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daisy17 chapter 9 . 6/9/2007
really awesome on the ending twister moment. that is so like him. where are the stories from!
Lovelinelivelong639 chapter 9 . 6/10/2006
mate, I like it

it is nice


very funny

good ending

I hope you wright something like it again


Blemery chapter 9 . 5/24/2004
Hey I know who wrote the story on boards tehe anyway its really much better then the orginal but you can decide for yourself.
Loss of Reggie
(Reggie and Sam are in tenth grade Twister and Otto are in ninth)
(Rockets house Saturday morning Ray, Otto, and, Reggie are eating breakfast)
Otto: Well, I’m gotta go to Twister’s making a new video and I’m staring (He runs to his room and gets his board on the way down he over hears)
Ray: But, the doc said . . .
Reggie: Dad its not the end of the world.
Ray: How does the doctor know that this wouldn't be the last time
Reggie: How do you know it won’t, Dad, you don’t know how it feels to feel like you’re dying everyday
Ray: But this could be the last time I see you ...
Otto: Oh Man! (Runs outside and runs straight into Twister)
Twister: Slow down is something up?
Otto: I think Reggie’s dying.
Twister: I’m not that dumb
Otto: No really come on.
(In the house Otto’s not there yet)
Reggie: It’s just my tonsils
Ray: Yeah, but I hate that they have to open you up.
(Twister and Otto sneak in)
Ray: And I don’t want you to be put to sleep
Reggie: But, I can’t last too much longer I want it quick and painless
Twister Whispers: Asleep like a dog?
Otto: I don’t know but I know who we can ask.
Both: Squid!
(Sam’s house)
Otto: Sam have you notice something different about Reggie?
Sam: She’s been sick a lot lately
Twister: Sam, She’s dying we heard her and Ray talking
Sam: What? I don’t think so!
Otto: No really ok come on I’ll show you.
(Shack) (Guys listening to Ray, Reggie, and Tito talking)
Reggie: I don’t want the guys to know they’ll worry
Ray: They should know that this will be the last time they see you, like this.
Tito: Ray the doctor said it will be painless and then BOMB! The pain will be over.
Sam: I think you might be right!
Twister: I can’t believe this.
(Guys waiting outside of Maddtown for Reggie)
Twister: Guys I think that maybe I should ask Reg to marry me before, you know!
Otto: We aren’t supposed to know!
Sam: Otto we have to make it the best week Reggie has ever had, that means when we play O-T-T-O, WE HAVE TO LET HER WIN.
Otto: What, I can’t, its hard enough beating her but to try to lose!
Reggie: Hey guys.
Otto: Ahh, Reggie
Twister: Reg (Hugs her) You are ok!
Reggie: Are You?
Sam: We found out about, you know
Reggie: Oh!
Twister: So we are going to make this the best week you’ve ever had.
Reggie thanks guys (Smiles) let’s skate!
(Maddtown Follow the leader Sam crashes)
Otto: One down your next Twister!
Twister (Crashes) How’d he know
Otto: Say goodbye Reggie.
Sam: Otto!(Glares)
Otto: Oh (Fakes a crash but it isn’t good) Ow!
Reggie: Otto; I don’t want to win cause you pity me, I wanta win for real!
Lars: Yeah like you can Rocket dork.
Otto: Lay off Lars
Reggie: I’d beat you in a race!
Lars: Whatever you’re on.
Twister: But, Reggie you could get hurt what about you know?
Reggie: I’m fine so let’s race (Guys gulp)
Lars: Ok!
(Starting line)
(Twister goes over to Lars)
Twister: Lars, could you not race?
Lars: Umm no
Twister: I’ll let you womp me!
Lars: I’ll do it anyway
Twister: Please, I’m begging you.
Lars: Why? (His sensitive side kicks in)
Twister: Cause Reggie’s dying
Lars: Right, Whatever (Turns to leave)
Twister: Lars, if you don’t leave I’ll tell mom about last summer!
Lars:(Turns around) You wouldn’t
Twister: I would
Lars: Ok I’m leaving
Reggie: What why
Lars: Uh just because, later (Leaves)
Reggie: Twister! I know this was your fault. I want to Race, so now you have to race me.
