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AnimeGirl26 chapter 21 . 5/15/2011
I'll tell you this. I just LOVE romantic scenes, It maks me feels I'm with my fiancee. I miss him because he's in the navy, But i do believe he's with me 24/7.
AnimeGirl26 chapter 17 . 5/15/2011
If you want, I can tell you, Inuyasha's mother's name. Her name is Izayoi. Just so to let you know.
Daphneshaggydoo chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
I must say, that this is one of my top ten favorite Inuyasha Fanfictions, when I first got into reading fanfics, I had discovered this one and just couldn't stop reading. I have actually read through it at least five times. Definately a story I will be reading again in the future!
Ani-kun chapter 2 . 7/2/2010 say that it will last about 20 chapters...-looks at chapter jump menu thing- Aren't you off by about 46? lol
littletreemonkey11 chapter 62 . 12/31/2009
this is just anonymous, but tht is my real screen name for FFnet. jus wanted to say now i know what the tittles of the chapters mean, and the title of the story.
Trakrat chapter 66 . 5/30/2009
wow... i love this story! i just found it a few days ago, and between school, i've finally finished it! it was amazing... i loved the whole thing. lol... i love INUFAN123-4... he has ISSUES! lol... im gonna check out his profile and knock a few of his stories! congratulations, and I hope you have a nice life after college. :-D *huggs*
Trakrat chapter 25 . 5/26/2009
im reading it all the way through, i just found it. I love it so far! i'll read the rest tomorrow or another day. It's taken me about 45 minutes to get this far... love it!
InuyashaLoverForever chapter 66 . 4/22/2009
Wow!This story was truthfully the best story I have ever are truly a talented writer.I would have never had the patients you do to complete a story this long.I am very happy it was this long.I wanted to read more and more of it the best Fanfiction I have ever read in my make all of the more profesional(did I spell that right?) writers like R.L Stine,Beverly Cleary Ect. seem like amazing. I am going to put one of my stories on the review I just want to see what you would say to it needs improving or anything you can e-mail your comments to

Here it goes:

The Beginning to Happniess

He watched her 's ebony hair had dirt and blood her white blouse had blood on her stomach,too much blood,and her green skirt had drops of blood,her brown eyes were open but they were fading into dullness."Inuyasha Im sorry"Kagome said weakly as she fell to the floor smiling."Kagome!"Inuyasha ran to her remembering what happend to cause this problem.


"Naruku!"Inuyasha growled his white hair flowing in the night's cold fangs showing,amber eyes full of determine."Inuyasha the shards are in Naruku's back!"Kagome yelled running over to her companion."Ok Kagome this time I need you in this fight you have power to kill him."Inuyasha looked back at the miko and she nodded her ,Sango and Shippo was told to go hide."Inuyasha I will kill you infront of your lover"Naruku laughed as he sent poisonous shards at him."Inuyasha!"Kagome shards pierced Inuyasha and he fell to the solid ground,growling."Inuyasha are you ok?"Kagome put her arm around his shoulder."Im-Im ok"Inuyasha stood up still weak with poison."Inuyasha what happens if I send out more shards will your body handle it?"Naruku laughed and the shards came again."No Inuyasha!"Kagome ran and put up a barrier around Inuyasha."Huh?"Inuyasha was surprised to see Kagome do this for barrier weaked and Inuyasha smelled Kagome's looked at Inuyasha,eyes surprised as she fell on her knees and blood came out of her mouth."K-Kagome!"Inuyasha yelled running to her."Naruku you-you bastard,you were going to kill him."Kagome stammered as she pulled herself from the last of her strength she grabbed the bow,shot it and killed rose to pull him to hell."Im sorry"Kagome said weakly as she fell to the floor,smiling.

