Reviews for I Have Paperwork To Catch Up On
starryeyes10 chapter 8 . 4/19/2008
great story
SpaceMonkey0941 chapter 8 . 1/19/2007
wow, what a great story! I totally love it! interesting ending, I never expected sam to be the one to give up the military.

great 'ficlet, loved it!
monstermunch3435 chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
great story!
JamSack at chapter 8 . 8/26/2005
But they've been married for years so it worked out okay. He was a bit hesitant in asking her the second time, but for a middle-aged couple they really are sweet. Plus they have a son who's just about my age! He's quite good looking lol!

May I say it again. A stupendous story!
JamSack at chapter 8 . 8/26/2005
A great story! I loved it! And I think the scrabble thing is a great idea! I know a friend of the family who asked his girlfriend to marry him by spelling out the words 'marry me' on the scrabble board. Cliched and corny, but it was really sweet! It's a shame that she didn't notcie because he had to cheat to get the right letters! Scrabble is good when using it like that, i don't like playing it otherwise!
NG chapter 8 . 2/20/2004
Hey it was sweet. Okay granted not totally the chapter I was looking for but still terrific.
Well Done!
the female apophis chapter 8 . 2/19/2004
well, i loved it.
it was a bit of a cliche, but i don't mind!
can't wait to see what your next brilliant idea is!
much love to ya!
Cathain Nottingham chapter 8 . 2/19/2004
Yay! It's true that it was an abrupt ending but it was a great one nonetheless :) You had me laughing when Jack is trying to run his "hypothetical" question by Hammond and I loved Sam's line of "I'm glad I have permission to be with Daniel. That's just what I've always wanted." This is such a great series that I'm sad to see it go but at the same time happy because of the "happy" ending. This was a terrific series, be very proud of youself :)
The Twilight Writer chapter 8 . 2/19/2004
Aw...that was so cute!
And different, most people who do one of them becoming a civillian have Jack becoming was a nice change. :D
~The Twilight Writer
Mara Jade Jedi chapter 8 . 2/19/2004
OOH! nice ending!
And it is fairly realistic! Not 100% foolproof, but it was well written and was a nice, happy shipper ending, which is allways good!
Well done! Lots of computer chocolate and praise for you methinks! :D
I could sing cheesy cliff richards songs if you like "Congratulations, and jubilations..."
or not.
Well done! :D
Sci Fi Fan Gillian chapter 8 . 2/19/2004
Great chapters.
charlie-sjer chapter 7 . 2/18/2004
Looking forward to the next chapter, although I'm sad it will be the last.
Horsefly chapter 7 . 2/17/2004
Ah! what's his idea. PPLEASE udate soon!
Horsefly chapter 6 . 2/17/2004
Yes, I'm ending it there for now. And it's really short.. And I'm sure you all hate me.. Yes we do! Ah well I forgive u.
Horsefly chapter 5 . 2/17/2004
AH! How could u leave us like that! I really like your story I didn't think you were ever going to update.
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