Reviews for Harry Potter and the Impossibility of Time Travel
Guest chapter 27 . 1/3
This is amazing and I hope that you write more fanfiction.
tammgrogan chapter 5 . 11/14/2016
Wonderful story, I'm really enjoying it.
Guest chapter 42 . 10/8/2016
love love looovvve this. I spent the whole day reading this and don't regret a moment of it!
EeveeKey chapter 23 . 8/22/2016
I saw the Draco and Hermione thing a mile away. A few many chapters away from when it was revealed. I don't like it in the slightest, and desperately hoped that Ron and Hermione would stay together... but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I guess I'm just sad, and wished that you could have warned us in the description of the story... I despise Hermione/Draco stories. They don't make sense to me in the slightest, unless it was an AU where Draco wasn't that much of a dickbag. But this is a good story, so I'm going to leave it at that. I'll continue reading, because this really is a good story.
WriterJace chapter 42 . 6/11/2016
A great story, I loved it! There are a few commas that follow the German grammar rules rather than the English ones, but nothing too distracting. I really enjoyed reading this, especially the bit about the beginnings of Draco and Hermione's relationship.
Telpetari chapter 42 . 6/5/2016
Wow... das war eine echt gute Geschichte... Ich dachte, ich nutze es einfach mal aus, dass der Autor aus Deutschland kommt, und schreibe ein Review auf Deutsch;) mir hat der Verlauf echt gut gefallen, es hat sich flüssig lesen lassen. Der Tod von Ron War echt schade, aber es hat gepasst... irgendwie um ehrlich zu sein: es hätte sogar gepasst, wenn Harry gestorben wäre... In deine Geschichte schon, keine Ahnung, wie du das angestellt hast;) wie dem auch sei, alles in allem eine sehr schöne Geschichte!
(PS: bist du auch auf ? Ich schon, unter dem Namen Eldariel. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ich von dir höre!)
Solaria Sunstone chapter 42 . 6/4/2016
This really was a great story. Good job :)

Solaria Sunstone xxx
MrsH chapter 42 . 4/5/2016
Thanks for sharing your interesting story. I've read a lot of fan fiction, and a lot of time travel stories, but yours is unique. I could nitpick some small grammar and word use errors, but they weren't serious enough to detract from the story.

Your talent shows clearly in the story, and I enjoyed it very much
Guest chapter 4 . 2/26/2016
Interesting story so far. I'm excitited to read
snewby chapter 42 . 1/21/2016
One word for the entire story: awesome.
qwerty19 chapter 42 . 11/17/2015
THIS WAS AWESOME! I loved this story. Definitely not like other time travel fics, yet still amazing nonetheless!
brightflare chapter 42 . 8/3/2015
Excellent story!
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 1 . 7/15/2015
read marker
Katie chapter 42 . 6/20/2015
AWW! This is soo cute! I can't imagine why this story dosent have more reviews! 3
sherryola chapter 42 . 2/19/2015
Wow. Though some things in this story were quite hard, Ron's death for one, you wrote an incredible story. very interesting and unique. i hope someday you might come back and write a sequel. I'd love to see what happens in both timelines, particularly the alternate. But either way, I'm glad I finally took a chance on this.
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