Twister: Umm...
Sky Bird:(Skates up)I’ll race
Reggie: Really?
Sky Bird: yeah, but on that. (Points to the CA incline)
Sam: Don’t!
Reggie: Relax Sam, I’ll be fine
Otto: Get the bandages ready.
(Reggie heads to the incline)
Twister(Follows)Reggie, what if you get hurt?
(CA incline)
Twister: Reg you can’t be serious!
Otto: Let’s just go home and watch a movie
Sam: Office Shirley said . . .
Reggie: Otto just say go!
Otto: Go?
(The girls take off) (Sam and Otto close his eyes)
Twister: This is Awesome Footage! You two can open your eyes!
Otto:(opens one)Woah Reggie Roxs.
Sam: Yeah for one of the last times!
Otto: Yeah(Looks at his shoes)
Twister:(Puts the camera down)I know.
(The Next day)
Twister: Let me get the door for you Reg.
Reggie: Ok?
Twister: Your voice sounds funny!
Reggie: Yeah its cause of, you know.
Guys: Oh(Frown)
Otto:(Changes the subject)We should go surfing
Reggie: Ok
Twister: I’ll get your board!
Reggie: Thanks Twister
(Twister runs in the house)
Sam: Reggie do you want me to keep the Zine going when you’re gone
Reggie: Of course I don’t want to disappoint just cause of something like that.
Otto: Aren’t you scared?
Reggie: No and you sound like Dad.
Otto: Good!
Twister: Ready, I’ll carry it for you Reggie
Reggie: Ok, but you have your own board.
Twister: I got them.
Reggie: Oh, Sam can you get my homework when I’m in the hospital?
Sam: You want homework before you go under.
Reggie: I don’t want to fall behind, so will you?
Sam: Yeah.
Otto: Sweet wave.
Reggie: Take it Otto
Otto:(Wants to but he feels bad)No Reggie it’s yours
Reggie: Cool!(Gets up on it and then, runs into a shoebbie)
Twister: Look what you did man
Shoebbie: Whatever!(He’s trying to talk like them)
Otto: Wait in line dude.
Reggie: Chill Otto, he’s not from here.
Sam: I’m sure the secret spots empty.
Otto: Dude You are a genius, Let’s go!
Reggie: Can’t
Otto: Why not?
Reggie: School Ice hockey tryouts are this week and this year I’m going to make it this year, w/o Twister breaking his arm!
Twister: You want to tryout, but you’ll miss practice
Reggie: If it’s the last thing I do I’ll make the team.
Guys: Huh!
Sam: Reg!
Twister: The last thing
Otto: You don’t have to act tough Reg.
Reggie: I am tough now let’s go I got to get my ice skates
Twister: I’ll get them and meet you guys there.
(Ice Skating rink)
(Reggie steals it from Otto she shoots she scores)
Reggie: You didn’t even try to block it Sam
Sam: Well . . .
Reggie: Sam! I want to make the Team GOT IT!
Sam: Yeah I guess!
Lars: Hey Rocket Dorks your team against my team.
Otto: Umm. . . (Looks at Reggie)
Lars: Scared?
Otto: No! You’re on!
Twister: Yeah!
(Reggie takes the puck, then Pi pushes her aside to steal the puck)
Twister: Hey! Back off Pi! (He grabs the puck and passes it back to Reg)(Reggie shoots and scores)
(Now Otto has the puck he passes to Reggie)(Lars trips her and steals the puck he shoots Sam blocks it)
Otto: Lars!(Helps Reggie up)don’t do that
Lars: What?
Twister: trip Reg
Otto: Yeah you can do that to me, or Twister, or even squid, but leave Reg alone.
Reggie: Guys cool it this is why I didn’t want to tell you guys I don’t want you treating me different. I just want you to act like this isn’t happening. I’m leaving. Later, Much! (Skates away)
Twister: Reg!
Lars: You lose
Otto: So, its just a game!
Lars: Whats wrong with you
Sam: Nothing!
Twister: Sam, Reggie dying isn’t nothing.
Lars: Reggie isn’t dying
Otto: Ray said
Twister: Did you hear her voice?
Lars: Well yeah, but, (Thinks of something to say…)I think you’re right. Ok We’ll lay off Reggie Right guys? (He glares)
Pi: Of course
Sputz: No probelmo.
(The next day the gang is heading to school)
Sam: You’re quiet Reg, you still mad
Reggie: No (Her voice is really hoarse)
Twister: Reggie don’t speak, just writer it
Reggie: Ok
Otto: Reg, Sh!
