Reviews for A Great Miracle Happened There
Raven Nightstrider chapter 1 . 1/24/2004
*remains stunned* Month-old vignette and nobody's reviewed? *looks ashamed* Sorry I didn't till now; you know how insane the holidays are.
Noticed those updates in your bio a while ago. That's funny, I'm Catholic too. Previously I'd wondered where you drew all the Christmas explanations from in 'Mirakuru Merodi'. Well, now I know.
To the point: The writing in this is actually much improved compared to Mirakuru. Don't get me wrong, I still love it; but you said it yourself-your writing's matured, and there's a lot of evidence of that in here.
I live for any unique or overlooked aspects of the original thing in fanfiction, and I was glad to see that you expanded on the effects of Cody's dad's death. I raised an eyebrow when Cody seemed to believe that Santa Claus was what Christmas was all about, but I guess that's pretty normal-he's just nine and Christianity isn't exactly a predominant faith in Japan.
Nice explanations on the cultural celebrations that seem to coincide on the last two weeks of December just for the heck of it. And no, your Irish portrayal didn't look stereotypical or offencive (though I shouldn't talk; I'm not even part Irish). Like Mirakuru, I got a strong sense of umoja from reading this fic, but this time around there was less talk and more plot. Very heartwarming. Great job as always.
*sees Akino's shoutout and blushes furiously* Thanks a lot! I'm still racking my brains for a better title, but the story(board) is progressing a little. Now that the SAT is done with today (FINALLY) I should make progress on both that and 'Drifters'. Speaking of which, good luck on the ACT. We all need it! #_# Thanks again!