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Raye chapter 10 . 10/1/2007
This fic is very good and you should continue this as soon as possible. It is truly orginal I believe.
Britney chapter 8 . 3/25/2007
this story is really great and i hope you can finish it soon.
Aliryn chapter 10 . 8/11/2006

I find this story really, really well-written-a lot better than most. You have a few grammar and spelling errors, but those may be typos rather than mistakes, and are rare.

Also, this plot is FASCINATING! It's really original. There's a lot of AUs out there, but most of them are high school-based. Which, in and of itself, isn't bad, but they're often by people who couldn't write their way out of a tissue paper cocoon. Also, it's hard to come up with an original plot in the same setting, especially when high school is often a shallow place and so many people write it that way, even if they don't have to, simply because they do not know any better... they do not understand substance, or at least do not understand its significance and value.

Ah, but I'm getting off the point... -again-. (I'm terrible at that-absolutely terrible.)

But the plot really gets my attention. I loved the way Kagome and Inuyasha were such awesome friends from the beginning, and that strong bond between them...

Um, this is kind of juvinile and idealistic of me, but... I've always believed-or at leasted hoped and wanted to believe-with all of me that there's only one true love for everyone, and if there's a problem it's because people are confused, not because they're truly in love with more than one person. I therefore also have a problem with remarriage, too.

I know that's selfish and stupid, especially since I've never been involved with a boy in the slightest in my entire life (and I'm twenty years old -_-;; actually I've purposely avoided it, but that's a totally different topic...)

In any case, that sort of idealism is why I love stories like yours. Strong relationship, strong bond, and no doubts. No one outside to even sort of interfere, and no one inside the relationship has mixed feelings either.

Really, I doubt that ever happens in the real world. But I can sort of stand it, even though it tears me up inside, beacuse I don't live in the real world; I spend all my time with stories, and I'm made up of dreams.

In any case, I really, really enjoy that bond. It's so... significant. Such depth and substance.

That reminds me of the part where Kagome's dad died. I really felt for that. My father died when I was eleven years old, and I know just what it's like. Moreover, though it may sound trite, my cat died recently, and that might even be worse; that sounds terrible, doesn't it? But she was my best friend since before either of us were old enough to remember. And she was the only reason I got through many points of my life, including my father's death-she was -always- there. And I've felt so much more vulnerable to the mention of death since then, like I was back when I was eleven years old, the idea ringing through my head of how my father killed himself, the truth of it echoing withing my skull...

Anyway, I liked how you made sure not to have her get over it -too- soon. It was still kind of soon when she started acting a bit more normal, but there was so much other stuff going on that "normal" was a very relative, unstable term. I suppose being caught up in it all would start to... I dunno. Relegate it to the back of her mind. It wouldn't make it all go away; I know that much. If you don't feel it now you will later-I know that for certain. The things I spoke of that happened to me were only the greatest tragedies of my life... there were countless others...

Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you how she reacted seemed pretty accurate. I didn't want to eat. Actually, I haven't eaten right since I was fifteen or sixteen years old... heh heh heh. Also, to let you know that she'd probably be hit with it later, in case it didn't occur to you. I'm not attempting to tell you how to write; that's just something I know from experience. Being distracted, no matter what by, doesn't make it go away. It only pushes it away for a little while. I still haven't really dealt with my dad dying, and that was nine years ago. But that's because I refuse to deal with it, so that wouldn't be true for everyone.

And all of the other stuff. The whole setup of the world around them, for one. I've rarely seen a story with the modern times with youkai and humans in the same society, but seperate, not like that. It's really amazing. I can truly say I've never read something a -lot- like that. Maybe a couple just barely, but they're still way different, and I really, -really- like how you do it.

And that thing with Dai and the Four Souls and Kagome being the Shikon no Tama...



just -wow-.

I've never seen anything even sort of like that! Not by a long shot! That is so freaking COOL!

*tries to calm down. it isn't working*

I really admire people like you who can write so well-I mean, I suppose I write well, everyone says so-and I'm talking about educated, trustworthy people, not people in my class during high school or something. (Though they did too.) As far as the mechanics go, it's great. And I'm wonderful at characterisation, at least from what I can tell, but I don't show anyone what I write because I'm slightly paranoid.

But my real problem is coming up with an original plot. I'm slowly developing a few plots over time, but the stories I'm currently working on seem really, really... chliche.

In any case, I really admire your writing. It's well done as far as mechaniscs, characterisation, plot, aesthetics...

Really, just wow.

Most stories I read have one or two or even three of those but rarely do they have them all.

So I'm really, really impressed; more than I could ever really express.

(Just out of curiosity, why is it labelled "General/Humour"? That doesn't really fit...)

I realise you haven't updated for a year and a half or so, and may never continue this story, and may not even ever see this review. But if you do, and if there's not some reason you can't, I'd like to encourage you to continue. This is a wonderful story, and deserves to be completed.

Thank you for writing this story. Even if you never contintue, you've contributed greatly to the enrichment of my life.
SamiChan chapter 1 . 4/22/2006
I love this story it's great! I just realized that you also wrote "To bind a Soul" and now I have to add you to fav authors I was so addicted to that story I read it twice in a month Please keep writing all these great stories!

SamuariGirl chapter 10 . 9/14/2005
this is a really awsome story when are you going to update it please make it soon i hate suspence.
ChildOfDoom chapter 10 . 8/15/2005
cool story, update soon.
elaine chapter 10 . 7/13/2005
UPDATE! it's really good. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! o.~
wind-up toy chapter 10 . 3/24/2005
shaid chapter 10 . 2/27/2005
o... wow.. you know, I wasn't sure I was going to like this but it's a great AU and I'm really enjoying it! I hope you can update soon.
Belldandychan chapter 1 . 2/7/2005
I love this story it's great! I just realized that you also wrote "To bind a Soul" and now I have to add you to fav authors I was so addicted to that story I read it twice in a month Please keep writing all these great stories!

Izayoi Tashio 18 chapter 1 . 2/6/2005
love it
Kerica chapter 10 . 2/6/2005
OMG! i love your story. it is well written and i can't wait for the next chapter. however, i would be happy if when you were swiching sceans, like from Dai to Inuyasha, if you could please do somthing like - or /\/\/\/\/\ or whatever. please? it would make it much less confusing.

thanks alot,

ty-maica chapter 10 . 2/5/2005
Dun dun dun DUN!

Lol, I just HAD to do that.

His father has made an appereance, your updated chapter hasn't though.

Keep writing, I am to wonder if the idiots (the thunder brothers) will be killed in more than a day.
wufeicustom chapter 10 . 2/2/2005
Hey loved reading your story "To bind a soul" (read it twice actually) so im sure ill love this, anyway can't wait to read the next chap
Silvermoon maru chapter 10 . 2/2/2005
Oh poor Shippou... I like that Inuyasha is so proctective with his "pack". wonder if Kagome is gonna fight with them too.

Glad you are back on business :)
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