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Joe chapter 15 . 3/27/2005
Another good chapter. Glad to see Buffy is not too badly injured. Hank will have the option of just keeping outside her reach.

Age and treachery will beat youth and skill but very few things trump raw power.
David Morris chapter 15 . 3/26/2005
As a long time fan of your work (Rainbow Over Sunnydale is one of the best Crossovers I've ever read) I am continually amazed at well-written your stories are. I know even less about The Mummy characters than those of Rainbow six yet you've drawn a very clear picture of them so that a novice could easily follow. Plus your creation of new characters to the story is fascinting, mainly in re the Sunnydale PD.

This may be a little late as a suggestion about WHY the SDPD was not as active as it could have here it is. There could have been a lot of deaths, not merely due to the Hellmouth but simply to shell shock. Given the horrible things that happened in Sunnydale- and pre Buffy they must have been ghastly- it is likely that many of the good Sunnydale cops left the force in frustration over being unable to stop the deaths. There is also a possibility that many cops may have gone over the edge and taken their own lives. Cops have a higher suicide rate than mot professionals, and the nightmare of Sunnydales could have amplified it tenfold..

Just a thought.

i'd also like to commend you for your Whedon-like ability to make minor Buffy characters like Graham and Sam Finn become active and multi-dimensional. Double points for continuing toi fill out the much abused Riley.

I never understood why people hate Riley so much. He was amusing, hip to the pop-culture, a good fighter and a very compassionate and considerate man. The strongest expletive they used was that he was boring. Even if he was a little dull at times (and I don't hold with that theory either), I would think given Buffy's experience with 'exciting' bpoyfriends she want someone who was safer. STill doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe Angel was her soulmate but she could have built a real life with Riley.

Whoa. I guess I vented a little.

In any case this is a great story and I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm still not sure how it's going to turn out but I can't wait to see.
Dorothy4 chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
Anya will love that, it's the spontaneous displays of affection. They need to get back together. Buffy wanting to go after them even when she is shot and bleeding. That's what makes her such a great Slayer. Looking forward to more soon.

Darklight chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
Like it, can't wait to see how your going to get Faith into it, never liked the way it went down the first time.

Keep the chapters coming.
nascar girl chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
YAY Thank you! Was This from the girl who o'd on Blue Collar tour all weekend. Lvoed the Xander moment with Anya lol typical...lots of ppl I don't recognize coming but stil keeping up with the story line sorta. One comment tho, Buffy is way Aggro (aggressive) here, what's up with that ? I understand about Willow and Dawn and all, but she was never That tough. anyway Keep up the good work. Nas
sparky24 chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
This is a really good story and I have been enjoying it so far. One nit that I have to pick is that you need to improve your spelling and your grammer. A few well placed commas and a spellcheck would make this story even better.
John chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
Thanks for the long awaited update.

It was a short, but exciting chapter.

If Willow is killed on Clark's orders, he might not live much longer.

Looking forward to the next update.
Harry2 chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
Well, B is hurt and the forces of darkness have the Key. Its time to get everything together and FAST! We need all the help we can get, military, metaphysical, Slayer help that they can get. Military is already on the scene, Metaphysical, Giles can contact a few people that he knows that might be willing to help out. And, as far as Slayer help, well, its time to get to work on getting Faith out of jail. The Scoobies may not like it, but they ARE going to need her help!
Allen Pitt chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
It would be nice if Xander and Anya got back together (and X. doesn't lose an eye)... we'll get to see how fast a slayer heals... poor Hank, he's got No Idea of what he's walking into...

For that matter, Angel & company let alone Faith should make things 'interesting' - of course if they do the 'remove soul' thing and Willow isn't available to re-soul him, that could get sticky...

Then again if you change that slightly (so it doesn't happen) and the fang gang heads in to Sunnydale-Connor might be along with them. Heh heh... poor Buffy...

For that matter -scarred Wesley would be a real surprise to the scoobies -Giles & company remember him as a kind of Andrew figure, ie comic relief. the New Wesley would be a real shock... who doesn't want to see him with his twin handguns & shotgun?... I'm just sorry it's too soon for Illyria.

