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Jedi-PrincessNascar girl chapter 21 . 2/27/2006
Hey! Where are you ? I need my fix of your story! Especially since I just refered you to another reader... Considering it is now Almost March. I hope life has been treating you well and that you re ok. Plz update so I know you are ok or plz e-mail if you have a moment (underhubby's name) be safe & t/c Jedi/nascar/linda
Anonymous 47 UK chapter 21 . 2/13/2006
Joe you are doing excellent work here & i am looking forward to seeing more (HINT HINT!).

Keep up the good work

Union-Jack2.0 chapter 21 . 2/1/2006
Hey, Joe. Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while – I’ve had coursework, essays, scripts, research and a brace of radio adverts on the go at uni for the past couple of months. Now that I’ve well and truly malleted the backlog, I thought I might as well send you a review – after all, you’ve posted a bundle since I last showed up here. Sorry to hear about your accident, mate. In lieu of a ‘get-well-soon’ card, I’ve e-mailed a couple of piccies to you – just some nice scenery I’ve photographed around my neck of the woods recently. Hope you like ‘em.

I loved your flashback scene to Buffy’s resurrection. Nice visualisation there.

I’m seriously looking forwards to the finale “Imhotep’s Key” – yay, a whacking great big lovely battle! (And I’m quietly dreading the idea of it being a cliffhanger. On the flip side, at least your fics aren’t like a television series where a whole season has to be completely shot before release, but it’s the principle of the thing.) Looks good so far!

Just who was ‘The Master’ of those vampires in the alleyway behind the Bronze? Did The First disguise itself as The Master from Season One? Has Trifurcates been recruiting under an assumed name? Is The Master – as in the Time Lord – in town? Or were they just referring to a generic ‘master’?

Just wondering: is Buford Summers by any chance a relation of Buffy and Dawn? A distant cousin or uncle a few times removed? I can’t help but wonder. (And in any case, ‘Buford’? They’ve got to be related if his parents gave him a name like that – ‘Buford’ and ‘Buffy’ – just plain weird. That’s definitely something that’d get the runny stuff taken out of him big time in the British Army, although depending on what regiment he was with before doing SAS Selection, he might not answer to it. With the Parachute Regiment, for example, it’s a regulation in all but name that everyone who gets his wings and maroon beret gets given a nickname when he first turns up at whichever rifle platoon he’s been assigned to.)

Also on an international theme: if you get the Russians involved, might Bondarenko be making an appearance? He was a colonel in ‘The Cardinal of the Kremlin’ and a general in ‘Executive Orders’ – he visited Project Bright Star in the former and the NTC at Fort Irwin in the latter before the Ebola outbreak. He seems to be one of Clancy’s ‘middling-minor’ characters who crops up every so often to add to the reality of the plot and give extra detail – rather like Portagee Oreza of the US Coast Guard and, oh, I can’t remember his real name, but he was a USAF pilot who went by ‘Bronco,’ he was in ‘Clear and Present Danger’ a bit, behind the stick of an F-14 and shooting down drugs flights and showed up for a scene or two during the Second Gulf War at the end of ‘Executive Orders’ as a squadron leader – a colonel, I think, is the equivalent rank in the USAF – and you seem to be making quite a bit of use of such characters – Liz Eliot and Doc Golden being two of them.

Er – about your comments that an A-10 Thunderbolt, or ‘Warthog,’ could have killed Glory? (Please let me just say that my memory might be faulty here, it’s been a couple of years since I saw the episode where they nobbled her.) As best as I can remember, I thought that the wrecking ball only injured her – she was a hell-god, after all. If she hadn’t had the Achilles’ heel (more like a full-blown body) of having to turn into Ben – a human – on a regular basis, it wouldn’t have been possible to stop her. I could very well be wrong, though. Please don’t kill me. *grin*