Sam: Did you do the homework?
(Reggie nods)
Twister: Homework!(Sam hands it to him) Oh
Sherry: Reggie(She waves)You wouldn’t believe it Cleo called me and said that she was moving to Ocean Shores. That means the dance team will be so much better.
Twister: No, she’s staying with me for like a month because her sister's in rehab then, she’s going home.
Sherry: So what do you think?
Reggie: This is so cool
Sherry: What’s wrong with you
Sam: Sherry she can’t answer you her voice is shot, I’ll tell you about it later, if that’s ok Reg, Since Twister told Lars!
Reggie: HE WHAT! OW!
Twister: I, I it slipped, I’m sorry, Reggie I don’t want you mad at me (The bell rings) Later
(English Sherrie and Sam are talking)
Sherry: Dying you listened to Twister, huh?
Sam: I’m not kidding we heard Reg and Ray talking and she’s has been sick and her voice.
Sherry: I can’t believe that
Sam: You heard her
Sherry: But, Reggie’s, Reg can’t I
Sam: Sherry just make sure you treat her the same as always.
Sherry: ok
Sherry: Trish you wouldn’t believe what I heard.
Trish: I know Cleo’s coming.
Sherry: No Reggie’s dying
Trish: No way (Rolls her eyes, Sherry was known for her tall tales but this)
Sherry: I’m not kidding Sam said.
Alexa: Really! (Walks over to some other kid and whispers in her ear)
(Reggie and Sam in math the whole school knows)
(Twister walks in)
Teacher: Maurice I don’t have you for another 2 periods
Twister: Mr. Eddie wants to talk to Reggie
Teacher: Who?
Sam: The Principal
Twister:(says at the same time) Reggie the one with the goggles
Teacher: Ok Reggie!
(Principal’s office Twister’s listening at the door)
Principal: Reggie; I heard about your condition and if you want to spent the rest of the week at home you can.
Reggie: I don’t want to fall too far behind.
Principal: Don’t worry I’ll talk to all your teachers
Reggie: What about hockey?
Principal: Hockey?
Reggie: If it’s the last thing I do I want to make the team, I can’t tryout if I’m not at school.
Principal: I say you can
Reggie: Ok, well I’ll finish up today, Oh if I want to can I come?
Principal: Yeah(Opens the Door)Twister!
Twister: Thanks Mr. Eddie, I was worried about Reggie!
Principal: I see well make sure she gets to her class then I need to talk to you about sleeping in science!
Twister: Urghh! Come on Reggie.
(The next morning)(Guys already left)
Reggie: Dad, I want to go(She almost can’t talk) It’s only a little surgery.
Ray: Ok you better hurry.
(Reggie catches up to the guys)
Twister: Reg what are you doing here?
Reggie: I...
Twister: Don’t talk write it.
(Reggie writes it)
Twister:(Reads it)"I want to see my friends!" That was nice you came to see me.
Reggie: No...
Otto: Reggie!(Reggie hands him a note it reads)"Not to see you to see people I don’t see everyday."
Sam: Good idea
Twister: It is not. How can she feel better at school?
Reggie: I feel fine
Otto: Reg don’t talk
(Bell rings)
Twister: Later, Reg!
Otto: See, Ya!
(The guys take off and then Sam and Reg walk in the school, everyone stops what they are doing and looks at Reggie)
Reggie: What are they looking at?
Sam: I don’t know.
Reggie: They are looking at me.
Sam: Reg don’t talk.
(Lunch gang sitting together)
Otto: Reg your not eating
Reggie: I...
Twister: Reg!(She hand him a note)“It hurts to eat.
catz95 chapter 1 . 2/13/2004
aw good job this story rocks! i started crying at a few points hehe very good job;)
Marlyssa chapter 9 . 2/10/2004
That was great! I read the whole thing in one night. You're an awesome writer. I love it when Otto and Reggie appreciate each other; it's so sweet!
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 9 . 1/15/2004
*Claps* Grand ending! At least Reg is back to her normal self. Poor Otto and Twist, though, having to tell everyone that they goofed up. At least the girls didn't wail on 'em. lol