The scoobs need somebody to do a quick 'location spell' on Willow - maybe Amy would be willing to help out? Despite her whole non-helping stuff in season 7... I doubt the A-girl will be stupid enough to give Willow a change to wake up & escape...
Paladin Steelbreaker chapter 15 . 3/25/2005
Hi there!

whoa! this one was just choke full of adrenaline. And I cannot wait to see the continuation.

Okay, I see now what you mean about treachery and old age. I re read last chapter. Of cause, if Willow were tranquilized then she couldnt do any resistance.

If Hank appears in the middle of this, then I fear he might have an apoplectic seizure. But I an still hoping for that scene where Giles beats the hell out of him and then give him a serious Hellmouth and Buffy 101.

Now If they only got hold of another white witch, then she could do a locator spell on Willow. What about that coven that helped Willow?

Now, I dont realy like Faith as one of the good guys, but in this story it seems it could work. I find myself wanting her to get to Sunnydale ASAP. She would fit nicely inn with the rest of the chaos. Maybe she could be the one that makes Hank see that Buffy is a hero, instead crazy, violently criminal or whatever he is going to think as he gets to know things.

Anyway, I still love this story, and are impatiently awaiting next chapter.

thanks for splendid a splendid reading

Best Wishes from Norway

Paladin Steelbreaker.
war90 chapter 15 . 3/24/2005
always interesting to read about bad guys who can plan a operation makes the story more to see Buffy can recognize her weakness step back and let others do their story looking forward to your next chapter.
Union-Jack2.0 chapter 14 . 3/24/2005

What can I say? Well, a lot really. This is a well thought out milieu you’ve got going here, and it’s clear that you’ve researched both BtVS and the Clancyverse in considerable detail before posting your first chapter.

So you know, this is going to be one long review. Sorry, but there’s a lot to talk about.

It’s very refreshing to see a fic that doesn’t give in to Riley-bashing. I’d say that your characterisation of him’s highly accurate – hell, scratch that, ALL your characterisations of both Whedon and Clancy characters are, to the best of my knowledge at least, accurate. And the lack of excessive Brit-bashing – oh, ye gods, I can’t tell you what a RELIEF that is. I won’t get on my soapbox in your own review area, but you might want to check my user account for more details on just how…INSULTING Brit-bashing really is.

Concerning Molly (and other British characters): whatever you do, please please PLEASE avoid the Hollywood caricatures visible in how Molly was portrayed on the series. No one, I say again, NO-ONE one this side of the Atlantic sounds like Dick Van Dyke in real life. Seriously. DvD is the only human this planet has ever seen who ever sounded like that. And terms such as ‘brill’ have been out of use here since before the Second World War. I’m not joking. Joss Whedon had some downright weird (read: pathetic, heavily clichéd and contemptibly inaccurate to the point of being insulting and border-line nationalistic) ideas as to what us lot are really like.

I really like the twist you’ve put in with Molly being Alistair’s niece (oh, yeah, about that – over here it’s spelt Alistair, not Allister – sorry mate!) – that does add a little more involvement between the Rainbow and Slayer camps, and interesting stuff as well. Please follow up on this! Going by the quality of your writing so far, you can do very well on this. If she dies at Caleb’s hand, it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to this and to whom he apportions blame. However, if you can keep her alive (injured’s fine) and even better with all trace of stereotypes removed, that’d be fan-frigging-tastic.

Adding in elements of ‘The Mummy’ has made for a most interesting combination. Most curious. Holds a lot of promise, and I’m looking forward to see how that pans out in future chapters.

About the SAS: okay, I almost hate to say this, please believe me when I say this is meant to be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only here. Two things to do with the Special Air Service:

First, Xander’s skills and evaluation by Benton. Now, most militaries tend to prefer young and male soldiers for front-line units due to the psychological reasons involved; feelings of invulnerability, confidence and optimism, the attitude that their career will be an adventure and males tend to be highly competitive on the grounds of the testosterone drive. As you noted most astutely in ‘Rainbow Over Sunnydale’, this is the very same attitude the military personnel assigned to the Initiative displayed; that the operation was an adventure, a chance to be heroes.

