Reviews for The Basement
adastrad chapter 19 . 2/6/2020
omg Harry's hurt :'( I like how Sirius is caring for him, trying to hide his arm: "I didn't know pus came in that color" AHHH D:

"[Snape] looked down at me with an expression I couldn't figure out, and it was very unnerving" AHH i would give. SO MUCH! to know what was going on in his head!

ahhhh callback to the chamberpot from earlier in the fic! but Sirius doesn't know how he kinda did traumatize Harry with that ffff

"I remembered then, but I had this theory that if I didn't say anything, and no one else did, then maybe the universe would forget and I could just go on like normal." oh... harry :'(((

"Professor Lupin stepped inside. He stared at the floor." This is another moment that stuck with me strongly over the years. :(

I was wondering where Dumbledore had been! I like the explanation and his dialogue as well.

"You have some decisions to make, Harry, and none of them are easy." This line hurts :(((
adastrad chapter 18 . 2/5/2020
"Snape refused to hold anyone's hand, so he ended up going last" lmao

Snape saving Ron! But ahh the image of the demontors grabbing at him! a;kdfja Peter killing the Whomping Willow ahhhHHH Dementors everywhere, Sirius vs. Peter, WEREWOLF IS BACK AHH

The sheer amount of action packed in here is inspiring tbh I'm just -ing this so hard I love it!

"I'd never seen anyone look that afraid before, not even Neville Longbottom" fa;dkjfa the fact that this is applied to Snape is the purest form of irony omg

omg omg omg just. AHHH. Harry vs. Werewolf, Kingsley and McGonagall joining ahhh

omg poor Harry he doesn't even understand what's happening to him, more concerned about Peter

the staying power of the final scene is amazing - years later, I still remember so well Snape's rushed batch of potion, trying to restrain Harry to wash out the curse, Harry thinking it will kill him and refusing so it all fails... just, wonderful writing! and such a brilliant, unexpected twist on this fic! that Harry ends up as a werewolf! I remember being totally shocked and loving every second!
adastrad chapter 17 . 2/5/2020
"I tried to feel hopeful about that, but then again, it's hard to feel hopeful when somebody is slowly strangling right next to you" a;dkjf god just AGAIN, your delivery/comedic timing on some of the scenarios is so brilliant, like i shouldn't laugh! but i can't help it ;akdfj

AHH Sirius struggling in the ropes! D:

"maybe he was, but I don't want to think about his personal life" ;akdf affkg gdi XDD Harry making me laugh in these dire circumstances

"I wondered if Snape would throw up inside the hood." a;dkjfa AGAIN

also the "One thousand points from Gryffindor" ;akdfa I laughed, like, if it was directed at Pettigrew for disrespecting him, but then i was like, no, he's calling for help right?! but still lmao doing it in such a way everyone would just ignore him lol

NOO awww now with Crucio, Harry's experienced all three Unforgivables :'( also omg but, Harry would. He would refuse to tell and keep making stuff up to Peter.

a;dkjf omg this is like. almost too much what's happening, Sirius choking, Harry struggling to get free, the dementors creeping in AHHH

omg Snape better appreciate it that Harry was the one who wanted to free him. He probably won't tho.

"A Death Eater, it sounded like a description for stupid people who eat the toadstools they find in their back yards" ;akdf Harry's observations give me life

adastrad chapter 16 . 2/3/2020
"The time for miming had passed, and the time of shin kicking had arrived" adlkfa XD HARRY!

Also the way Sirius got so sidetracked by Remus and was just staring at him :'(

"I started to think I had picked the worst bed to hide under" ...y-you did, Harry, you did AHHHHHHHh

"Black should never have ideas" fa;kdfj probably not

OMG i didn't think... the potion would completely eat through the stone ;akjf yeah... yeah, Sirius should never have ideas XD


"Black followed as if this were completely normal. I followed as if it wasn't" a;kdjfa your comedic timing this chapter is so on point XDD

YESSS AHH one of my favorite details that I remembered about this fic was Snape effing up and using Harry's voice to call Sirius Sirius when Harry always calls him Black

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH your cliffhangers are so epic always building up right to the action and THEN-!
adastrad chapter 15 . 2/3/2020
"I believed him, but I hated him."

This is still such a unique way of writing their relationship! And it feels like the natural outcome of the events of the story and what's happened between Harry & Sirius too!

"It's not as if he lost his parents and had to live with the Dursleys" a;dkfja gdi even at this juncture, Harry's making me laugh XD And then by the very next sentence, I'm like DX noooo!

It IS unnerving to read Sirius having a sort of breakdown :'(

"and this was reconstituting the spider guts to a disgusting degree" EWWWW

These dementors are gross af i'm AHHHH HARRRYYY thank GOD for Sirius omgggg
adastrad chapter 14 . 2/2/2020
"Hermione pulled me around in front of her, so she could make an unpleasant amount of eye contact" XD hashtag relatable fffakdjf

OMG i didn't connect the dot until they burst into Remus' office that he'd been poisoned ;A;

Harry is being remarkably nonchalant: Maybe I should have taken Arithmancy too" a;ljfda;df XD


omg no. no no no- EWWW Harry is covered in spider guts isn't he AHHHH

"Most of the school would be [at my funeral], as it would probably end up being a major social event" OMG i'm- i feel bad almost, for laughing, but. Harry's not wrong ;akdjfa

I enjoyed this chapter!
adastrad chapter 13 . 2/2/2020
a;lkjdf I'm losing it at Harry's thought processes about why Dumbledore will believe him about Scabbers. "Dumbledore believed I'd fought a basilisk summoned by Tom Riddle on the evidence of a decomposing diary." ;akjdfa Yes, please, go Harry!

