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risingdragon3 chapter 1 . 1/4/2004
Just writing to say, you gotta write more of this. Excellent crossover. Write more!
StorytellerSJK chapter 3 . 1/4/2004
I just spent the last hour reading this and ROS and I must say I am impressed. I have not read any of the Rainbow Six books (although I have read all of the Clancy Ryan books) still from what I know of the series it seems you have accuratly captured the tone of the characters and their world. Plus you have ingited a desire in me to now read the R6 stories. The one thing that drives me crazy about Buffy fanfiction, crossover or otherwise, is when someone mangles a character just to suit the story or because they don't like them. I love all the Buffy characters (yes even Kennedy and Riley {the poor boy}) and I am glad to see you stayed true to them in these stories. It was extremly gratifing (pardon my bad spelling but its late) to not have to sit through another Willow was never gay (or I suppose Bi) or Riley is an a-hole fic. If I have any complaints its that the Clancy characters seem to be accepting this all rather quickly. Although for the most part you have tried to cover this it still feels a little off to me. Clark and Ryan I have no problem with, but some of the team members and Pat seem to get over their shock a little to fast. On the other hand I do understand the limitations of the format and it is really only a small matter. Overall this series ranks very high on my list and I am sure in the months to come I will both continue to enjoy and continue to be driven mad waiting for the next new chapter. :) Thanks for the great story.
John chapter 3 . 1/3/2004
I was wondering where the update was. I am glad it arrived.
This was a good chapter, although mainly set up.
I like each of the allied groups keeping some secrets from the other. It may end up hurting them dowm the line, but it is what people really do.
Update soon.
PS: The more Faith the merrier.
Catlimere chapter 3 . 1/3/2004
Loved the lead in to the meeting. Clark's reaction to Buffy's clothes explosion, it reminding him of his wife and daughters. I liked that very human, normal moment in the midst of everything that's going on. I do wonder how much of his training he had to call on not to show fear at the thought of a mall trip with Buffy and company. lol
Great job with the dialogue when he came into the house between he, Annabelle, Kennedy, Molly about Buffy's speech and Annabelle's running off. I really dislike Kennedy, but you did a great job capturing her attitude. I do like that you had her admitting she liked some part of Buffy's speech.
(I liked that speech. I have to say I felt for Buffy in Season 7. She was paddling as fast as she could to keep herself, and everyone else, above water and she wasn't getting a lot of help or even encouragement. All of a sudden she's responsible for feeding, housing, protecting, training, and motivating a bunch of scared girls. Not to mention she's supposed to be planning and leading, if not fighting alone sometimes, a charge against Bringers, the Turok-han, Caleb, and the First. No one seems to be helping with ideas or plans or even financial support, but boy did they bring the criticism, back biting, and manipulative plans behind the scenes. I am not the biggest Spike fan, but Giles giving Buffy that talk about sacrifice for the greater good while Wood went after Spike just about killed me. Buffy not understanding sacrifice? She died twice doing her duty, once deliberately for Dawn and the world, she killed Angel - even if it took some time to work up to it, she has no real normal life, she was even torn out of heaven and kept Slaying. What the heck do they want from her, she may be the chosen one but she's not an experienced general and she's like 20-21? They thrust all the responsibility of leadership on her and then don't lend much in the way of advice or help, but way big on pointing out how much she messed up or how bad a job she's doing. Sorry to rant, that last season just threw me for a loop from time to time.)
Anyway, I loved Andrea's pov while watching Clark and Buffy enter the room and see the table. I liked the efforts she went through to try and make sure Ryan was as safe as possible. Poor thing, all that hard work and Ryan screws it up by going to greet Buffy with a handshake. :) You know she has self-control, because part of her had to want to smack him across the back of his head. lol

I did like how impressed Clark was with Willow's on the spot handling of Soma and friends. I also like that he commended her on regaining control, that he's not acting different around her now. I am just glad to see Willow using her magic, not hiding from it.
I am so glad to see an update. President Ryan thanking Buffy for all that she'd done to save the world...very cool. I am looking forward to the rest of that meeting. Also, before I forget, I liked Giles' reasoning for not wanting to inform the Vatican of what was going on. I just wish he'd tell that to Clark. I know they are still getting used to each other, but witholding information at this point doesn't seem like a real good idea.
Looking forward to more...of course. :)
JA Baker chapter 3 . 1/3/2004
Hi, me again.
Just popping in to say that I love the story, and think that you’ve managed to keep everyone perfectly in character, something I know can be hard to do at times.
JA Baker.
warren chapter 3 . 1/3/2004
ah the paranoia of the serect service nothin else like the plus side they do come up with some great defensive bad they can't involve the vatican yet but giles is right I don't think they take willow's actions to chapter keep up the good work.
ED chapter 2 . 12/29/2003
excellent story looking forward to buffy meeting the president hope to see more soon
JA Baker chapter 2 . 12/8/2003
Hi, me again,
Just letting you know that I loved that first chapter, and am looking forward to reading more.
It kind of help’s that BBC2 is running the last series of Buffy right now, so it helps me keep track of what’s going on in your story.
Good luck!
JA Baker
Jaelle chapter 2 . 12/6/2003
Yay! You're back! Thanks for the recap too, it's good to be reminded of where we are.
I love the "exchange programme" cover story, very nice. And Giles' high profile looks like it may be a problem very soon if that doesn't get ironed out.
Looking forward to more!
midoth chapter 2 . 12/6/2003
Good, you're back. Really liked ROS. Am looking forward to more. Buffy's experience with officialdom has been the Iniative, the Mayor, the Sunnydale Police, and Snyder. Clark was lucky. Will Ryan be able to convince her to let him sleep on her floor?
John chapter 2 . 12/6/2003
I was glad to see the sequel to ROS start. I thought you had given up on it.
It was a good chapter to get the ball rolling. I am anxious to see the meeting with the President.
Is Faith going to appear in the sequel? I hope so.
Harry2 chapter 2 . 12/6/2003
A nice new chapter. And I smell games withing games here. I don't know if the First or the Innititive have some plans going that we aren't aware of, but this smells like a setup. And while you said that Faith won't be appearing for a while yet, how about at least giving us a sneak peak at what her life in prision is like. That would wet many an appetite for the Boston Bad Girl, the Dark Slayer. Keep up the great work!
Harry2 chapter 1 . 12/6/2003
A nice summary of Rainbow over Sunnydale. Now, to dealing with Imhotep! And my instincts are saying BRING IN FAITH! With this walking bag of rags, you're going to need all the Slayer power you can get!
Catlimere chapter 2 . 12/5/2003
Ah, a Sunnydalian that knows about the Slayer and isn't discreetly helping behind the scenes. Instead he's trying to complicate things for Buffy and Co. I wonder who Ewel is really working with, because there's no way he's in it solely for the public's right to know. Have to hand it to Holtzman, he may not understand what he's getting into; but, he's a good reporter. Gets the facts, follows the trail...I can't wait to see how much of the truth he discovers. Not to mention how curious I am to see what he plans to do with the story once he gets it.
I like the group Buffy assembled to go to meet the President. I'm really looking forward to that meeting. I'm interested in the reactions on both sides of that table. Should be lots of fun. :)
I'm so glad to see this next part of your series get started. Definitely looking forward to more.
LMiC2001 chapter 2 . 12/5/2003
Joe, You've done it again. I start reading and am immediately pulled into a thoroughly interesting and plausible crossover based in two worlds that I love. And I see the cliffie bug is still biting. Please keep up the great work and update as often as you can. :)
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