True, if a Warthog were THEORETICALLY capable of killing Glory, then, granted, that’s a distinct advantage. But she was still a hell-god – much faster and stronger than a human – and although she was ready for a straitjacket, she wasn’t too lacking as far as intelligence went. I doubt Ryan would be likely to order in USAF jets to strafe a small Californian town – the collateral damage and civilian casualties would be disastrous, and there’d be no way they could keep that under wraps. My point? Don’t worry too much about bringing in the US Government – it won’t make everything easier. It’ll just cause even more problems and difficulties – witch-hunts, lynchings, political manoeuvring, equal rights groups for demons and vampires organised by well meaning but foolish hard-line political-correctness fanatics claiming ‘vampires are just animals doing what comes naturally and should be able to vote’, that sort of thing.

Er – ‘Rouge Initiative team’? Billingsly’s team have applied for French citizenship and covered themselves in red body paint from head to toe? Interesting disguise…got a bit of a Monty Python touch to it.

“Red Rabbit”: I’ve read this one, and as far as the prequels rule goes, well, I’d say it’s broken it. It’s really quite good. It does help if you read “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” and/or “The Hunt for Red October” immediately before or after reading “Red Rabbit” to get all the intricate little details and whatnot.

A small side note: if any further international special forces units get involved, just so’s you know, UK Special Forces swapped out their M-16s somewhere in the mid/late 1990s and replaced them with the Canadian-manufactured Diemaco C-7 and C-8 assault rifles – the C-7 is a close match to the XM-16A2 and the C-8 looks similar to the M-4A1.

In many respects they’re the same weapons, just with a load of tweaks and upgrades making them slightly better adapted to jungle and desert warfare, a lower jam rate and slightly higher levels of accuracy over long distances. These weapons were first put to use on a large-scale by UK Special Forces on Operation Barras in 19, with a deployment of about seventy troopers – a mix of SAS and SBS personnel.

The US military likes to ‘buy American’ wherever possible, which a) explains why they’re still using what is essentially outdated gear and b) fits very well with the load-outs of your Initiative Team Three – hell, in my opinion, that makes it worth it. Speaking of which, is Ginger going to get in on the finale? C’mon, be a devil – let’s see some doggy-versus-monsters action! *big grin*

And whilst I’m guessing the O’Connells are going to be sticking around for keeps, will Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun remain as regular villains? Or will this be their final battle?

Keep up the magnificent work!

All the best,


Postscript: I’ve finally completed ‘Stargate: XT-1’ Chapter Five, but I’ll probably wait until I’ve polished off Chapter Six, which is about half done, before sending the up-to-date copy over for your perusal. Chapters Seven through Nine, or ‘Act Three’ as I like to think of it, will take a while, but I reckon I should still be able to make the planned May posting. And I’m working on the opening chapter of ‘Ashes on the Gulfstream Wind.’ The scene where ‘Ash realizes something’s different in the ol’ plumbing’ has been the hardest bit to get right. As a result, I’ve created a ‘deleted scenes’ file for my ‘Shattered Arrow’ fics. The ‘XT-1‘ chapter preceding ‘Ashes’ Chapter One is now a WIP: ‘Enclave: Part One of Two’.
Antonio chapter 21 . 12/12/2005
Im good,thank you.

About your answer to Majin I have to disagree. Glory wasnt a fool, she just has a God complex :) I agree with you that the military could probably kill her the FIRST time but if she would survive then she would be a LOT more difficult to kill. Just think what someone so fast and strong AND knowing that the weapons can hurt her would do. About the First: Im thinking that before the Hellmouth is open is a very different game that after it is open. The Turok Khan could be just the foot soldiers What else could have the First? And just think about Wolfram and Hart and all that people (human or not) that they could organize or blackmail: the black thorn circle? the family of that guy who hated the women... Last: a person is so great as the enemies that he/she has. Buffy was the main line between the First and the world in cannon. I would like to believe that if she would have failed wouldnt be as "easy" as to throw a nuclear bomb.

