Reviews for Fallen
CJ chapter 27 . 12/10
Is Ginny starting to like Harry?
CJ chapter 26 . 12/9
This is long and interesting.
CJ chapter 25 . 11/30
Are Harry and Ginny ever going to get together. When is Harry going to stop blaming himself for what happened to his God father?
Lily Winter chapter 41 . 11/28
I think that a good theme song for Draco would be Echo by Jason Walker. It seems to fit as he is feeling as he eases into feeling emotions again.
CJ chapter 23 . 11/16
I am I reread this chapter again by accident. There is a lot of things I missed.
CJ chapter 22 . 11/16
When is something Major going to happen? The past two chapter have felt like filler chapters.
ShippingHasRuinedMe chapter 46 . 11/15
I really hope you update soon! [insert 12 years quote from PoA] Such an amazing story and I wish to see how it ends!
CJ chapter 21 . 11/13
Good chapter. I think Dumbledore would of gotten Helen out of Slytherin.
CJ chapter 24 . 11/8
This story is getting more interesting.
CJ chapter 23 . 11/7
They finally become friends after 23 chapters. How is this story going to end with a romance between Draco and Hermione?
CJ chapter 20 . 11/7
Why bother having children or a child anyway if Lucius Malfoy was going to be so cold towards his son?
CJ chapter 22 . 11/1
I am getting used to your long chapters they are not taking me so two days to read . I guess because I am getting more into your story. I see that Hermione is thinking more about Draco. Is Draco thinking more about her?
CJ chapter 21 . 10/31
May Harry , Ron and Hermione should see that the muggle born little girl is out of Slytherin and gets resorted into Raven claw or Gryffindor for her safety. They should talk to Dumbledore.
CJ chapter 20 . 10/29
I like all the magic.
CJ chapter 19 . 10/29
what are you so hard on yourself for ? All your chapters are great. For someone who is only sixteen you sound like an adult writer.
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