Reviews for Harry's Savior
peacepuppy1220 chapter 48 . 11/13
i love this story!
VanriddleZ chapter 7 . 9/16
This story is very strange, but I like it.
daithi4377 chapter 2 . 9/15
I understand why Harry is doing what he is doing. Obviously it's after fourth year but possibly before fifth since he still has his broom and the Toad hasn't confiscated it at Hogwarts. But Voldemort isn't explaining anything and every time Harry has met up with Tom he gas tried to kill Harry so yeah without even a bit of an explain action I wouldn't want to stay there either lol.
daithi4377 chapter 1 . 9/15
Stupidity abounds in the Dursleys household.
Guest chapter 48 . 7/21
Loved this story! When will the sequel be added? Can't wait to read it :)
Loes-chan chapter 48 . 5/24
where can I find the sequel...?
Loes-chan chapter 39 . 5/24
maybe your teacher is just being strict on you because she sees your potential?
Just keep believing n yourself!

Sorry for not leaving you an review earlier
When I find a completed story I tend to just read chapter after chapter without pausing
I really like your story! it's interesting how the evil in Tom moved on when he became good, that's very original
Poor harry, still suffering from that horrible drug and also the ministry yet again keeping him away from Tom?
I don't understand how Severus can kidnap Draco, doesn't he need to go to school? Or will he homeschool him from this point?

A few times before I wondered 'does Sylvia not know you can just reply to individual review with a pm?' but then I realized this is an old story and that function might not have been there back then.
You might be really surprised to still get reviews from a story that you wrote so long ago, right? :)
Hope you are still writing :)
Irie27 chapter 21 . 4/23
I don't trust Dumbledore. At all.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 48 . 3/27
Insane Fangirl chapter 4 . 3/22
Oh. Wow. When Matthew said go limp, I imagined that Harry went limp in his arms, like some sort of soap opera!
RosaConnor12 chapter 11 . 12/13/2015
I like how Tom took up being Harry's teacher and I can see him being like a father figure and Matthew an older brother figure liked it showed in this chapter. Great job with this and also I like that it was Lucius who is practically on his way to be the next dark lord since Tom isn't doing much of anything now.
PadfootIsMyHomeDawg chapter 29 . 12/4/2015
I love how they were betting on his name that was hilarious especially when the judge noticed them lol
lilyjen09 chapter 48 . 9/14/2015
Oooh! I was really hoping for some more Tom and Harry interaction! Are you still planning on a sequel?
lilyjen09 chapter 45 . 9/14/2015
There have been a few contradictory things in this story. Once it was meantioned about Draco and the Astronomy tower... When did this start? I thought it was fourth year...
lilyjen09 chapter 33 . 9/12/2015
How did the DA find the door if Ron locked it? wouldn't it disappear since peoplewere using it/ Did Ron just forget to make sure it wouldn't show itself to anybody? Good thing though
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