Reviews for Silver Bells, Snowglobe Hell
Kana Kara chapter 10 . 12/5/2010
I must say that this story is simply beautiful. This should be a classic for every Christmas. Merci for making this story so well. Y
Haunt of twilight chapter 10 . 10/17/2009
Awe that was sweet! I love this story.
Lumcer chapter 10 . 10/5/2009
how adorable! this is my seconed snowglobe story and I'm loving them! :D :D :D

ariel chapter 10 . 8/26/2009
c'est une tres bien histoire!
Stevie K chapter 10 . 8/25/2009
What a lovely ending _
Rori Potter chapter 10 . 7/30/2009
sesshypuppysbff chapter 10 . 6/2/2009
All I havve to say for this is lol I love it and schadenfreude(shidenfroida) which is german for happiness at the misfortune of others! its funny! and theres a song for avenue Q that fits these situations!
BladeMaxwell-GoddessofDeath chapter 10 . 8/31/2008
awesome story!

it was so sweet!

i love the trap!

StarshineLove chapter 10 . 6/6/2008
Now that was lovely. I'd have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Severus and Harry make a lovely pair.

Excellent job writing it.
OccAmy Phyre chapter 10 . 5/29/2008
what an original and interesting story!
Netrixie chapter 10 . 5/1/2008
Aw! so sweet!
Ponytail Goddess chapter 3 . 3/6/2008
Lol, I love the line "Dumbledore is one sick and twisted man" that came with the onesy pj's.
Z-L.B chapter 10 . 11/19/2007
aww how sweet! I like where it ended too. wasn't going too fast or too slow... it was just right ~ZLB
Mar x Malfoy chapter 10 . 9/7/2007
aww this was cute
postalservice chapter 10 . 8/23/2007
i want more! pwease
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