Reviews for Robotech: Departures
Adena McGee chapter 2 . 6/10/2005
Very good story! Even if you say you are not going to treat it as a RIck/Lisa story (what a shame!) you still give a good character treatment! Please revive Roy! He is such a great character! I love your ideas & I certainly do not agree with some of the things that the original story had so it's great that you could have changed them here.

I wanna see more character stuff from you & I am looking foward to see how you treat Rick/Lisa when they are face to face!

Hope to see you a next chapter from you soon!
Poisoned-Sprinkles chapter 2 . 12/30/2003
Okay, remember, you asked for a honest review!
I think this a great story, and I like the way you're taking liberties with the original storyline. I've often wornder what Macross would have been like if the UEDC had handled things differently.
Something I don't like is how the story bounces around between flashbacks and the present tense. While useful, they can be overdone. Also, I don't like how Max and Miriya are used; Max is a humble guy, and gushing over his love for his new girlfriend to the ships' captain is not something a lieutenant does (however, it's your story).
Last, but not least, is Rick and Minmay. Before you "hide from other rabid rick / lisa fans," hear me out. My only complaint is about how quickly Rick jumps to Minmay's side. Rick and Lisa had, at this point, grown very close, and Rick's view of Minmay had dimmed considerably. I doubt Rick would have jumped that fast to be with Minmay. Just my two cents on that.
Overall, great story idea. Keep 'em coming, and great work!
Carla Fox chapter 2 . 12/19/2003
NOQ I know WHY you told me SO MUCH not to flame YOU!
You need to writereally fast and make this up to me!
BTW, good chapter ;)
Tango-Romeo931 chapter 2 . 12/19/2003
Dude your following the true episode line for the Macross saga, not that im complaining but I WANT RICK AND LISA! so in other words send her up already! :) or suffer the consicuences.
And as for Gloval being a prankster, i can see that, and whats this Fokker comin into play? Will he wake up lets hope so. I know his eyes will bulge at the new VFs. one thing about them though i've never really understood were the laser cannons came from, i mean i've seen fan art with them in it, but i've not really seen them in the series. and i personally luv missles :D
Good Chapter please up dat soon.
k71 chapter 2 . 12/19/2003
Great chapter! Don't worry about long chapters. If the rest of the chapters are as well written as the first two you can make them as long as you like!
BTW, don't worry, this part is early enough in Rick & Lisa'a relationship, I can forgive you for the Minmei scenes (although you KNOW who Rick BETTER end up with in this fic **shakes fist at pangeman's id on computer screen**).
I also love the way you portray Gloval. I can see him being a lot of fun. He and Rick do seem really close in this and I'm interested to see how you play out that relationship.
Also, I can't wait until Lisa and her Dad get back to the ship. I can't wait for the Admiral to meet Rick!
Hope to see the next update soon. Thanks!
Admiral R.T chapter 2 . 12/18/2003
I really liked how you put Helena Chase and Jack Archer from Battlecry into the fic. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, so keep up the GREAT work and PLEASE update soon!
Carla Fox chapter 1 . 11/24/2003
SO! My dear friend you did it! you started it! I'm so happy for you! :) Hehehe..NOW you will know what is to be in the "other" side and READ the reviews MUAHAHAHA! ;) Hehehe, but don't worry, I'm not going to be so harsh on you...yet ;) (muahahahaha)

I really like the way you started this fanfic, and I'm pretty sure this is going to take forever to write, so good luck with that.

Thinking about the characters, I do like the insides of their personalities, my only complain (and I'm going to do this because I know you are not going to be happy unless I said that this needs something more) is Max. The first impression is that he's just too naïve, which I admit, it's probably true BUT I still have the feeling that there's more for someone to marry after the first date. If I read this when my hormones are crazy, I will probably justify his actions saying 'yeah, man! just thinking in get laid' but not. Max is not like that, he's just way too cool just for that. SO, I will ask for more insides of Max, of his reasons to jump in a marriage like this, even if he don't said that aloud.

The other thing, and I wrote that in the forum too is...ROMANCE ROMANCE ROMANCE! hehehehe :) You know I'm 100% romantic and I need that soon ;) but this is your baby, so...I will leave it to you.

Just remember to have fun with this pangman ;) this is a fanfic, something to enjoy, just...rememeber that! ;) you can have fun AND make a good fanfic at the same time.

So...enough review, don't get use to me to write so much! hahahaha, specially because I tell you all this things every single day! :-D

HUGS! Welcome to the 'writers' side...hehehe, NOW you will know what I feel when I read YOUR reviews! :-P Muahahaha

Carla Fox.
Aikiweezie chapter 1 . 11/22/2003
Very, very interesting. Please keep writing. I like the lightlyy different direction this fanfic is taking. Keep writing...I'll look forward to reading more.
Hung Nguyen chapter 1 . 11/22/2003
Interesting concept and a good start, thought you could work on the extreme spacing between paragraphs.
Tango-Romeo931 chapter 1 . 11/21/2003
Swet, A story that foucuses on UPCOMING BATTLES, and No extreame bashing of characters,

And as for making it Long... HELL YEAH iam all up for Long stories. Especially ones that look to be as promising as this one looks. And as for Rick and Lisa gettin' together I'm sure they might have a little help from Lisa's father and some other characters(Hint hint). And to add to that you've included ROY! even if he's in a coma. back in the day when i'd first started to watch robotech, Roy was my fav character and i cried when they killed him,(darn those S.O.B.S who wrote the storyline) Mindless rambling...

Anywho this Story gets a 7 out of 5 star rating, so please keep posting more and more and more and more...more mindless rambling...

k71 chapter 1 . 11/21/2003
Wow, great start. You have a lot of very interesting what ifs here. This is well written and makes me want to read more. I always love it when fanfics look into to the relationship between Lisa and her father and I love the idea of both of them returning to the SDF1. I can't wait until the next update! Thanks.
Sphersian chapter 1 . 11/21/2003
YES! Admiral Hayes is in da house! I sure like that guy, don't ask me why, I just do :) Wahoo! Lisa is going back to the SDF-1! I wonder what Rick will do...hmm... and its good to see Roy alive too! :) Update soon, perty please :)