~*~End of flashback~*~

"Kagome!"Inuyasha yelled the miko in his opened her eyes and smiled at everyone around her."Im sorry"she weakly reapeated."Kagome please please don't leave me!"Inuyasha yelled holding her tighter."Inuyasha I wished I would had said this before I die."Kagome smiled weakly as her brown eyes faintly shined but you could still see the love and wonder in her eyes."Kagome you are not going to die!Don't say that!"Inuyasha yelled."I know im going to die Inuyasha,you know it too I love you."Kagome hand carresed his cheek leaving a trail of blood."Take care of Shippo please."Kagome's eyes slowly turned dull and she closed held her close again yelling wake wanted to believe any second now she would open her she didn't and Inuyasha started crying."Kagome please Kagome!"Inuyasha looked at Sango,Miroku and Shippo all of them were had flashbacks of all their times couldn't let them all end,there was still someone who can help her."Brother"Inuyasha gently put Kagome on the ground "Protect her,I'll be back in a second."Inuyasha ran of into the cold,unforgiving woods."Sessy!"Inuyasha yelled through the forest."Inuyasha why sha'll you call me by my childhood nickname?"Sesshomaru asked as he came out of the woods."I need help,K-Kagome died trying to save me"Inuyasha looked as his older brother with eyes pleading."Why do you ask someone who tries to kill their own brother?"Sesshomaru asked."Because we weren't always like I was young the villagers made fun of you caring for a still loved me and took care of when you found out that father left my sword in his tomb you were off searching.I never forgot what you said I will always love you and I want you to remember be strong for mother father and I."Inuyasha finshed talking and looked at his older brother in the eye."Will you help me?"Inuyasha asked."Let's go Inu"Sesshomaru came as close as he was to looked at the 7 year old fox was the closest thing Shippo had for a mother,he looked up at Sesshomaru terrified."Im going to save her little one"Sesshomaru grabbed Shippo and put him his younger brother's took out his tensaiga sword of healing and swung it 6 inches away from Kagome's inhaled the pure air and looked up at everyone surprised."Kagome."Inuyasha whispered."Naruku's dead and I should be too"Kagome looked at everyone but didn't notice Sesshomaru."Don't tell me you guys followed me."Kagome said sadly."no Sesshomaru saved you!"Shippo wiped his tears away and jumped in Kagome's lap."It's over."Inuyasha whispered as Sesshomaru went off into the forest."Inuyasha."Kagome looked at him as he walked grabbed the completed jewel,looked at her friends as they all crawled into their waiting sleeping area.~Inuyasha I won't leave you again~Kagome Kagome knew everyone was asleep she walked towards the hanyou and amber eyes looked at the sky in wonder and amazment."It's beautiful isn't it Kagome?"Inuyasha asked but not looking away from the dimonds in the sky."Yes Inuyasha would you be happy if I stayed in Feaudal Japan with you and used the jewel to become hanyou?"Kagome looked up at him that's pretty forward,Kagome swooped down grabbed Kagome and brought her to the tree looked at the eyes that always became diffrent when she saw of love,wonder and Kikyo's eyes never showed."I would be the happiest man alive because Kagome I-I love you."Inuyasha wrapped his arms tighter around her waist and nuzzled her cheek."I love you"He whispered again,smelling her of tree sap and forest like his own smell."Inuyasha I love you too."She smiled,took out the jewel and whispered her wish."I wish that Inuyasha and I anytime we want we can become human,hanyou or ,Sango,Shippo,Inuyasha and I will all die at the same and Sango must die in the hanyou years but sha'll stay human." and the glowing little marble ball rose to the sky glowed like the stars themselves and doggy ears came from Kagome,fangs bared as she smiled,claws cut as she held onto the tree branch,and amber eyes still filled with that love,wonder and night she fells asleep in her love's arms,knowing they will now and always be happy.

Please E-Mail me! To tell me any improvements with my story again my E-mail adress is
ditdot777 chapter 33 . 9/15/2008
i loved your story just wish you would write more i didint read this until 2008 so it was well after it was completed. According to your profile you have not written since 2003 which is a shame because i feel you are a great writer i hope some idiots flames hasnt set you off to writing. please write more i only read the longer stories say 60,oo words or more.
angel61991 chapter 66 . 2/28/2008
i just finished the story & its great. is there a sequil?
Joie chapter 40 . 2/9/2008
I like the way you write but this story is REALLY LAME... everything goes right... nothing is bad! try harder... and i'm sorry i'm being harse... but thats that..
loner chapter 66 . 2/4/2008
i have to say you have made a very good story i wished it never ended
Mister Kirol chapter 66 . 1/14/2008
i love your story

it is wonderfull

it makes me want to read it again
The darklord Hokage chapter 66 . 12/4/2007
I started reading this story in 05 finished it in 06 and this is my first review sorry for the late review but this story was the shit one of the best i have ever read and i'm not trying to be nice i've been a member since '01 and your like my 18th review so you know only the best get reviews(or in two cases the worst but now that i read i see i was just being an ass) keep doing what your doing peace and good luck
Shlane chapter 66 . 9/23/2007
Just finished your story and I liked it a lot. I think it was wel written and was a plot line I haven't come across before. It was also formatted in a style that was easy to read and that is is a rare thing to find in combination with a good story.

The Flame reviews you so kindly put up when they came in were funny, peopel actually write that? akes me glad I haven't had one yet (touch wood)

Great story
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