Reviews for The Handprint
Moment For Life chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
Just found this, it is still one of my favourite fics after I first read it years ago!
Eagle20 chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
Wow this is a great story. It's captivating in the beginning and the middle, and the end is happy. It would've been good if the movie had been like this. Great job!
reman chapter 1 . 1/24/2013
great story .. make a part 2 of this
Mindless Dreaming chapter 1 . 9/16/2010
this is really good. ur officially on my favorite author's list :D
Miss Ter chapter 1 . 7/27/2008
short but sweet. i like it
Anime Onnanoko chapter 1 . 1/6/2008
aww that was really sweet, that is what should have happened!
Nadine Dawson chapter 1 . 8/13/2007
That was one of the best.

Ruth always was hard but really when you get down to it she was in love once too

that was great
LilRoseBud chapter 1 . 8/2/2007
That was a beautiful story! Deep down, I always wanted to believe that Ruth loved her daughter enough to accept her feelings toward Jack. Keep up the fantastic writing!

Take Care,

Rose D.
McPhantom chapter 1 . 4/29/2007
I wish this is what had happened!
jade598 chapter 1 . 5/6/2006
I Need More Cowbell chapter 1 . 2/5/2006
this is really good! *claps*
Ophelia chapter 1 . 4/17/2005
Uv got an amazing talent for writing. Your story is beautiful.
eponine caulfield chapter 1 . 11/5/2004
OMG! This has to be the best story I've EVER read! OMG! This is so good! PLEASE MAKE IT A CHAPTER STORY! Like, you coul make Jack live and wrote about their life or whatnot. OMG! i LOV IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!

pudding bowl fringe chapter 1 . 8/14/2004
This was bloody brilliant. Hats off to Ms Anne Blair!
iwry-always chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Oh god, that was great. Fantastic alternate plot, gonna go and read the sequel now.
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