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Dude wanting your cooperation chapter 18 . 6/27/2007
i really think that you should


if you arn't updating because you think the story's gotten bad, i will tell you that many people think there story's have gotten bad over time, but many of them are wrong.

if you arn't updating because your lazy, then


if your not updating because you have no ideas, say so, and im certain your readers will give you a couple good ones, and some average ones.

i'll stop here because i dont like to be mean in any way, and i dont like to drag on.

Ramen Noodles chapter 18 . 10/9/2004
Once again, you've turned out a lovely chapter! I really like the first-person perspective, it really freshens things up a bit and gives it a new pace.

Good job, as always! -
Ambre Wisniewski chapter 18 . 10/3/2004
Gahh, I wrote a whole review yesterday, and it didn't POST! How annoying.

Glad to see you're still writing. I admit, I haven't played Sonic CD, but I do know that Amy

fit into a big part of it. Certainly an interesting chance in perspective, it still flows well.

And as usual, i read it all in one setting. For it, of course, pulled me in. I look forward

to the next part.

PS. E-mail me back when you get a chance, I e-mailed you over a month ago.
Ramen Noodles chapter 17 . 9/11/2004
Yay! I'm overjoyed that you've finally gotten another chapter up! It's amazing how you're able to keep getting these chapters up month after month with all that's going on in your life. I'm glad you're not going to give up... I'm awful at getting the next chapters of my stories up. I'm about four months overdue to put up the next chapters of my own fic, I'm afraid. I probably should take some lessons in determination from you! :)

In anycase, I spotted my character! You've done a wonderful job with her so far, so thanks so much! - Can't wait for your next chapter, and I'll probably see ya on DA! -
Spawn Of Eighty-Four chapter 16 . 8/26/2004
Take it was a mere joke. If I offended you im sorry. I was bored. BUt un respect to your whole story you aew doing a great job.
Flying Star too lazy to sign in chapter 17 . 7/31/2004
I'm still here, sorry I haven't e-mailed you in awhile, been busy.

I'm glad you're still sticking with this story, in my opinion, it's still as good as ever, and I mean that. _

I read it straight through every time you update.

Well, well, well, what an interesting twist, so he can regenerate his body? That's definitely different, and by different I mean a really cool

twist. Means he'll be around to bug them more often. Poor Georgia, to find out that which she sortof knew.

And Tails now has glasses, plus the return of some other characters, like Chip and Cruiser, very nice.

As usual, keep on writing, I'm loving this story. _

PS. I'll try to put in a shamless plug for ya, hopefully I can get on the site.
Spawn Of Eighty-Four chapter 17 . 7/30/2004
YOU JERK! GET ME ALL EXCITED FOR NO REASON. I THOUGHT THERE WAS ANEW CHAPTER. I WILL NEVER REVIEW FOR YOU AGAIN; however I will continue to read your stories but from now on I will be freeloading.
Lori chapter 16 . 7/11/2004
Wow ya know what? I absolutely LOVE this particular fanfic. It has all the good stuff in it. Your style is also quite.. well.. just down and dirty awesome! Hopefully the story comes out to finish quick..I've been slowely sitting here and reading (and reading and reading...) and I hope (unlike most authors) that you actually do finish it. This story deserves like a million thumbs up... even caught the attention of a 17 yr old girl (that's me silly) so you're doing something right! Hope you enjoy getting my review, you deservelike a trillion more (yea I'll work on those hehe). Good good job!
C.S. Bernard chapter 16 . 6/9/2004
Hello there Antipode!

Yes, it's me, good ole' aiglon. Sorry for not putting in anymore reviews, but I decided to try and put in a bunch more (and I mean the whole dozen or so!) before I went ahead and gave a review again. Otherwise... I would of felt silly reviewing really old chapters. But, now I'm all caught up! And... I've got some real comments.

Let's see, I'm honored/flattered of your use of my guide for a basis on a number of chapters. I appreciate making use of the Robotnik to Eggman theory. Let's not forget the roboticizers, artifact searches, and the use of badniks either.

All in all a very good story. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Tails met Robotnik, Sonic payed Nack a visit (I trust he'll be back for the Triple Trouble adaptation), and how Amy first met Sonic (very realistic :), though brief).

And, while I'm on characters: (not to sound like a know-it-all) but, you know that Ixis Naugus is a Mobian too, right? Also, I just want you to know that fan-characters aren't always my favorite... so be complimented when I say that I feel you've made Antipode and Ambre (the only major ones I've noticed) really compelling. By the bye, I hope Cruiser and Chip will be popping in again.

I guess to finish up, I hope that you'll be continuing the story. But, don't rush yourself dear boy, I know exactly what you mean by business intruding on writing. I do temp-jobs at my college. All in all, do keep up the good work!
Silhouette Quintessence chapter 1 . 6/7/2004
Great! . Could I ask a favor please can you read AND review to The World Ain't So Nice. I helped write it and reviews are highly needed.
kittyluvr1112 chapter 16 . 6/5/2004
'Tis me again! Love the story still! But, if you EVER suggest Sonic liking Amy, I'll...I'll..ARG! SONIC HATES AMY YOU HEAR ME?

Sorry...I hate the whole SonicAmy pairing. I HATE it. SOnicSally is so much better!

Anyway, I liked this chapter, it was one of the best. Sometimes you write in a "flowery" sort of way, a way that I like. Lots of feelings are shown, and tons of details. It makes it more enjoyable. Then again, sometimes, like last chapter, you write kind of bluntly. Less detail, and not a very good read. Personally, i think you are an amazing writer. Slow down and take time to write the details, its coming along WONDERFULLY!
Ambre Wisniewski chapter 16 . 5/31/2004
Great job, Antipode. Very enjoyable chapter, epecially liked the use of the seven chaos emeralds, and Sonic's confusion over their power.

And i got to greet the great Sonic, heh. I don't mind that it took you a month, you got it done, that's what counts.

I await future chapters. _
Shade-chan chapter 16 . 5/31/2004
*girly squeal of happiness*

yay! updated! I liked this it's kind of like a cross over between that fleetwood super sonic and the game... It's totally awesome.
kittyluvr1112 chapter 1 . 5/5/2004
Okay, I've been a 'hardcore' fan of yours since you started the story (have no idea when, considering I cant remember what I ate for breakfast X_x)I've just been too lazy to actually write a review 'till now. You really are an AWESOME author! Your stories are so suspenseful, and keep me on the edge of my seat! I love Sonic/Sally romance too, so please throw more of that in when you can You make Tails so sweet! *hugglez Tails doll* Anyway, back to the point. You are a truely amazing writer (and not that bad of an artist either! *looks at Deviantart account*) and I really look forward to more amazing work from you. Just one thing, PLEASE writ faster! I was waiting TWO WHOLE MONTHS! (for a sadly small chapter :( )
Dr. Hannah chapter 1 . 4/29/2004
doot doot doot.. happy b-day, tails! XD..
wow.. archie FF... a good one.. .. that.. isn't pokeing fun of its plot holes! o0.. only seen 2 of those so far.. congrats!
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