle it up, but, i should know (been there, done that) even if the darkness brings up bad memeries, they can fight! AND win! it's not that easy to make them have a break down, actually, in my experience, normal people tend to have break downs ALOT easyer, because, people with those kind of experiences tend to have hardend, no, NOT in the way that they cut them selfs off from the world, but, in the way that, they can deal with it, my point being, most people like that have the falosify of "been there, done that" or they are cowerds.

Ps sorry if i miss-spelled anything...

_ -sage
I DO NOT OWN DBZ chapter 9 . 6/30/2004
why is Izzy the bad guy? (thats right, i know who you made the bad guy! lol.) why? Izzys not evil... :( oh well, its a cool plot EVEN though Izzys the bad guy... when you said red haired guy, earlyer in the fic (right before Tai was attacked) i KNEW it was Izzy, okay, just REALLY sure, i didin't KNOW for sure, whatever.

_ -sage
LilacKamiya chapter 6 . 6/4/2004
aww that was really cute, _ good story.
LilacKamiya chapter 3 . 5/30/2004
Hey, I like this fic, expect for yamato. LOL and poor taich for being slapped like that. (hehe) i've done much worse to him in my fics, but it's all the way of the story. Anyways i will continue to read.

Taiora rules! woohoo!
CrazyGrL n Pnky chapter 15 . 5/25/2004
Crazy: Is it really the end? I hope not..this was one of the best fics ever!
Pinky: Well..I don't really know..I just read a couple of chapters in like 30 minutes..sorry but I couldn't take any longer.. -_-
Crazy: yeah..we can't take too long *looks around and whispers* we can't be caught by Luna..she's the owner of the computer..she won't let us review cause we're supposed to be studying..
Pinky: That's right..if she caugh us we'll be in BIG trouble
Crazy: Anyway I just wanted to say that I'm really really sorry for nor reviewing any other chapter..sorry sorry sorry..hehe..; but I do read all the story..and I think that it's have a great imagination and a big talent for the writing..I also read many other of your stories..I loved every single one of them _
Pinky: I hope that you can write another Taiora soon..then maybe I could read it from the beginning ;
Crazy: I'm going to read it..that's for sure! And Luna will too, she's also a big fan of yours _
Pinky: Congratulations for the fic!
Crazy: We better get going now..Luna should be here any minute..
Crazy n Pinky: 0.0;
Luna: I'm gonna tell you this 4 the very last time: We-have-an-exam-tomorrow-and-none-of-us-know-anything-at-all-so-we-have-to-study! NOW! *really angry and with a really scary face*
Crazy n Pinky: AAHH! *run away*
Luna: *sign* Hi animefreak5483 *big smile* I'm a big fan of your fics _ I luv all your works..please write a new Taiora..please?
I gotta go now..have to find those girls..*sign* and then gotta much fun (sarcasm!)!
See ya _ ~Huggz~
KAT chapter 15 . 5/22/2004
alexian-goddess chapter 15 . 5/22/2004
sorry to lazy to login anyways WOW this story is really amazing! im so glad i found it!great job!
Alex chapter 15 . 5/22/2004
That was great! I can always count on you for some kickass Taiora goodness_ Brilliant job!
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