Reviews for Trick Stair
DramioneLurver chapter 13 . 4/4/2010
See, I like the serious AND the humour! So it WORKS! YAY!

Ahem. Anyway, adored the chappie, it was fantastic as always!
DramioneLurver chapter 12 . 4/4/2010
HAHAHAHAHA! Love it. Oh, the scars all kids received thanks to sex ed. The horror!

No, seriously... it sucks. No ten year old should have to watch a movie where someone's mum makes ovary pancakes to explain periods.


Bad... *twitch* memories... *twitch*

Must get thought out! Must read more!
DramioneLurver chapter 11 . 4/4/2010
Who doesn't like a little seriousness? Is that a word? It should be. Because I use it often, that's why. Anyway, sometimes it's necessary to be serious. And it can be all personal and revealing or sweet and nice. Adored the chappie!
DramioneLurver chapter 10 . 4/4/2010
Yay for questions and answers and revealing personal information!
DramioneLurver chapter 9 . 4/4/2010
Ah, yes! More fun! Love their interaction. It's amazing, as always!
DramioneLurver chapter 8 . 4/4/2010
Oh, I love the singing chapter! It was funny when Hermione didn't want to say 'groovy,' hehehe. Great chappie, as always!
DramioneLurver chapter 7 . 4/4/2010

But it says SO much!
DramioneLurver chapter 6 . 4/4/2010
Aw, yes. More fighting. I LOVE arguing! It's so fun to read.

And on I go...
DramioneLurver chapter 5 . 4/4/2010
Oh, they've started with the first names! And soon will be the games! I can't wait to read it! (Again!) As fabulous as always!
DramioneLurver chapter 4 . 4/4/2010
Hehe, so funny! I love the way you write both Draco and Hermione. You have their characters so perfectly, and the interaction between them is simply magnificent!
DramioneLurver chapter 3 . 4/4/2010
Oh, yes! I remember this... so funny! Draco asking about bicycles... lol! Fantastic chapter, as always!
DramioneLurver chapter 2 . 4/4/2010
Hahahahahahaha! LOVE it!
DramioneLurver chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
You know, I think I've read this fantabulous piece at least three times, and I've never reviewed! What a horrible person I am! Because it's freakin amazing! It's a CLASSIC!
arirido chapter 22 . 1/31/2010
I never thought I could enjoy a story based purely on conversation but the way you wrote it was absolutely amazing and it kept me hooked! Great job! :D
Scrya V chapter 22 . 1/19/2010
i somewhat understood the ending. the impression i got was they got pulled out, and draco somehow got kicked in the face so he stopped saying hermione's name halfway, then they both fell down the stairs. then i read ur explanation and i went "HA! I'M A GENIUS!"

i'm off to read the sequel~ this wonderful sequel of yours~
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