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Guest chapter 31 . 3/20
Good story with many surprising twists and intriguing cliffhangers. I love how you managed to make things in the books make sense like Neville having Snape as a bogart. Surprise about relations about Snape and Alice left me shocked. Also the powerful twist and back story about his character was unique and refresh. Thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/17
Guest chapter 4 . 3/17
Why would Dumbledore give up Snape that easily for all he done for the order. He could protect him and he owes him that much at least. Still some surprises though.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/17
Oh love this so far. Good twist on details from the books. Onwards to the next chapter!
cztelnik chapter 31 . 2/26
Moody and Snape finally have out their differences. A lot of this story I like better than canon and it ends with a relief for Severus although begins a whole new story for Neville who is Snape's child with Alice Longbottom and who inherited a terrible destiny if Snape can't manage to break the curse tying him to a demon blood sacrifice every seven years to prevent it from devouring the entire world. Yup, it's that bloody intense.
Guest chapter 31 . 2/20
Oh wow! Thank you for such a great story :)
whitehound chapter 24 . 3/5/2015
Yes, Moody could be this vicious and callous. He was replaced by a deranged Death Eater for nine months and nobody noticed - not even people who knew him well.
whitehound chapter 18 . 3/4/2015
Of course, we now know Sev was a Slytherin, but it's still rather odd. I'd guess the Hat offered him Gryffindor and he turned it down because he didn't want to share a dorm with the nasty boys he'd met on the train, just as Harry turned Slytherin down because he didn't want to share a dorm with Draco. Anbd although he doesn't seem very ambitious I'd say he's very competitive, and the Hat might have interpreted that as ambition.
whitehound chapter 16 . 3/4/2015
Blaming Snape is easier than blaming himself, and blaming hismelf is easier than admitting that Dd was right and that Sirius to some extent brought about his own death by being callous to Kreacher.
whitehound chapter 14 . 3/4/2015
Yes. If the Dursleys had been really violent Harry would have grown up scared and trying to placate them, or if they had sometimes given him love he would have grown up needy and trying to earn more; but instead they subjected him to a constant low-level unpleasantness which he was able to ignore by becoming immensely self-contained. And because they punished him for accidental magic he couldn't help, but apparently not for cheekiness he could help, he treats punishment as a random annoyance, like rain. He has no desire for adult approval and no feeling that adult disapproval is anything to do with his own behaviour.
whitehound chapter 11 . 3/4/2015
Interesting comparison with chatrooms and yes, in astral people will manifest as their self-image, which won't necessarily look much like their physical self. I used to know somebody whose self-image was a small fat dragon.

One potential pitfall is that not everybody's self-image includes clothes...
whitehound chapter 10 . 3/4/2015
It's really a shame that the background to this story got canon-shafted, because it's so good and such an interesting version of Snape. A great read - and I like to start sentences with and and but too. Soemtimes it's just the only way top get the tone you want.
scgaraycochea chapter 31 . 12/18/2014
Wow! Wonderfull fic, I loved it very much!
Thanks for it, you are a wonderful writter, I would like read more works of yours.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 31 . 1/28/2012
~ But if you didn't know... how did you get there first?

I have not expected Severus Snape to be nearby Longbottoms during the night of the attack.

~ Severus pointed his wand at Neville and told Alastor to put down his wand. Alastor did so. Severus handed him the child and Disapparated.

Slytherin's nobility... If a Slytherin was lying, he would have lied better, to leave no possible evidence of his guilt. Therefore, Severus tells the truth. But why and how did Severus protect Neville? Is it possible that Severus Snape is Neville's godfather, and/or Frank's close friend?

~ Voldemort had a very well placed spy in the Ministry.

Afraid so.

~ Snape had carefully considered his options, and best course of action still led inevitably to his death; and he was determined to take all his secrets with him.

The extremely private man, who has almost nothing left to live for...

~ And I... have other responsibilities.


~ Beware lest you become the thing you hate,

Severus speaks sharp, cutting truth.

~ They're not coming for you. Go now.

