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bubblecloudz chapter 26 . 4/5
Oh dear lord this ending im in tears
so much happened here
it was confusing at times but worth it.
Thanks for the ride.
Kisaki Sakura chapter 26 . 3/9
Amazing. I fell in love with the story right at the first paragraph.

Honstly, it was the best Drarry I ever read. Somehow I hoped, that you wouldn't let the war be such a force in the end and all would be a little lighter (in the last few chapters).

Your portraying of the charakters were great! Well done, I'm slihtly dazed, so finally there is one thing left to be said: You have talent - keep going!
jeannie kaulitz chapter 26 . 3/1
From start to finish, it had the same angst and dread feeling that is just in the surface, I felt that even in the first chapter I don't know why... the battle scene was Awesome, to say the least 'cause no words have I got to say more on how it all went. It was all well described, on how Harry felt to all how the War's taking place and the dread and casualties that is killing almost all the DA members and Hogwarts and the mind attack of Voldemort and all his morbid followers and Percy, they didn't even check if he was imperious ed by some death eater or something to save him... I just hoped that at least Draco confessed it all on Harry of what he did while he was sleeping in the infirmary, I was waiting for that to happen! You know, for a bit of closure... 'cause Draco got nobody but Harry and Snape, and he got to let it all out. Anyway, I just hoped he managed to say "I love you" at least. I mean, I don't ever remember Draco telling Harry that, just Harry. The fan page that said that the ending was bittersweet was true and I agree with them, especially the photo scene, that one went straight through me. It's saying 'innocence lost' all over and growing up very young. That's just a childhood ruiner. I feel for them, really. Even if it's just a fic.

And I must say, this has one of the most Awesome battle scenes that I have read here in . Can I mention one? Shadowed Malice by oceanbreeze7, it's not hpdm but he also uses mind magic just like you, just a bit crazier one especially in the end. I'm not trying to compare the two but you two have awesome describing skills about the battles in your own ways and it's a great trip to dream land. Thanks!
Guest chapter 26 . 2/23
Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
Carling chapter 26 . 1/16
Absolutely amazing. And you did do a wonderful job of letting us get to know Draco better and developing his relationship with Harry. It's still a bit odd that he'd sleep around with a dozen or so people but then again, he's a lost soul himself. It just shows Harry is really in love with him and that their relationship is going to go forward pretty strong despite everything that could have completely shredded it.

Your final battle is actually a lot more interesting to read than canon. Your story is actually far more complex and the way you resolved the question of how Voldemort clung to immortality was infinitely more interesting than the whole Horcrux deal. I can't get over how tedious it was to go through that whole tracking down of Horcruxes.

It was entirely claustrophobic because it narrowed down the entire story to just Ron, Harry and Hermione and put everyone else at the periphery.

With your story we got to see more character development get shared amongst all the interesting characters. We got to see the battle unfold with all of the brave DA students.

And best of all you did not kill off Tonks, Remus, and Severus and Dumbledore. And you kept Dumbledore from being a person who would groom a child for death. Instead the worst secret he was keeping was that Harry would have to master a dementor. That's bad, but not as horrifying a betrayal of trust as canon Dumbledore perpetrated.
Carling chapter 24 . 1/16
I was a bit confused at Percy's behavior. He seemed dazed and I thought he had been coming out of the Imperius curse and was shocked to realize where he was and what he had been forced to do. You'd indicated that Sev had once seen or made a father kill his own family so I wondered if Percy had been made to do the same. But then you indicated the shock was more from realizing they'd not been covered and were used as bait for Harry.

Ah...and here we do see Pansy again. How strange and sad that Draco is forced to fight the woman he used to sleep with. All the family members are forced to fight against each other. It's ugly.
Carling chapter 23 . 1/16
Draco has some nerve, with the accusations of two timing, given that he was cheating on his fiancée, Pansy, all this time with Harry...and vice versa. Nobody has mentioned Pansy but I felt the pain of her betrayal when she dove for the portkey. Harry himself had determined she wasn't evil or anything vile. She was just human and flawed and caught up as much as any of the other Slytherin children. It's easy to overlook her pain and betrayal, as she is a minor character to us. But to herself, her whole world came undone as she clearly had adored Draco on some level. I wonder if we will see her again.

Having said all that, I understand Draco's reaction. He's still just a kid after all.
Carling chapter 22 . 1/16
At long last...a real meaty conversation with Draco and insight into his incredibly perceptive mind...not just a pretty face! I really enjoyed that.

