Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: The Wrath of Pharaohmon
A Handful of Words chapter 6 . 11/20/2007
Must keep reading...but have to sleep as well...ARGH! Conflicting emotions! And i have to go away for have no fear! I shall return on Saturday! WHE!
A Handful of Words chapter 4 . 11/20/2007
XD Finally! Someone has the Inner Senshi as Eternal! Their manga costumes were the coolest! Go, Sailor Mars, go!

*Izumi glares*

; Your cool too...

Once again...AWESOME FIC! It's no wonder you have 500 reveiws!
A Handful of Words chapter 3 . 11/20/2007
I've always wondered why people have to keep secret identities. I mean, why dosen't Takuya tell Rei or the other Senshi his name?

Any why is it SO hard to belive that Takato runs around with a Digimon partner and battle evil viruses while Yugi/Yami and friends battle with ancient magics from 10,0 yrs ago?

Digimon Frontier gang: It's just so hard to belive!

Me:...You guys change into digimon *points to Senshi*

It's basically what they do, except they change outfits and gain magical powers corrispoding with thier planet.


Actually, i can understand why you all don't trust each other, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend, remember?

All: no...not really...

You're all hopeless...*continues to read story*
A Handful of Words chapter 2 . 11/20/2007
Yet again, great story you have! (i have quite a read ahead of me) great way you have the all the character interact with each other!

I just know there's going to be a final battle scene where everyone 'henshins' or powers up and it will be the greatest thing EVER!

Still wish the Starlights could be in this though..
A Handful of Words chapter 1 . 11/20/2007
This is by far the most well written crossover series i have ever laid eyes upon! Where did you get such dedication to write something of such magnitude?

T-T I wanted the Starlights to make an apperance as characters...they're my all time favorite Senshi! But oh well, one can only dream!

If you do happen to make a sequal, have the Starlights in it! (Or if you have a sequal, do a sequal to THAT then have the Starlights in it!) ...Sorry to bug you, but i love the Starlights!
Titan Thanos chapter 44 . 9/25/2006
Just read through your whole story. Whew and what a long story! Two years of hard work. Great job. Sure lived up to its hype. Now to answer your survey.

Top Male Characters: Takato, Yusuke, Takuya, Hiei, Himura, Kurama and Yami.

Top Female Characters: Cammy, Rika, Rei, Kotori, Athenamon, Jaarin and Hotaru. Honorable mention to Mizuno.

Top Digimon Characters: Omegamon, Gallantmon, Agunimon, Imperialdramon, Athenamon, Inumon and Terriermon.

Top Male/Female Villains: Pharaohmon, Belial Myotismon, Demon, Basilikmon, Nemesis, Piedmon and Machinedramon

Top Humor Moments: Drunk Minako (She PWNS all), Hiei being blackmailed by Mizuno, Witchmon's mishaps, Stars Wars parody, Inumon's antics, Jaarin's date.

Top Sad/Angsty Moment: The death of Anubimon, Himura's duel, Flashback with Kotori and Himura, Felinismon's suicide (this was unexpected).

Top Battles: Everyone against Pharaohmon, Inumon vs Basilikmon, the Senshi vs Belial Myotismon, Athenamon vs Omegamon, Shadow Omegamon vs Wardevidramon.

Top Shocking/Twists: Gallantmon Shining Mode, Pharaohmon's tournament victory, Pharaohmon's brain, Kisara, Rei's relation to Cammy, Senshi losing their powers, Granasmon and Valmarmon story. Anubimon and Pharaohmon as former friends.

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Rei's nightmare, the other Senshi's nightmares, Pharaohmon showing his true form, feral Youkai Inumon, Nemesis torturing Himura, Nemesis' debut.

Top Duels: Himura vs Nemesis, Lance vs Kaiba, Ryo vs Rika, Yugi vs Himura, Joey vs Kazu.

Favorite Couples: Rika/ Takato, Himura/Kotori, Himura/Jeri, Omegamon/Athenamon, Mai/Joey, Renamon/Inumon and Ami/Vega. Honorable mention to hints of Hiei/Rei in Chapter 43(I think I might like this couple!)

Final thoughts on the series: Two words... KICK ASS! It was a pleasure to read this and I will look at your sequel. No doubt it will be better than this. But you always seem to write great works. Looking forward to it!

Thanos of Titan
AnthonyR chapter 1 . 6/12/2006
THIS is "short and brief", almost makes me afraid to go to the next chapter.
Gallantmon of the Hazard chapter 44 . 2/22/2006
Hey, the name is Gallantmon of the Hazard and I've read your story, here, and I really liked it alot! I will start to read your second story as soon as possible, but I really this story!

Anyway, I wanted to ask if I could use a version of your villain, Pharaohmon, and other original Digimon characters that you used in this story for stories that I do on Mediaminer. Because your story has given me dozen of new story ideas along with 'improvements' to my other stories! Don't worry, like I do with other authors, I will give you credit since it was your story and your idea, but my stories will be WAY different than yours. On my honor as a fanfiction writer!