When has Harry ever left a defenseless person to die?

I'm disappointed in you, Harry James Potter. You are a judgamental prejudiced Gryffindor. You don't have the strength to kill a person with an Unforgivable, and you have the cowardice to let a person die from Dementor's Kiss.

~ But then, yards away, there was another light, but it didn't look like a Patronus. It was gold, not silver, and more like a kind of firework.

It is something that protects Severus Snape? Because I don't want him dead, and my grudge against Harry could last longer than Severus's grudge against Marauders.

Did Severus Snape want to survive, or not, when he went here? Did Severus Snape bind his soul to his body, or why could not his soul leave it, even as ghost?

So it's almost impossible to remove arm with the Dark Mark on it from the body? And Severus Snape managed it, despite Voldemort?

~ Severus gave himself up to Frank Longbottom.


~ And how else could Snape know how he had felt about his friends' letters if he too had not some way into Harry's mind?

Legilimency doesn't always require eye-to-eye contact.

~ 'Why? I hate you more than anyone, but I wouldn't leave even you to a Dementor. Why couldn't I do anything to save you?'

Glad you start understanding value of human's life. But I still don't forgive you.

~ 'Because I'm dying,' whispered Snape, 'And when a wizard dies, his spells die with him.'

Moody will not let Severus die because he wants information. And Harry will protect Severus from both Death and Moody because Harry knows that Severus does care for him. How will Harry practice Occlumency by himself? Will Severus in the dream be able to help him?

Why even now Harry still attacks Severus Snape, in his dialogue with Tonks? And don't think I will forgive you anytime soon, Harry James Potter!

Severus Snape has taken Dobby with him when meeting Harry?

Damage wrought by dark magic can be undone only by magic equally rare and difficult; blood magic can both harm and protect, soul magic can both heal and mutilate.

~ Snape was too preoccupied to notice him, or anything else at that moment. Snape was crying.

What is not to cry for, in this world? In the world where wars are fought? Where violence and terror are without reason unleashed? Where human's life and blood as water are freely shed? Where humans' minds and will broken might be beheld? Where the mortals are dying easily, should they be loved? Where objects shatter, should to them you be attached? Why, how in desperation you have not become demented? Where, how do you construct self-confidence not fabricated?

~ Never before had Harry experienced the kind of peace he was feeling now.

Thank you, Severus. I hope you heal.

~ Moody has ruined it all, and no matter how well my body may be recovering, if my mind continues to deteriorate, I will die.

And Dobby knows how to restore the balance; but to do it, he has to take Snape away from Moody.

~ Phineas believed it was his fault Sirius had died. Harry wanted to believe it was Snape's fault; but he realised in his heart he agreed with Phineas.

All the more reason to save Severus Snape. I hope Dobby at least doesn't waste time.

I Don't Trust Dumbledore!

~ 'And then why doesn't he take on You Know Who? 'Because he doesn't know what he is!' 'And you do?' 'Yes.'

Intriguing. But how could Severus not know of his heritage? And what about the prophecy - Voldemort, unfortunately, can only be defeated by Harry?

~ 'a person whose blood could kill a werewolf?' 'Or a vampire. Or any of a number of other Dark creatures, I should imagine,'


~ And he knew that if he died, childless, then - there would be no more blood sacrifices… The covenant would be broken, and the demon would return.

The desperate and fragile protection... A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

~ 'And if the spell is lifted or broken you'll be exposed.'

So Severus refuses to have the charm broken.

~ I'm not letting him go until I know EVERYTHING!

[Growling] I don't like invasion of privacy, Moody!

~ Learning to control one's emotions can never be pointless,

Agree. But I cannot forgive Harry, not so quickly. And I hope Moody will have to feel all the unhappiness contained in Severus's memories.

I don't like the temper of Anzori.

~ The muggle world is full of evil!

Unfortunately, I have to disagree. There is no evil, only difference of opinion. Because 'evil' is defined by humans' opinion.

So Harry wanted to concentrate on one place for Occlumency, and Apparated?

