Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: The Wrath of Pharaohmon
fett chapter 44 . 9/15/2005
This was a nice conclusion to this story.
Magician of Black Chaos chapter 44 . 9/15/2005
Great overall resolution, to the story that got me in to your writing. I can't wait for the sequel, as well as the Dimitri fic.

Top Male Characters: Takato, Yugi, Yusuke, Seto Kaiba, Takuya, Kuruma, Omnimon. Honorable mention goes to Himura, in honor of his creator, Youkai Youko. RIP.

Top Female Characters: Rika, Rei, Athenamon, Mizuno, Ami, Felinismon, Izumi.

Top Digimon Characters: Omegamon, Athenamon, Felinismon, Anubismon, Susanoomon, Gallantmon (any form), and Pharoahmon.

Top Villains: Pharoahmon, Belial Myotismon, Basiliskmon, Brimestone, Yami Bakura, Machinedramon, and Marine Devimon (was I the only one actually feeling sorry for him by the story's end?)

Top Humor Moments: Witchmon's sorcery, the Star Wars sequence, Minako's drunk antics, Mizuno blackmailing Hiei, and Skullsatamon's "fights."

Top Sad Moments: Anubismon's death, Himura learning about Yui's corruption, when Susanoomon seemed to die, Himura being comatose after his duel with Nemesis, and Marine Devimon getting rejected time and again.

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Pharoahmon getting beaten up by everyone at the end, Pharoahmon declaring the Shadow Tournament, Anubimon's death, Shadow Omegamon appearing, and the Star Wars sequence.

Top Battles: ANY of Pharoahmon's fights! Honorable mention to Shadow Omegamon v. Wardevidramon, Omegamon v. Athenamon, and Hiei's crushing Horusmon.

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Pharoahmon actually winning the Shadow Tournament, Gallantmon Shining Mode, Rei going Eternal (I always thought the rest of the Senshi should have Eternal forms), Valmarmon abandoning Pharoahmon, and Felinismon going good.

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Pharoahmon's triumph, his announcement of the Shadow Tournament, Rei's nightmare, Nemesis in action, and the other Senshi nightmares.

Top Duels: This is a tough one, as I thought all of the duels were a little wooden. Himura v. Nemesis would have to be first, followed by Ryo v. Rika and Kaiba v. Lance.

Favorite Couplings: Takato/Rika, Omegamon/Athenamon, Himura/Jeri, Mizuno/Hiei, Beelzebulmon/Lillymon, and Seadramon/Witchmon.

Final Thoughts: Sad to see it finally end, but looking forward to new stories!
Jeffrey chapter 44 . 9/14/2005
Cool. The final Chapter to this great story. Gotta tell you that was cool. Okay here are my picks

Top Male Charcters: Yugi,Takoto,and Takuya

Top Female Charcters:Sailor Mars,Rika, and Cammy the digital pristess

Top battles;The sailor Senshi vs Belialmyotismon, Gallontmon shining mode battle, and Renamon vs Kurahamon

Humor Moments: Minako being drunk and running around butt-naked

Shocking/Unexpected: Having Minako, Makoto and Rei getting ninja forms and all the senshi going eternal

Top Duels: Henrey vs Mai, Takato vs Himura, Yugi vs Lance

Favorite Coupling: Ami/Vega, Himura/Jeri, and Omegamon and Athenamon

I'm so pumped up for the sequel, it's going to be sweet. Later dude.
Yamimaru chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
You do realize that Lazerwulf's suggestion for the tradition is acctually a combination of elements of Amazon marriage traditions from the shows Ranma 1/2 and Saint Seiya, right?
LazerWulf chapter 44 . 9/13/2005

I'll do a top 3 because I'm in a hurry

Top Male Characters: Takato; Himura; Joey

Top Female Characters: Rika; Izumi; Yui

Top Digimon Characters: Shadow Omegamon; Athenamon; Inumon

Top Male/Female Villains: Scorpionus; Belial Myotismon; Piedmon

Top Humor Moments: Jaarin and Marine Devimon's date; Bokomon and Neemon; Hiei and Mizuno's kiss; Star Wars Dream

Top Sad/Angsty Moments: Death of Anubimon; Birth of Pharaohmon's Body/Loss of Senshi Powers; Nemesis

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Birth of Shadow Omegamon;

Top Battles: Senshi/Belial Myotismon; Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon/Piedmon and Marine Devimon; Yusuke/Pharaohmon

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Gallantmon Shining Mode; Ninja Senshi; Pharaohmon and Anubimon being friends

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Birth of Nemesis; Psycho-Youkai Inumon; Pharoahmon 100%

Top Duels: Himura/Nemesis; Rika/Ryo; Rika/Takato

Favorite Couplings: Himura/Jeri; Vega/Ami; Omegamon/Athenamon; Inumon/Renamon

Final Thoughts on the series: WOOT-WOOT!

Okay, so some have 4, but whatever.


Crimson G chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
Top Male Characters: Himura, Takato, Takuya, Yami Yugi, Kazu

Top Female Characters: Rika, Izumi, Yui, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter

Top Digimon Characters: Gallantmon(all his forms even shining mode) Susanoomon, Omegamon, Imperaildramon, and Anuubimon, Althenamon, Felinismon, Renamon

Top Male/Female Villains: Demon, Piedmon, SkullSatamon,

Top Humor Moments: Mina's crazy outburst,

Top Sad/Angsty Moments: Yui struggle against Nemesis,

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Mars reunited with Cammy.

Top Battles: All of them

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists: Pharoahmon and Annubimon were FRIENDS!

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Mars dream,

Top Duels: Yugi/Bakura. Takato/Yugi. Seto/Lance

Favorite Couplings: Rukato, Himura/Jeri, Takumi, Omegamon and Althenamon.