I'm a bit exasperated with Severus. In the context of fan fiction I can understand many people finding him an appealing partner to Harry. And if I'm not mistaken, the age of consent in Britain is sixteen, so I suppose Sev isn't breaking any laws in his world if he fancies the U.S, however he'd be risking jail. But really, Sev is an adult who is twenty years older than Harry. He is Harry's teacher. He has been in a position of strong influence over Harry. He has been in love with Harry's parents. So he is being really inappropriate acting like a jilted lover. He's a grown man and needs to get a hold of himself and act like one. Harry shouldn't feel guilty and feel like he should shun his boyfriend so as to not step on his teacher's feelings. That is just ridiculous! It's not like he is engaging in public displays of affection with Draco in potions class, for heaven's sake!

Really, if Ginny could get a hold of her emotions and do what's best for Harry, Sev needs to at least try. I feel sorry for him, really I do, but there's a war going on. He needs to man up.
Carling chapter 20 . 1/16
You know, you depict the war in a more gritty, realistic way than it was presented to us in canon. JKR sent the main characters off on the Horcrux hunt that dragged on and on and bored me to tears, honestly. You, on the other hand, have Harry training and being trained and doing all kinds of wild things that make sense for a story about war.

Poor Luna. I feel bad she is in love with an idiot!

Draco sure chose a colorful turn of phrase to out himself!
Carling chapter 19 . 1/16
This chapter finally brought much needed dialogue between Draco and Harry. With such complicated issues between them, though, it IS hard to see what Harry wants with him beyond his stellar good looks, lol!

I don't see Harry/Snape at all. I see a really good mentor relationship going, but romantic. Nah...I just don't see it. It seems almost incestuous, given that Snape's feelings originated out of attraction for Harry's dad..AND mum...and how weirdly unusual is THAT?
Carling chapter 18 . 1/16
I love the story as a whole. But the sad thing is so far the parts with Draco just don't work. It's like you let us get to see and feel what it's like to be in a relationship with all the other characters, but the moment Draco is in the scene, you take us several steps back in perspective by changing the point of view to a more remote one. You've made Draco too enigmatic so that really it's harder to see why Harry chose him, whereas we know Ginny and Sev by this point.

And there is never any real transition with Draco. Harry is either shagging him or giving him the cold shoulder. When there was supposedly talking and getting to know one another, you took us away from that and described it as a summary in the form of telling us they talked and talked. We were never as readers present for that emotional intimacy the way we are for the bonding between Harry and Ginny and Severus.

It's hard for me to accurately describe what I'm meaning because it's all a bit subtle, how you've "dis-favored" Draco. I do know from reading comments of other reviewers over the years that I'm not the only one who feels this way. But so far nobody has fully articulated and conveyed to you precisely how you've alienated Draco. I know I'm failing at this. But anyway, when other readers commented that this does not feel like a Harry/Draco story, I think we are all picking up on the same thing.

It's not that Draco is absent from the page...even when he's there and having full technicolor sex with Harry right under our noses, we still have no sense of him at all. It seems or really is "just sex" with this character. That's really all you've done with him. He's just a pretty blond that Harry goes off and shags...wham, bam! thanks...time to get back to my real friends now.

I get the feeling you just never warmed up to Draco yourself and ended up falling in love with other characters more. Because let me tell you, your Ginny is such a shocking improvement over canon. It's like THIS is what Ginny should have been, but JKR never got the feel for how to write her, but you did! She is finally a fully realized individual and if canon Ginny had been this great, I could see why Harry chose her, instead of looking at the epilogue and going wtf?

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story because it really is filled with so much action and humor and real gritty drama. But I'm no longer reading for interaction and a relationship development with Draco. If it happens I will be delightfully surprised. If not, I'll live.
Carling chapter 10 . 1/14
So far this story is amazing. I can see it was written some time ago. I think it should be on more favorite story lists.

Ginny is fabulous here. I'm a Drarry shipper these days so I'm used to seeing Ginny bashed or turned into the sister figure very quick and painlessly to get her out of the way as a romantic obstacle. I've gotten used to viewing her with contempt, or annoyance, or apathy.

You've blasted past those cliches and given Ginny such substance and done such justice to her feelings and point of view, thus keeping her close to canon and not turning her into a caricature. I feel for her heartbreak and the hug she gives Harry that's about both holding on to what she can and letting go of what she can't have.

Her love for Harry is real and pure and I can't resent her for it. In fact, your story makes me feel more kindly disposed to that wretched canon epilogue. It will be your Ginny I think of when I think of the epilogue.
Dbp chapter 26 . 1/11
Wow! That was a brilliant story. Thorough and extremely well done. Thank you for sharing it.
Lucy Kent chapter 26 . 1/7
This was amazing. I hate you for it, because you ripped my heart out multiple times, but amazing none-the-less. You made me fall in love with Vincent Crabbe for goodness sake. Please keep writing. And thank you for writing this story.
NX-Loveless-XN chapter 6 . 1/1
OMG Luna Luna... I can not articulate how amazing she was in this chapter. Drops dead.
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