If you need know my e-mail, you can research my penname of Gallantmon of the Hazard because I can't type in this review without it getting 'cut off'.

Thank you for inspiration and I hope that you are successful in all of your fanfiction and 'other writings'!

Later and best wishes!
kid chapter 44 . 10/17/2005
Top Male Characters: Takato, Takuya

Top Female Characters: Jeri, Rika, Minako(Though i dont recall her being this idiotic before)

Top Digimon Characters: Cant decide.

Top Male/Female Villains: Pharaohmon, Nemesis, Piedmon

Top Humor Moments: Witchmon's magic, Minako and Inumon's antics.

Top Sad Moments: Anubimon's death, Flashback about Kotori.(I'd cry if I could)

Top Overall Favorite Moments: The battles and duels.

Top Battles: Inumon v. Basalikmon, Duskmon v. Lowemon, and of course the final battle.

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Pharaohmon's revelation, Psycho-Youkai Inumon, Jeri slapped Kaiba, Mars had a sister?

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Pharaohmon's ungodly strength. Nuff said.

Top Duels: Jeri/Kaiba, Joey/Kazu, Yugi/all the opponents he faced.

Favorite Couplings: Himura/Jeri, and that's about as far as I'd gotten.

Final Thoughts on the series: *Mr Burns' voice* Excellent.
queenofgames90 chapter 43 . 9/19/2005
OMG! This is the BEST story I've ever read! I was gonna post the review on the last chapter, but the page didn't come up all the way, but whatever. I'm gonna give you my favorite moments later, but if you're writing a sequel, maybe I can interest you in a character. He is a tamer and I'll give him all of his Digimon's forms. Here I go!

Tamer Name: Rukiro Tsudasa


Weight: 135 lbs.

Age: 14

Hair color/Style: Long, dark brown, and spiky

Eyes: Blue

D-Ark color:Silver and Dark Blue

Outfit: A long sleeved yellow hooded shirt with navy sleeves and blue jeans. He also wears red sneakers and has a brown leather wristband around his right wrist.

Personality: He is a really tough person and loves to pick a fight with pretty much anybody he considers a threat, but he sometimes has his soft moments. He easily falls in love, despite his rough disposition.

Digimon: DemiYukidramon-Yukidramon-MetalYukidramon-PalaYukidramon (Okay, not really inventive, but whateva!)

Okay, here is DemiYukidramon and his evolutions.


Ice Dragon Digimon

Level: Rookie

Data Type: Data

Attacks: Demi Ice Wing (His wing becomes crystallized and he strikes the enemy), Freezing Smoke(Light blue smoke is blown from his mouth, chilling the enemy.

Looks: A small, light blue, bipedal dragon who stands about three feet tall. He has a pair of dark blue wings and the claws on his hands and feet are a cold silver. His eyes are bluish gray and has a pair of small horns protruding from the top of both sides of his head. He also has a short tail and has a few dark blue stripes on each side of his body.

Name Origin: Demi meaning small, Yuki being the Japanese word for snow, and dra from dragon.


Ice Dragon Digimon


Data type: Data

Attacks: Crystal Rain ( His wings become crystal in midair and he beats them, causing some icicles to rain from the sky.) Tundra Breath (He launches a light blue ice beam at the enemy, freezing him instantly.)

Looks: He is a huge, normal dragon with light blue scaly skin with dark blue distinctions. He still has the silver claws and his wings are dark blue on the inside and light blue in the inside. His eyea are now a deep blue. His horns and teeth are now similar to Timaeus's from Yu-Gi-Oh! (You know what they look like. Kinda like fins.)

Name origin: Yuki meaning snow, and dra for dragon.


Metal Ice Dragon Digimon


Data type: Data

Attacks: Launching Claw ( He launches the metal claw on his right arm forcefully.) Giga Freeze (MetalYukidramon launches a pair of freeze missiles from the cannons on his shoulders.)

Looks: Hemaintains his light blue hue and goes bipedal again, kinda looking like MetalGreymon. His head remanis the same, but there is a metal helmet covering the top part of the head. His eyes are still dark blue. His right arm transforms into a metal armored one with huge claws. There is also silver and blue armor covering his chest and shoulders, with a pair of cannons on them. His tail and wings are metallic and dark blue.

Name Origin: Metal, and everything else you already know.


Knight Dragon Digimon

Level: Mega (Biomerged)

Data type: Data

Attacks: Subzero Saber (He brings his saber down on an enemy, emitting a frozen aura, chilling the enemy.) Ice Dragon Fist (His fist becomes surrounded in a freezing aura and launches a dragon shaped energy force at the enemy.) Freezing Justice (PalaYukidramon slashes his sword multiple times, sending ice blue energy waves soaring to his opponent, obliterating it instantly.)

Looks: The dragon is now a humanoid creature with a light blue dragon helmet with blue eyes. A blue cloth covers the nose and mouth. His body is bulky and humanlike. His body is blue with dark blue boots. His hands are blue and wears dark blue fingerless gloves and silver and blue gauntlets. Silver armor also covers his chest with a blue dragon insignia on the front and ankles with dark blue dragon heads as shoulder armor. Finishing him is a light blue cape on his back and a huge, silver broadsword in his hand.