Final Thoughts on the series:

BOOYA! A great ending to a great series. I loved every minute of it. Too think it was two years ago when you started this. I awaiting the next series. It sounds exciting and also D-Fusion movies. Keep it real Kanius, keep it real.
Silver Warrior chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
excellent work! I am so ticked at Rei and Cammy's father (he's far, far lower than any villain any of the hroes ever faced in my opinion). Omegamon and Athenamon's wedding was cool. I so can't wait for the sequel. All in all, this was a great story.
Silver Warrior chapter 43 . 9/13/2005
whee! Gallantmon Shining Mode was awesome. I so can’t wait to see the wedding of Omegamon and Athenamon. That is gonna be so awesome.
Silver Warrior chapter 42 . 9/13/2005
wowee. I knew you would use the Unified Spirit Evolution. I am disappointed that Gallantmon Crimson Mode couldn’t put up more of a fight.
Belletiger chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
Awesome chapter. I loved Omegamon/Athenamon wedding scene. It was so cute _

And I loved Anubimon's return; It was real cool

Now we will wait to see for the episode 2 of the sequel _

Anyway, lets go to the Top 7

Top Male Characters


2-takato and Himura


4-Joey & Kaiba

5-Kouichi & Kouji



Top Female Characters

1- Rika

2-Athenamon & Cammy

3-Kotori & Rei





Top Digimon Characters:


2-Youkai Inumo & Sakuyamon



5-Loweemon e Wolfmon



Top Male/Female Villains:


2-Belial Vandemon


4-Yami Bakura




Top Humor Moments

1-Minako drunk

2-the star war parody

3- Jaarin's date

4-Wicthmon turning Inumon into a human

5-Hiei's first kiss/ Mizuno black emailing Hiei

6-Labramon being hugged by the sailors

7-Puu showing up

Top Sad/Angsty Moments

1-Anubimon's death

2-Himura's flashback of Kotori's death

3-Yui turning Nemesis

4-Himura's duel

5-Terriermon and Tomiki turning into stone

6- Felinismon suicide

7-Takato's nightmare

Top Battles:

1-everybody vs Pharaohmon ( on the chap 43)

2-Loweemon vs Duskmon I

3-Magnagarurumon vs Piedmon

4-Inumon vs Basilikmon II

5-Yusuke vs Demon

6- Blue eyes white dragon vs Babimon

7-Yoko Kurama vs Brimstone at the digital world

Top Shocking/Unexpected Twists

1-Pharaohmon's living brain

2- Anubimon and Pharaohmon being friends

3-Granasmon and Valmarmon


5- the senshi loosing their power

6-Kotori's spirit showing up

7- Rei having a sister

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments:

1- The senshi nightmares

2-Inumon's dark nature

3-Pharaohmon showing his 100% of his power

4-Anubimon's death

5-Kotori's death

6-Nemesis shadow game


Top Duels:

1-Himura vs Nemesis,

2- Himura vs Yugi,

3- Ryo vs Rika,

4-Joey vs Kazu,

5-Duke vs Takato,

5-Kaiba vs Jeri

7- Kaiba vs Lance

Favorite Couplings

1- Rika/Takato






7-Nemesis/Pharaohmon ( I admit that was an interesting couple ; )

Final Thoughts on the series

The series was wonderful. One of the best crossover I ever read . I bet it would make an wonderful Anime series. The villans and the drama were wondeful. I can feel the episode 2 will be as good as the episode 1 _

Awesome work on the series. :clap:
Aoi Dragon chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
That was so cool. I like how you included all of the characters in your ending. The pairings are great too.

Two years until Digimon Season 5... I think... It basically goes back to 01/02 Adventures, but it's their children. At least I think there's a season 5. If not, then it's just a rumor.

As to the survey... I HAVE NO CLUE! WAY too hard to chose just one for each. Although I have favorites in each series... Seto, Kouji, Yusuke, Ryo for the guys; Mizuno (COOL OC!), Ruki (Rika) for the girls. The others I just don't know.

Atemu is awesome. And he'll have his memories back... And Seto will know who that blue haired woman is. YEA KISARA!

Until your sequel!

Ja mata ne!
Anthony1 chapter 44 . 9/13/2005
Man, I can hardly believe it. This story has actually come to an end and I couldn't think of a better way to wrap the story up. The way you concluded each of the characters that were in this story was a great touch and I must admit that I never though this story would turn out like it did.
Zeroslasher chapter 43 . 9/12/2005
Wow, great end to your story. I really thoght for a moment that MArs would be taken over by Pharohmon and u would make her ,err dream before, a reality.(IIRC, in ur earlier chapter, u said that Mars would be her enemy?)

Anywya, i have 2 mre questions.

1) who's the hooded/cloaked guy who predicted Pharohmon's demise?

2) Pharohmon cried that Valmaramon was taking away his power so i assumed the sequel would have him. but ur sequel looks to be something else?

anyway, i would like to congratulate u on a greatly written story, I think that if i were to put u on the top 10 list of FFnet readers, few would disagree..D
Jeffrey chapter 43 . 9/11/2005
Whoo that was so wicked. Words can't express how i feel. All the charcters fighting Pharaohmon, Gallontmon and the pristess fusion together, Hiei saving Sailor Mars and how she delivered the final blow to the evil entity. That was cool. And I'm exicted about the wedding of the digital century. And everyone going back to a normal life and Minako starting her idol career totally cool. And Ami and Vega starting a relationship. Maybe The sailor scouts should have love intrests with some of the charecters. Just a thought. I'll be waiting for the epilouge. Rock on and doing very good the the story.
fett chapter 43 . 9/10/2005
It's great to see Pharoahmon finally get what he deserves. I can't wait to see the wedding in the next chapter.
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