Reviews for Maybe hints aren't enough: Dai's Story
Guest chapter 1 . 1/2/2004 gotta feel bad for Dai...even if i'm a Takari fan all the way! i gotta go read Maybe Hints Aren't Enough, too much homework, not enough time online!
Lady Enraged chapter 1 . 11/25/2003
it is unlike Hikari to use anybody or anything.

i love Daisuke, but your story was nothing special.

though i must say, i do detest Hikari.

if someone threw her off a bridge or something, i would be much pleased
Savoan Locc chapter 1 . 11/25/2003
Nice ficc, oh you a Taioria fan that likes Michi thats new cuz! Nice too meet you. Oh its about time that I met a male cuz most of the time I go read ficcs that are written by females (no offense). You sixteen coo, but like hey; I flame about alot of jyoumi fans and mimiato fans, and I don't give a fucc if they female or male cuz! But damn only mimiato fans that are guys are wussies too write to me cuz(and you callin yourselves mimiato fans cuz?) And oh jyoumi fans that are guys are pussies and I thought a jyoumi fan that is a guy is hardcore? You know what I mean cuz to many ppl calimin colors and couples when they don't know how to sticc with thier true couples or favorites loc. What about me- im a Koumi fan that supports: Sorato, Takari, and Kenyako, also like: Taioria, Michi, and jyoura ( don't ask) . Like most Koumi fans like myself funcc all Koumi haters let them all rest in piss cuz and thats it im out Peace cuz...