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SilvanElleth chapter 2 . 4/15
Oh, man! This is so good!
SilvanElleth chapter 1 . 4/15
This is one of the best fics I've read on here so far! I'm dying!
FanFiction Queen chapter 2 . 6/20/2013
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT... How many times should i repeat myself? I have been having a crappy day, and this story was just what i needed! THANK YOU!
Destined Darkness chapter 2 . 10/7/2009
Haha i think this is rather funny, i'm serious i have like bite marks trailing the side of my mouth from trying not to laugh, lol

firedrakegirl chapter 2 . 9/30/2009
More please!
rosethorn59 chapter 2 . 2/3/2009
Yes, at all costs, you should stay away from those darn fanfic writers. Especially if your names are Aragorn and Legolas. Those writers can be scary. You never know what kind of mischief they might be up to. Very good story!
StarLight9 chapter 2 . 3/30/2008
This was incredible! I laughted so hard!
Jess S1 chapter 2 . 2/18/2008
Finished reading chapter at (11:37 PM)











At (11:48 PM)

*Finally manages to pick self up off floor and climb back into computer chair*

OK! I think I can talk now! :-D

Wonderful job! Absolutely beautiful.

LOL. Poor Aragorn. We really are mean to him aren’t we? You know what makes it even worse? I was honestly looking for fics where Aragorn and/or Legolas were hurt/healing when I found your fan fics. LOL.

Great job. It’s been a while since a fan fic has really managed to strike my funny bone.

And now for comments on specifics, some of my favorite quotes were:

1) Aragorn’s rant “Doesn’t matter. I can be doing just fine, battling an orc or two, no injury not even a scratch and then before I know it, I’ve got an orc blade in my chest, a poisoned one I might add. After that, it’s all downhill. Within a matter of minutes adrenaline is the only thing keeping me standing and able to tolerate the pain without passing out. I’ve got more cuts and bruises then I can count and yet another knife wound in my leg. Then after all of the orcs have been dispatched, you come over to find me barely able to stand. Sometimes you’re in the same condition, sometimes not, it all depends on which of us the writers fancy. You ask how I’m doing and for some reason I say “fine”. I really don’t want to say it, but they make me. Then you patch me up as best you can and take me home to be fully healed by Elrond.”

2) The “Am-Not” Argument ... LOL

“That’s true,” Aragorn ignored the jab. “But it’s not because you’re an elf, it’s *them*. *They* make you act like that.”

“They do not,” Legolas retorted yet again. “I am in full control of my actions...”

“No you’re not,” the man shook his head, a disbelieving smile on his face.

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”



_* LOL

3) Aragorn’s going mad/afraid of US!

“He won’t get out of bed!” Legolas explained, exasperated as he pointed to the man on the bed.”

“What?” the two elves [Elladan & Elrohir] exclaimed in unison, shock evident in their voices...

“Why not?”

“He’s afraid...”

“Of what?”

“Them,” Legolas spoke again, not seeing the glare of anger he received from Aragorn.


“Don’t say it,” Aragorn warned, giving Legolas a stern look.

Ignoring him, the archer spoke. “The fan fic writers.”

“Not *them* again!” Elladan exclaimed in exasperation.

“I thought you were over this, Aragorn,” Elrohir looked disappointedly at Aragorn.

“*They’re dangerous!*” the man protested. “Don’t you see they control us all? We don’t have any say in our own actions!”


“Of course you two are in control of yourselves, they don’t do anything to you,” Aragorn explained as if they should have realized this already.

“And they do this to you?”

“Yes,” the man said impatiently. “They don’t let me alone. They’re always after me and when they’re not, they’re thinking of how best to hurt me the next time they get a hold of me... They delight in torture; they thrive on it. I doubt they could go through a single say without feeling the need to hurt me some way!”]

True... How true. Poor Aragorn! :-( But King’s have to be forged, don’t they? LOL Poor Aragorn.

4) The obligatory: “I knew this would happen”

“I knew this would happen. I just knew it,” Legolas mumbled angrily under his breath.

“It’s not my fault,” Aragorn protested. “It’s—”

“*Them*,” the elves finished in monotone, irritation evident in their voices.

5) “Out there I can get away... I hope.”

“No, I’m going... There’s no point in staying here anymore. If they can get me here, they can get me out there. The only difference is out there I can get away!” Aragorn said, “I hope...” he added under his breath...

“You cannot leave,” Legolas pleaded... “You don’t need to; no one is out to get you.”

“I can and I’m going,” he told them decisively and headed for the door.]

Personally, I think he should have under his breath there, “...and yes THEY are.” But I guess that’s just me.


“Of course they hurt me, I probably have a severe head injury from that fall that won’t show up until later and then I’ll become deathly ill from it, but I don’t care. As for the cold, I’d imagine it is pneumonia; I seem to get that a lot. It’ll be the worst cast Ada has seen in a while... you’ll all fear I’m going to die. Doesn’t matter though, because I still don’t care... I have to get away from THEM.”

7) Aragorn’s gone crazy point two

“He is ill,” Elladan informed his father, pushing through the doorway to get to Aragorn. Behind him, Elrohir and Elrond followed.

“In more than one way I fear,” Legolas muttered, before joining them.

8) The obligatory “I’m fine!”

“I’m fine,” Aragorn assured them. Then he realized what he had said and curse under his breath before adding quickly, “I’m going.”

9) The Ending

“I’m fine,” Aragorn mumbled as blackness crept further into his vision and he felt himself falling backwards...

“Yeah right,” Legolas muttered in reply as he caught Aragorn’s quickly falling body...

“Those DARN fan fic writers!” the four elves muttered under their breath as they knelt to tend to Aragorn’s injuries in the middle of the House of Elrond’s entrance hall.


Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Once again, thank you so much for making me laugh.

And now I’m off to peruse more of your fan fics. :-D

Bye for now! _

~ Jess S
Jess S1 chapter 1 . 2/18/2008



Oh bravo! That was absolutely beautiful! _

And there's another whole chapter after this! FANTASTIC! ... Um... I'd say more but I want to go read now. Very good job.

Bye for now! _

~ Jess S
Pein Rikudou chapter 2 . 4/5/2007
This is so funny! I'm laughing so hard I'm going to end up like poor Aragorn. And the best thing about it is - it's all true! We ARE out to get him! I loved how everyone else was in denial about the writers until after Aragorn was unconscious.

I loved every single bit of this story, and I'm going to read it again!

Sevilodorf chapter 2 . 12/31/2006
ROTFL Both chapters are wonderful. I plead guilty, not of inflicting injury to Aragorn, but most assuredly to others. Did catch one typo.. delirious form the pain... should be from.
Cutiepie2191 chapter 2 . 9/18/2006
That was hilarious! It had me laughing out loud! Keep up the good work!:)
elf-meat chapter 2 . 8/28/2006
lol that was just too funny
Angel Press chapter 2 . 8/23/2006
I feel so sorry for Gorny...But it is true...Couldn't someone write a story were everything goes right and no one is to die? *Sigh* Poor baby...*Gives band-aid and pat on back*

-The Angel
Adar chapter 1 . 8/20/2006
oh! oh! oh! idea! idea! let's make Elladan and Elrohir suffer!

"No, I’m going, there’s no point in me staying here anymore. If 'they' can get me here, 'they' can get me out there. The only difference is, out there I can get away,’ Aragorn said. ‘I hope,’" poor poor Aragorn so scared and nobody understands his plight.

that's unfair! he not so much a kluts as to fall down a stairway intentionously... oh maybe it is "them"...

oh well at least they finally believed him :) keep it up :)

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