~ Severus sank to the floor of the cave, and began to weep.

What do you weep for? Whom do you weep for? You have no living family, by many you were considered tool, but of each of them you made fool. You had no loving family, blood you shed to protect the sheep, despite the betrayals's wounds deep.

~ I have come here to surrender. I do not deny that I am a Death Eater. I deserve Azkaban. But no one else believes the Malfoys are guilty. - Malfoys were your friends. They have been very good to you, haven't they? After your father died…

[Clenching teeth] Dumbledore, you manipulator! Severus Snape wanted an out, a full confession to somebody who would interrogate him honestly and ruthlessly. Severus Snape wanted to attack Lucius back for pretending to be his friend. And Dumbledore speaks soft lies.

~ 'There are other ways of bringing down the Malfoys, you know. Better ways.'

And Malfoys haven't been brought down. Dumbledore the liar.

~ I am asking for no favours, no mercy. Only to give myself up, and to give Auror Moody the information he needs to arrest the Malfoys.

And Dumbledore doesn't give even this.

~ How Snape had found the strength to get out of bed and pull him from the Pensieve he did not know.

And how did Severus know it was needed? Ah, the demon...

~ Neville remembered what had happened to his parents, and who was responsible.

Severus didn't attack them. Yes, Severus might be associated for Neville with the death, but he isn't reason for it.

~ How to turn oneself invisible without the aid of a cloak.

Without a disillusionment charm?

~ 'Severus is a good man, He's a better man than I am, Alastor.'

Agree. Dumbledore is a behind-the-scenes manipulator, liar, invading humans' privacy and life without their knowledge or permission. Moody is ruthless, but he at least tells humans honestly what he wants from them, even when he dislikes them. My favourite house is Slytherin, and while I like its subtle and cunning methods, backstabbing isn't one of them - it dishonours the one who attacks an unarmed person at his most vulnerable.

~ Potter has now finally mastered the necessary skills at Occlumency to keep the Dark Lord out.

How do you know that? Being able to become invisible isn't the same as Occlumency. Though it is based on the same principles...

~ Very relieved nobody seems to have been offended by my use of Christian concepts, and that some people sound really happy with them.

I find Christianity distasteful because of the concept of one divine superior being, often omniscient and omnipotent. So I prefer to pretend that in your story it is either magic itself - magic breaks laws of science, magic is done by will and belief - or another demon, benevolent, influencing the world only when he feels a call from a human, unlike the malicious demon who is kept away by blood sacrifices.

~ her own values as a Christian seem to come through in places, notably the idea that Harry was saved by his mother's sacrifice, his mother's blood

I prefer to think of that as a forgotten branch of Blood Magic, lost by Light wizards due to prosecution of Dark Arts (Mind Magic, Blood Magic, Soul Magic, Chaos Magic, and others), and by Dark wizards due to their preference to use quick offensive magic against their attackers. As finding such effective protection by accident is unlikely, it's possible that Sirius has given Lily unlimited access to Black library - he wasn't interested in books and studying, especially his Dark heritage. I reiterate: dark magic isn't necessarily evil; it might be more difficult to control, more seductive, self-destructive, depending on author's preference - but it is not evil.

I am disturbed, by the way, that of all religions you have to choose the monotheistic one, when magical world, with werewolves, vampires, demons, blood sacrifices, dark and light magic of many different branches, seems to be better suited to polytheistic religion. But it's merely my opinion.

~ And the dark eyes filling his gaze drank in every wisp and strand of his turmoil, and understood.

Thank you, Severus Snape. I am forever in your debt. I doubt my ability to help, so it's likely to be unpaid. Thank you, Severely Strict. Good night, and good luck. Obsidian...
YuriyTalaIvanov chapter 31 . 3/3/2010
*chokes* uawahh! omg this is a awesome fic! i demand a sequel! (if you havent got one already) really really great intersting thing about sev's past. very odd that you paired sev with alice and not lily..._ and come volde doesnt notice sev ran away from hogwarts and disspaeared for like 3 weeks?
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