I liked the Willow/Imhotep bit but I have seen something like this before and Always, and I mean always they show Willow tricking Cordelia to delete her work. The 1º/2º and even 3º seasons Willow could feel bad about that, but not this Willow.

Go Tara!

Willow is getting a reputation worst than Angel.

"Bored now" That is just evil Willow! :)

About the "whole the truth". For me: Willow revived Buffy just because she could, not because what Riley thought. She wanted her friend back and all else (right, wrong or even Buffy) be damned.

CSI Tomb Raider! :)

Great chapter! :)
Joe chapter 21 . 12/1/2005
Well delighted to see another chapter again. However, I do not think this story is as good as Rainbow.

Before I go any further, I should take the opportunity to say that i think it is still a good story and better than 80% of the stuff out there but, you had set a high standard with Rainbow.

I think that pace has definitly flagged in this story and I have been trying to figure out if it was because I started the other story when you had a lot of it written and so I had less episodic reading and your update pace was faster. I think this may have contributed somewhat but I still think the pace and tension in the plot had flagged. I reckon it is due to the size of the cast.

With so many characters giving them all time does kill pace somewhat since the actions may be simultaneous but the reading is not. It may be worth while considering this in future stories so that specific storys are more focused on a smaller cast so that there is a Rainbow focused story with the Scoobies in a supporting role and a Scooby story with Rainbow in a supporting role. I might also be worth taking a leaf from the TV writers and consider each chapter as a story in ist own right but also as part of an arc. This is something I think that any fanfiction writer who is posting chapters at irregular interval should consider and some actually do. I appreciate that it does not suit all stories that you may want to tell. It can be done though, Dickens wrote most of his stuff in this way since it was serialised in newspaper. Though i cannot stand Dickens's writing, it makes better television of movies. That said I have the same opinion about Clancy.

In this chapter also I am not happy with the Tara scene, I seems a bit of a Deux ex Machine. In the TV series Willow survived a more traumatic encounter and attack on her selfestime (From the first as Cassie Newton) and Inothep is repeating a tactic that was used by Spike a few years earlier. I think she had the strength to pull out of this on her own and it would be a better scene if you did it with Willows internal monologue analysing Imothep's comments.

Now I sincerely hope we are still on good terms at this point. I do reliase that you may be positioning things for future stories and flagging pace is one of the classic problems with the middle volume of a trilogy and perhaps more so for a part of a longer series. However, I think I would have been doing you a disservice by simply sayng great lets have more. Although I am looking forward to more anyway. Since Mr Billingsby has made no appearance yet this looks like to be a long series and I look forward to its exposition.

Feel free to email me if there is anything specific you wish to discuss in more detail. Now I am going to stop as I think I have gone on enough.
APS chapter 21 . 11/30/2005
Great story,

keep upp the good work.

Opinions are like assholes.

Everyone has one - but some just smell worse than others.

warning, is deleteng storys whit story reviewes.
Dorothy4 chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
Okay, see here's a problem developing. I like Clark, but he just doesn't understand the Hellmouth. O'Connell and Xander are likely to end up doing some bonding because they "know" about this stuff. This is what gets nice army guys killed. Hopefully he will figure this out.

I liked the Imhotep/Willow scene. Nasty psychological fighting. But, I'm not ready to give up Tara. I like Tara, I miss Tara, and Kennedy is a pill. Otherwise, looks good and I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Harry2 chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
Its time Willow started focusing all her physical and mental strength for this upcoming battle. If she looses, Sunnydale is toast! If she wins, she moves one step closer to eventually being reunited with Tara. Now, we have a still injured Slayer, a bunch of Potentials, and the Scooby Gang. I know, I am going to sound redundant, considering it was mentioned in one of the reviews last chapter, but here it is: WE NEED FAITH!
sirc chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
It's a little disappointing to have to wait so long since I've gotten used to the once a month updates. I guess I'll have to accept the fact that you can't just sit and write all day :) Though I wouldn't mind it if you did :D You obviously need to have whatever life you have and I'm sure writing and thinking things up take their time, too. It's perfectly understandable, really.