The SAS doesn’t like or want personnel like that in its ranks. In order to join the Regiment, an applicant needs at least two years’ service in another unit in any branch of the Armed Forces – applicants have, in the past, been accepted from the Royal Marines (a Royal Navy unit), Army units (the Special Air Service is, despite the name, an Army unit. Their association with aircraft primarily consists of jumping out of them at 250 feet for a HALO drop or blowing them up) and on several occasions, the RAF Regiment (a unit similar to the USAF’s Special Forces, only with a heavier slant towards surface/air combat) and even jet and helicopter pilots from the RAF. Applicants most likely to be considered for S&T (Selection and Training) are those who have already experienced combat first-hand and therefore know all too well the realities of warfare.

The S&T course of the SAS is immensely gruelling, literally the toughest in the world. It is only matched by the S&T courses of the Australian and New Zealand SAS Regiments, and then only on the basis that they’ve copied exactly the same methods and formulae. Spetsnaz soldiers on cross-training assignments have commented that it is even more intense than anything the Soviet Union ever came up with.

SAS S&T consists of a six-month course. Trainees receive only a single forty-eight hour leave after the first three months. Trainees are taken through literally every aspect of soldiering – cold-weather, jungle, mountain, urban, desert and marine warfare; escape-and-evasion; anti-interrogation and counter-terrorism techniques; hostage rescue tactics; and basic patrol skills.

Escape-and-evasion (E&E) combined with the anti-interrogation are the parts of the course that wash out the most trainees. E&E consists of trainees being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, usually the Brecon mountains, often without boots or any tools of navigation, and given twenty-four hours to make it to an extraction point at least twenty miles away, all the while being pursued by soldiers from the Parachute Regiment. It is rare for trainees to ever reach the extraction point; in such rare circumstances, the matter is moot. As the trainees are caught, they are taken to the next stage of training; anti-interrogation.

At the first mistake in S&T, no matter how slight, a trainee will immediately be RTU’ed (Returned To Unit). An individual may only ever apply to join the SAS twice in his life; if he fails the second time, he will not be granted a third opportunity. Trainees can and have been RTU’ed within twenty-four hours of completing S&T – in one case back in 1987, it is rumoured that a trainee was RTU’ed within thirty minutes of completing S&T. Average statistics for the past twenty years are that only one out of a hundred of those applicants initially selected for S&T will actually be ‘badged’ – accepted into the SAS Regiment and issued with the trademark beige beret and Winged Dagger cap badge (Regimental motto: ‘Who Dares, Wins’). Of those who apply, about one in sixty, sometimes one in seventy, will go through to S&T. The average annual intake is usually between half a dozen and the highest ever intake (since the Regiment was first established by Colonel David Stirling in the Second World War, then refounded by Major ‘Mad Mike’ Calvert in 1950 at the beginning of the Malayan Conflict) of twelve.

The reason for the SAS’s preference toward experienced soldiers as opposed to raw recruits is simple: whilst in a battalion, brigade or division sized formation it is useful for large numbers of personnel to be buoyed up with enthusiasm and a feeling of invincibility, the SAS rarely puts more than thirty troopers into a single combat situation at a time, the most recent exceptions being operations undertaken during the Falklands War in 1982 and the Prince’s Gate Incident in 1980. Under typical circumstances, overconfidence is simply disastrous. SAS troopers know full well and accept on conscious and unconscious levels that the main purpose of a soldier is to end the lives of other human beings – whether it be the military personnel of another nation, or heavily armed criminals. Those men who have seen combat before applying to the SAS are preferred on the basis that they’ve already experienced to an extent what warfare is like, and have managed to cope without cracking under pressure.

