Reviews for Buffy the Youkai Slayer
Vanessa Masters chapter 20 . 10/16
HE KISSED HER! Inuyasha! (falls over in faint)
Vanessa Masters chapter 19 . 10/16
Kagura, actually caring for Kohaku, kinda sweet.

And Buffy holds her own against Naraku.
Vanessa Masters chapter 16 . 10/16
Love Koug's persepctive, he even agrees with Inuyasha, unknowingly, that Kagome spoils Shippo.

Oh boy, Kouga is full wolf now! O.o
Vanessa Masters chapter 15 . 10/16
Oh no, Kagura is gonna try to kill Shippo!

All so she can be free of Naraku!
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 10/16
Oh boy, Kouga shows up, Inuyasha jealous as always.
And Kouga gets looked at from Buffy. LOL
He wears NOTHING under that kilt? O/O
Oh, Kagura shows up!
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 10/16
So, Buffy reveals her, not so human lover, shocking Sango a bit.

And hearing how Sango dug herself out of her grave, a bad flashback as it was similar to buffy's buried alive. :(

But she reassures Sango, and proves, and confirms, that Sango is a slayer.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 10/16
Buffy learning to wield the boomerang, awesome! :D

And could Sango be a slayer? Hmmmm!
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 10/16
LOL Kagome the leader!
And yoki, huh? And Sango has it too, but to lesser degree. Maybe a history lesson on Slayers is called for later?
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 10/16
Yep, a little brawl should straighten things out.

Oh boy, Inuyasha learns what a slayer is about.

Also, I can't wait to see Buffy's reaction to Sango using her boomerang, or mioku's wind tunnel... ;
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 10/16
Oh, Inuyasha, so bitter and jealous. Buffy is not trying to take over, and replace you...but with his past. I guess he has reason to fear that people will not want him anymore.

And buffy, recognizing that Sango lost someone.
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 10/16
Hahahaah! Buffy telling Kagome her 'sit' is the best move, EVER.

Awwww~ And the bit, Kagome's mom hugging Inuyasha, and telling him his mom would say the same. So sweet, brought tears to my eyes!

And Buffy learns Inuyasha is half-demon, and meets Shippo.

And she doesn't like him back-handing Shippo. me neither.
Vanessa Masters chapter 5 . 10/16
LOL Buffy, saying 'screw you dog-boy' :D

Love the whole, Kagome getting Inuyasha to bathe, and then sweetly blow drying, and combing his hair. So sweet.

I wonder how Kagome will react to buffy's warning about 'demon lovers?' XD
Vanessa Masters chapter 4 . 10/16
Oh dear, Kagome and Inuyasha, stranded on this side of the well!
Vanessa Masters chapter 3 . 10/16
Well, Buffy will learn about Hanyo now it seems. But glad she saved Kagome, this is coming along awesome like :D

I bet Buffy could've taken Inuyasha. ;)
Vanessa Masters chapter 2 . 10/16
Oooh! Buffy shows up! Now it's gonna get good!
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