As long as you still plan to update - however long it takes - I'll be checking back regularly.
Paladin Steelbreaker chapter 21 . 11/29/2005

Well thanks for another good chapter, and the writing pointers. Good to hear about Faith. I'll just have to wait then.

I liked the way you had Imhotep playing mindgames with reminds me of a book I read once, where the main character had to face all the persons she had intentionally AND unwillingly hurt, embarrassed, humiliated, and so on. The poor woman was a mess afterwards. I just hope Willow won't become suicidal.

Do I detect the beginning to a subplot where Willow confesses everything to Buffy, and they go through a rocky patch friends wise? If so, it would ad to the crediblility of the story, as things are starting to go a little too smoothly. Everyboyd seems to work so incredibly good together. Allthough we got to see a little doubt in Clark this chapter, also good. The two most dangerous things for multicrossovers, in my oppinion, is A: to add too many crossovers, and B: Make the "heroes" too powerful. When it comes to the number of crossovers, I think you have that under control, but The Sunnydale Army is starting to be really powerfull now. Something has to go a little wrong, to keep up the suspence, and it looks like Willow will be free again soon.

But listen to me ranting on. You are probably already aware of these things. Sorry.

When it comes to that rocky patch I mentioned, please don't ruin Buffy and Willow's friendship permanently.

And about Buffy's foot. How long is it since she was shot? I would think that she would heal a shotwound to the legg faster than a broken legg. I think she would be fit for fight by the time they attack. Besides, doesn't the Medjai have access to healing magic, or potions?

Once again thanks for yet another lovely chapter.

Keep up the good work.

Best of wishes from Norway

Paladin Steelbreaker.
John chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
A very good chapter. It sounds like the beginning of the end of this section, which is sad, but you imply there will be more and that is good.

I was VERY happy to see Tara.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Allen Pitt chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
Geez, poor willow. The Big A. really knew what buttons to push... Also, I like that Kennedy is shown to be somewhat proactive. She was the only potential who didn't spend all her time doing the "woe is me" thing...

* Glory-don't forget the super speed-G. was only taken out so 'easily' because she was worn down progressively-Willow's spell draining her ie "made a hole" then the buffybot, buffy, THEN wrecking ball, hammer, etc. the hammer was the Troll God's Hammer... when all blurry with speed & no mystical items, gunships might not have worked (minor quibble) - but yes, gov. forces could deal with a lot... kinda weird they don't. I've always wondered why, in S7, Buffy didn't pick up the phone and ask Riley for help -'bringers were not bulletproof by any means. Weird... but hey, budget. So... "it is" in action, soon? will Willow get into legal trouble over Warren? (not that she should). Poor Xander-give him an axe and point him the right way...

And we haven't heard from the rogue agents yet (much)... Bring on Faith!
WBH21C chapter 21 . 11/29/2005
Very well done! Like that Xander isn't going to be left out.
Jedi-Princess chapter 21 . 11/28/2005
YAY! Thank you ! My turn to be out of commission, Have surgery on shoulder on Tues. Will try to read, no reviews for a bit. Sorry you had an ouchie, like I said my turn now! lol. Glad to see Tara helping Willow, unless she was the First pulling a fast one, but I think not. Anyway take care of yourself. Hope you had a good turkey day. t/c Jedi As usual, the nag in me says Hurry up and write more! lol
war90 chapter 21 . 11/28/2005
good scene with sure knows how to lay the hurt down on a person I like that in a bad to see a fic where the author knows there is more to firearms than just shooting them like tactics and plan by Clark amazing what you can do with a little has a good point about Giles should be interesting to see how he responds to story looking forward to your next chapter.
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