Name Origin: Pala from paladin and the rest is self explanatory.

Overall Personality: DemiYukidramon kind of acts crazy sometimes, but as he digivolves, he seems to develop more "maturity", if you will.

Well, that took a while. I hope this guy'll be a main character in your story. 'Til then, see you around!
pokeseeker chapter 44 . 9/19/2005
What a great ending to a great Crossover! I have an idea of what new characters are going to be in the sequel: Lance Canebrook, Rebecca Hawkins, Professor Hawkins, and Sailor Moon? Those are just guesses. I liked the part where the stack of papers fell no…. collapsed on Anubimon. I guess that the main plot of the story is the finding of the seven pieces of Valmarmon and reviving him. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Fellow Fanfic reviewer,


Ps I'll do the survey later.
Digi fan chapter 44 . 9/19/2005
Sorry for the late review. Wow almost 2 years and finnaly done.
HevnoAngered chapter 44 . 9/18/2005
Top Male Characters: Takuya. Hiei. Omegamon.

Top Female Characters: Athenamon. Sakuyamon. Rei.

Top Digimon Characters: Omegamon. Susanoomon. Pharaohmon.

Top Male/Female Villains: BelialMyotismon. Basiliskmon. Pharaohmon.

Top Sad Angsty Moments: Nemesis facing Himura. Himura realizing he had no control over Deranged Inumon. Everyone's reaction to the audience dying from Pharaohmon's aura. Rei's dream.

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Susanoomon appearing. Imperialdramon taking out BelialMyotismon. Athenamon telling Omegamon that she could've trained Izumi better.

Omegamon taking Athenamon down. Sailor Mar's final attack.

Top Battles: Susanoomon vs. Pharaohmon. Yusuke vs. Demon. Yugi vs. Brimstone (nice name btw)

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Felinismon giving up and preparing to die. Nemesis. Rika defeating Ryo.

Top Duels: Himura/Yugi. Himura/Nemesis. Takato/Yugi. Yugi/Lance.

Final Thoughts: Sequel? Good idea. Ya know how in between the two Yusuke goes through the dark tournament? The frontier crew could go through something as well. Oh! Nice idea throuhg and through. Beginning to end. I'm just happy noone got the shaft. Good job.
digi harpy chapter 44 . 9/17/2005
Top Male Characters: Takato

Top Female Characters: Athenamon

Top Digimon Characters: All digimon really

Top Male/Female Villains: THe dumb sumb gang, SkullStamon and Marine Devimon

Top Humor Moments: all of chaper 35

Top Sad/Angsty Moments: THe death of Anubimon

Top Overall Favorite Moments: THe last wo chapters

Top Battles: THe ending battle of Pharaohmon

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Yui joining Pharaohmon

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Himura vs nemesis or what ever that witch's name was

Top Duels: Himura vs Nemesis

Favorite Couplings: Omegamon and Athenamon (oddly it reminds me of my cousin Athena's relationship)

Final Thoughts on the series: It was the best series you've writen from start to finish.
Power-Of-Light chapter 44 . 9/16/2005
Top Male Characters: Takuya, Takato, Himura, Kouji, Yugi, Joey and Kaiba

Top Female Characters: Rika, Jeri, Jaarin, Athenamon, Cammy, Izumi and Yui

Top Digimon Characters: Omegamon, Gallantmon, Imperialdramon, Susunoomon, Sakyuamon Priestess Mode, Anubimon and Inumon

Top Male/Female Villains: Pharaohmon, Nemesis, Evil Lance, Demon, Wardevidramon and Scorpuis

Top Humor Moments: Jaarin sending Marine Devimon flying with a guitar, Mizuno being drunk.

Top Sad/Angsty Moments: Anubimon dying, Himura duelling his own sister.

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Pharaohmon getting his bum kicked by everyone in the final battle, Gallantmon Shining Mode, Myotiosmon's return in his 3rd Mega form

Top Battles: Gallantmon Vs Sakyuamon, Inumon Vs. Pharaohmon.

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Anubimon and Pharaohmon's friendship, Granasmon and Valmarmon mentioning, Pharaohmon winning the Shadow Tournment and Gallantmon's 3rd Mega form (Shining Mode)

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Pharaohmon going 100%, Pharaohmon winning the Tournment, Nemesis's Duel with Himura.

Top Duels: Takato Vs Yugi, Himura Vs. Yugi, Takato Vs. Rika, Kaiba Vs. Lance and Joey Vs. Mai

Favorite Couplings: Takato/Rika, Himura/Jeri, Joey/Mai, Yugi/Tea.

Final Thoughts on the series: Fantastic with all of the chapters and every character, A 44/44 for teh chapters as well, now to wait for the sequal to this story, I hope to see it coming and love it as much as this story and Youkai Youko, thanks for working with SSJ4Takeru to do this story, credit goes to everyone in the story!
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