OH MY GOD ALDJfa Harry! I love how your Harry has the same trouble with just spewing stuff out sometimes that he does in canon. Saying the bit about grades to Snape a;kjd lmao

"I was worried his skull would explode all over me" ;af THANK YOU for this mental image omg lmao

NOOo ;akdjfa this whole scene with Snape I can't. XDD
adastrad chapter 12 . 2/1/2020
OHHHHH Harry's conflicted feelings on Sirius! His rant at Fred & George and Fred just responding "No" to it ;alkjdfa;d lmao

omgggGGGG Peter was so close, but so far! I loved the mental image of Harry running along a kitchen counter while the house elves are horrified XD
adastrad chapter 11 . 2/1/2020
Props to Kingsley for giving Harry Sirius' Ministry file and actually trying to tell him stuff. Harry immediately trying to read it in class tho akdjfa lmao HARRY NO
Loved Remus dropping it, the photo flying loose lol

"I guess he was gathering his thoughts. He must have had an entire dumpster full of thoughts, because it took about five minutes for him to finally ask" - a;dlkfjad LMAO HARRY

Harry reads the will and hyperfocuses in on the godfather part ;alkdjfa and Ron on the motorcycle XD brilliant!
adastrad chapter 10 . 2/1/2020
AWW Remus looking at the trophies too, but lol: "he'd left a forehead print on the glass right above it"

The scene where Harry can't help checking on the door in the potions classroom to make sure it's still there and gets in trouble for it, is, somehow, the scene that ended up being the most memorable in the fic for me that has stuck with me for all the years since I first read this ;_; it just speaks to how much the kidnapping did effect him and how it's all lingering ;_; poor Harry...

ALSO OMG! ;akdjfa Hagrid fighting Sirius! THE DEMENTOR! ;kadjf Harry has no idea how he's coming off to other people and the irony of that is A
adastrad chapter 9 . 1/30/2020
"Madam Pomfrey told [Snape] I couldn't receive detention until I was official attending classes" ;akdfj lol Snape must've been so disappointed

How nonchalantly Harry just is like, "I nearly forgot I had been kidnapped" is heartbreaking ;A;

"somebody's life flashed before my eyes. I don't know that it was mine exactly. A lot of it seemed to be from a biography of Winston Churchill I had to watch in fourth grade" a;dlkfjad;fk I'm cracking up

But things are heating up and I'm curious to know what's up with Peter, Sirius creeping around, and everything!
adastrad chapter 8 . 1/30/2020
NOOO things just going wrong for Harry, getting locked up and the remnants of the Imperius... ;A;

"I didn't know the cat" a;kdjfa;d lmao

I never would've expected the role Crookshanks played in this chapter but them all getting walked in on looking at his vomit was ;alkdjfadf fff lmao
adastrad chapter 7 . 1/30/2020
AHH Harry's panic at thinking the dementors are still after him, but it's just Remes! :'((( ! and being unsettled by getting locked in the hospital wing too, just how his abduction is taking a toll on him!

I love hearing Harry's descriptions of people honestly, the intro he gives Snape is XDD


Also he's too sweet, not wanting to lie about Harry slicing him up, but his dumb response...
adastrad chapter 6 . 1/29/2020
Harry is so sweet and relatable, he's just 13, he wanted to see the castle... ;A;

;alkjdf omg Harry IS too sweet, "I was trying to think of some noncommittal, polite farewell" a;kdjf lmao

kja;f after all this time, he's still worried about blowing up Marge and he's just. been abducted but he's hoping "Dumbledore would at least let [him] into the castle" omg I love how you write Harry so much

adastrad chapter 5 . 1/29/2020
omg I just got to this: "I started picturing people with their heads mounted on a wall" and just ahhh: the whole characterization of Sirius here is my favorite, how I know he's innocent, how I know he'd never do that, and yet Harry has so much reason to believe he would based on how Sirius has treated him and seeing Kreacher's head on the wall, just the irony is SO GOOD

AND YET - "Black had told me he'd been in prison for twelve years. I was sort of impressed he was functioning at all." - again and again you write in a way that makes me crack up so much, a;djf lmao I love this

I'm so hopeful for this grandmother - help Harry please!

;akjfd Harry's plan ahhh I love how he never stops thinking about escape and trying new things

His sass to Sirius about washing his hands XD very Harry

"I was fairly certain he hadn't killed anyone" ;akdjfa I love how Harry leaves room for doubt

It's so sad Harry doesn't even have the capacity to imagine that Sirius was his dad's friend at school. It speaks to how much Azkaban must have aged him too :'(

The whole incident with John Franklin, just Harry being totally confused at Sirius displaying an act of kindness :'(

AHH i am glad they got to have a moment of levity with the goats!
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