Reviews for How to charm a dragon
theOneWhoReview chapter 2 . 12/26/2016
This was a good book, but there was a little too much going on, which took away from the plot. Overall, great job, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Bye for now, theOneWhoReview
martycat67 chapter 2 . 12/21/2016
loved it it was amasing
Sophie chapter 2 . 11/21/2016
I'm sorry. This is a really great story, and an amazing plot, but...
Pansy isn't freaking blond.
She's a brunette.
I'm not sure why, but that really irritates me. Otherwise, this story is amazing and I wouldn't change anything else.
Huggirl chapter 2 . 9/2/2016
This was so beautiful! I loved it! This is literally an AU and oh Merlin this is amazing! 'All the lifetimes' is2g this is wonderful
Guest chapter 2 . 8/3/2016
Okay i hope you won't be too offended or angry but I am gonna use some of your ideas in one of the book series that I am planning don't kill me (v)'
babyvfan chapter 1 . 11/23/2015
No offense but, as good as the story was, it would be better off if you broke it into separate chapters instead of packing it into one. For me, there were times when it was hard to follow along with it
kase519 chapter 2 . 10/6/2014
Good story
kase519 chapter 1 . 10/6/2014
Well what's going on now?
hana chapter 2 . 2/16/2014
love the story, thought it canna confusing a bit. love good draco. but where luna. drake character sound like luna minus the loony bit. silly sirius need a good whack for giving sev a chicken pox while he preg. could damage the baby. not to mention serious complication due sev age and antibody. good thing magic can cure many things huh.
Heksy chapter 2 . 12/2/2013
I admit to never having read a story like this one. Although not familiar with the style of writing, the entire saga had me captivated. Very original, engaging and well-balanced. Thank you for sharing.
charm13insomnia chapter 2 . 9/2/2013
nice fic
Malfoyness chapter 2 . 7/7/2013
The story is good, if a little fast-paced. I liked it, and I do hope you will continue writing HP fanfic.
katelaina1717 chapter 2 . 7/5/2013
It certainly kept my attention, however I felt more attention being put on Draco and the others than Harry which I felt more could be written about. But still well written story none the less, hope to read more of your work soon.
DeepAndSoulful chapter 2 . 4/8/2013
I love the plot but I was confused by you putting all the chapters together but it didn't distract from the story too much so kudos to you
Bicky Monster chapter 2 . 1/15/2013
I very much enjoyed reading this. You have an interesting plot that unravels at a good pace and a good writing style that flows well and is easy to read and follow. I do agree slightly about the cheesy ending, but it some how fits too. There are (like you said) rather a lot of open ended plot points left, but I don't think that matters and if you stretched it out to try and 'deal' with them it would feel like too much, though perhaps some one shots would work.
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