Xander Harris might have had six years of dealing with the supernatural and fighting vampires and possess the memories of an American soldier; however, whilst his skills and experiences might be useful for a unit dedicated to daemon-hunting or dealing with the otherwise paranormal (such as the Initiative or UNIT from ‘Doctor Who’), even if he possesses the memories of an American war veteran, no SAS NCO worth his salt would regard this as first-hand military combat experience. The SAS, even in your (very well written and seamlessly crossed-over) fanfic milieu, are a regiment dedicated to dealing with terrorists and other criminals, and enemy military forces. Xander would not meet their criteria for possible recruitment even just on the points I have outlined above (lack of personal military experience, just second-hand memories). In addition to this, the fact that he is not and has never been in the service of the Armed Forces, and is not even a British citizen, would mean that Xander would not even be considered for service with the SAS unless and until these matters had been addressed. I’m sorry man, but Benson would never have considered him for transfer with the SAS.

A recommendation for a month or so cross-training at Hereford, perhaps, is more realistic – the SAS has cross-trained in the past with both elite military units and organisations such as the FBI, CIA, DGSE (French intelligence organisation) and with our own Diplomatic Protection Group and C-13 (counter-terrorism branch) of the Metropolitan Police. Cross-training with a US civilian employed by an allied governmental organisation (not even necessarily the US government) would not be that unrealistic.

Like I said, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not trying to be an obnoxious nitpicker (I don’t NEED to try, it just happens ;-)) but throughout much of this fic you’ve aimed successfully for authenticity. Feel free to ignore or correct, and if you want to know more about the SAS, SBS (Special Boat Squadron – organised identically to the SAS, just a Royal Navy unit, they’re smaller and specialise more heavily in marine warfare), the Malayan Conflict, Brunei War or any other aspect of Britain’s Armed Forces but lack the time for lengthy research, I don’t fielding any questions and send some info your way. If I don’t know the answer to one of your questions, I can probably find someone I know who does.

Second point (don’t worry, this one’s shorter): promotions and ranks.

Keefe Johnson and Buford Summers: the thing with the SAS is that when a trainee is badged, he automatically becomes a trooper. It doesn’t matter if that man was a corporal or sergeant in his old regiment; if he’s badged, he becomes a trooper. Promotions happen when a trooper proves himself fit for extra responsibility and command, often as a result of actions in the field. A trooper might be promoted to lance-corporal, maybe a full corporal, after three to five years of service with the SAS. Most sergeants have usually spent at least seven, eight years in the SAS alone before getting the three stripes. If Johnson and Summers are sergeants with only three years in the SAS under their belts, they must be exceptional soldiers indeed! *grins* If in your fanfic milieu Britain has the Stargate instead of the USAF and Johnson and Summers were involved in operations during which they saved the world a couple of times from the Goa’uld, that could explain their fast-track of promotion. ;-) Otherwise, it is entirely unheard of for a soldier in the SAS to be promoted so fast. Six years would be a stretch, and even then only likely if a soldier was a full sergeant before he applied for the SAS.

Warrant Officers: now this is a complicated matter. Don’t worry about the error here too much; I only found out how the system works by accident myself, and I’m a bloody native of the UK. You’re right about Warrant Officer 1st/2nd Class being used as the official rank in the British Armed Forces these days; but for the most part this is used for the purposes of paperwork. A Warrant Officer, regardless of whether he’s a WO1 or WO2, is usually addressed as ‘Sergeant Major’. Like I said, complicated. It’s all to do with traditions, apparently.

I don’t know if this info’ll be any use to you but you might as well have it anyway: concerning officers in the SAS (you might as well have a full set of info). It’s rather odd how the system works with the officers (FYI, the regimental slang for officers is ‘Ruperts’). An officer will have to transfer in from another regiment. Again, an applicant will only be considered if he has served at least two years in another unit. The officers go through the same S&T course, although separate from the serving troopers and NCO applicants. A badged officer may hold one of three positions in the Regiment; troop commander, squadron commander and RCO (Regimental Commanding Officer.

A troop commander will always hold the rank of Captain. Even if the officer was a Lieutenant or Major in his ‘parent’ unit, he will hold the rank of Captain as a troop commander. The CO of a Sabre Squadron will hold the rank of Major, again irrespective of whatever rank he may hold with his parent unit. The RCO is a little different; the post is usually held by a Colonel, however on a few occasions a General has commanded the SAS. An officer may serve with the Regiment for a maximum of three years before RTU’ing, and may later pursue a higher-ranking position in the SAS.

