Reviews for Hot Soup
Hot Ice Cold Fire 72 chapter 4 . 10/7/2017
i laughed so much that my stomach is hurting now
luved it

The Jovial loves Anime chapter 1 . 10/7/2017
love the story...
i m so glad that kaiser wasn't ooc and man it was really funny... keep up the good work author !
andysanime chapter 4 . 1/11/2011
Good job on this story.
Anime Onnanoko chapter 4 . 10/4/2010
aww see Kai can be nice, lol good story
NothingVentured chapter 4 . 3/4/2007
Heh, that's cute. Kai's worried! Anyhoo... great story. Good grammer, original ideas, nice detail. Keep up the good work!
animepie chapter 4 . 2/15/2006
Aw! _
annoying talking animal chapter 4 . 9/13/2005
THAT was good!

aw, I felt so bad for poor Maxie :'( But that was a really good ending! This is being added to my faves... Yeah. VERY good, did I mention that?
S. Chensu and Luff chapter 4 . 7/28/2005
Heh, Kai being nice...that seems odd. And Tyson being his usual loud, obnoxious self…that’s not quite so odd. But anyway...

Good story, I quite liked it! Especially all those incidents with the soup. And it was good you explained bout Draciel being a turtle...I didn’t know that. This is what happens when you’ve only just got into something. At any rate, this story made me laugh and it was cool to see that Kai was being nice to Max, even if it wasn’t for long...

Anyway, keep up the good work!

S. Chensu x.

P.S. You might get a random e-mail from me some point soon. If so, please take a minute to read and don’t worry, it’s not chain mail!
CyborgRockStar chapter 4 . 6/21/2005
that was brilliant! well-written and extremely funny and totally original! ~_

have a nice day
person chapter 4 . 3/12/2005
Morgan Le Fay chapter 4 . 7/25/2004
i loved your story! you almost killed tyson-hehehe anywhoo great job!
Tai-writer chapter 4 . 6/23/2004
YAY YAY! Kai has a heart... a real one that ISN'T surrounded by ice and ISN'T made of stone!
medaspecefighterx chapter 4 . 3/18/2004
Hey! great nfanfic i really laughed a lot , you have a great sense of humor , and the change you made to Kai's personality I really liked it! Hope you to write a sequel !
a7xvampire chapter 4 . 2/18/2004
lol omg that is so funny please keep on writing!
kai kai kai lol
from biggist fan...serena
NettikGirl chapter 4 . 1/22/2004
I love it!
And this is your FIRST fic? O_o
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