*Wonders why Twister asked for the necklace back*

I hope you do write another story. I'm curious as to what other ones there are.
Aqua Rhapsody89 chapter 9 . 1/12/2004
this fic is great! i love it! you have a great talent for writing! and it's so true! Otto and Twister would react in that way! lol! keep up the good work!
luv Aqua Rhapsody89
Spice of Life chapter 8 . 1/5/2004
Haha! Loved it! Especially the, 'I'm not dying you nitwits'. Great job!
mike2000 chapter 8 . 1/5/2004
BUST! The kids really got what they deserved, lol! But their punishment was mild; after all, they did what they did out of love for Reg.

Hope you could write what they had to endure when explaining the rest of the kids what had really happened... would really like to find out what Keoni, Trish, Sherry and Trent said to them!

*Two thumbs up * Very nicely written, very accurate, and very in-character. I like it a lot, Nick!


Relaxing Pikachu chapter 7 . 1/3/2004
Sorry I took a while to review! You did update this story pretty fast, now update 8 even quicker. :-P

Anyway, this chapter was so sweet! Twister's little eulogy, thing that he wrote was very nice and touching. His brain probably went into overload writing that out (he's not good at writing, he said that himself in Twisted Cinema). lol

I also liked the fact that Reggie did take Twister's necklace with her, and that teddy bear is so cute! *Imagines Reggie hugging on her teddy bear*

Please put up another chapter pronto (I like having something to read on Saturdays after I return home lol) I want to know what Reggie and Sam has planned! _
knoodelhed chapter 7 . 12/31/2003
hehe... *Wonders what skullduggery Reggie and the Squid have concocted*
knoodelhed chapter 6 . 12/31/2003
woah... This story has been pretty powerful!
*wipes tear, hands Otto Mr. Timothy Tidwell*
Broken-SilverWings chapter 7 . 12/30/2003
Yes! this chapter was short, but very good, but that was a very evil cliffhanger _ Please update soon! *wonders what Reggie's plan is... hm?*
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 6 . 12/29/2003
Whee! I loved this chapter! Wait, didn't I say that about previous chapters? Nah, I just love this fic in general.

Anywho, I liked the dream sequences a lot. I like what each symbolized. With Otto, to me, he sees Reggie as a motherly figure, somewhat, and doesn't want to lose her like he did with his mother.

As for Twister's dream sequence, that was very well done! I liked his best! His lost puppy representing Reggie and how he doesn't want to lose her or his close friendship with her, like with the puppy. I also got the impression that Twister feels that he could've done more for his puppy, in this case, Reggie before he "lost her," or "loses her." Am I close to right with that, or am I just over-analyzing? lol

Whee, the Squid told them what the deal was with Reggie. Too bad the two boys didn't listen to him. -_- I also have this feeling that Sam is going to buy ice cream for Reggie from the Supermarket.

The cutest part of this chapter was the stuff towards the end, where Twister gave Reggie his shark-tooth necklace. I noticed he always wore it too. I wonder where he got it from or why he wears it anyway...I like your explanation for it.

Twister felt very good for two reasons: one, he was being hugged by a girl; two, he had just done something to ease the emotional trauma of someone who had been suffering.

O, that's sorta what I was hinting at with the dream sequence, about how he felt bad for not helping out the puppy (Reggie) and now he has. _

Man I hope you update this really soon! I'm dying to know what happens next! _

I also must do this...

*Clicks favorite stories option*
Broken-SilverWings chapter 6 . 12/28/2003
Hey! 2 chapters _ that was nice of you! Nobody has been updating lately, I guess everyone's still tired from Christmas p
Anyway, I really liked both chapters, and yes, Twister's dream was extremely weird but I guess that's normal for him. I really liked the way Otto expresed his feeling toward Reg, I love it when we get to see this side of him. And probably everybody that knows me knows that I love Twist/Reg romance, so yeah... I liked it when he gave his necklace to her *hopes theres more romance in this fic* _~
Happy New Year!,
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