The Regiment’s structural organisation: the SAS is built in multiples of four. Four men comprise a fighting patrol. Four patrols form a troop. Four troops make up a Sabre Squadron, and the Regiment has four ‘line’ Squadrons (A, B, D and G) and two support squadrons, ‘R’ (Reserve – newly badged troopers are typically assigned first to R Squadron to settle into training routines, and troopers training and retraining in specialist patrol skills are assigned temporarily to the Squadron) and ‘S’ (Signals. Also doubles up as Intelligence – the SAS has its own dedicated intel service, known fondly by SAS troopers as ‘the head shed’)

A line squadron’s troops have their own specialisation, as indicated by their names; Mobile (specialists in using armoured and armed Land Rovers in desert and urban warfare), Boat (marine warfare), Mountain (mountainous regions and cold-weather warfare) and Air (parachute specialists). All SAS troopers are familiar with all of these skills to a certain extent; a trooper of a particular troop is an expert in that particular field. One squadron is ALWAYS (I can’t stress this enough) kept at Hereford regardless of whether Britain is at war or not in the event of a criminal incident of a nature so extreme that the Armed Response Squads and Special Branch are unable to tackle it themselves. An example of this is the Prince’s Gate Incident in 1980; six terrorists armed with three Browning automatics, two Scorpion machine pistols, a .38 revolver and five fragmentation grenades took hostages in the Iranian embassy, in Prince’s Gate, London. Negotiations went reasonably well, with several hostages being released, but eventually things turned sour. The Chief Constable had already requested that the SAS be on hand in case the embassy had to be stormed and a Sabre Squadron had been training in readiness for more than a week. Shortly after a hostage was murdered, the Squadron assaulted the building. The terrorists were able to kill one hostage; with only one exception, the terrorists were all killed. The survivor is to this day a guest at Her Majesty’s pleasure in a Dartmoor cell. I strongly recommend reading the veterans’ accounts of the assault; a textbook takedown.

Fighting patrols are usually divided with each man specialising in a particular ‘patrol skill’. Demolitions, signals and electronics, reconnaissance and medic are the four most common skills. However, the SAS usually maintains a number of sniper specialists as well. Veterans of the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine dedicated Sniper Platoons (both units usually have at least one sniper platoon per company) are the favourite candidates for such positions, and receive even more extensive training if they choose to specialise as snipers with the SAS.


Moving on: when Ryan made the following comment to Giles; “Mr. Giles, I talked to Tony today and he tells me that they have a branch of their intelligence service that they use for these kinds of cases. They aren’t dedicated to supernatural things but they take care of it if one comes in. They’re going to send one of their senior people over to talk to you.” I was just wondering about that comment: would these people by any chance be UNIT from Doctor Who? (United Nations International Task force.)

Okay they were more of a UN thing but all the soldiers and agents assigned to UNIT who made it onto the telly seemed to be from here (the UK). They dealt with the weird stuff all the time when the Time Lord was in town, vampires should be peanuts in comparison to the Daleks, Cybermen, Yetis, dinosaurs and other aliens they dealt with in the Sixties and Seventies. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart may well have retired (could still bring him in as a ‘guest character’ though) but someone like Captain Mike Yates could still be around. Probably would have had a couple of promotions, though. Just a thought. You could probably get away without having The Doctor show up quite reasonably.

My apologies again for the length of this review. I hope it hasn’t been TOO dull for ya. ;-)

Sayonara from the sunny southern shores of England,

nascar girl chapter 13 . 3/17/2005
Hi! Long time no see & no update! Hint hint LOL Need more of this ! ah yes, Bill, he travel with Foxworthy lol who is hillarious. anyway, look forward to more soon, T/C
sirc chapter 14 . 3/15/2005
hey, you still writing this? :)
JA Baker chapter 14 . 2/15/2005
Sorry I’ve not replied sooner, but that’s just the way life goes.

Well, ‘EK!’ springs to mind first off!

Anck-Su-Namun is just asking for trouble if she thinks she can get away with this.

It will also be interesting to see how Faith is going to fit in when she turns up…
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