Reviews for Blue on Black
jessiehimechan chapter 7 . 12/5/2004
this is so sweet, I am loving this
RyougaZell chapter 7 . 12/4/2004
Please update this fic TOT

and also Bittersweet Revenge o_O TOT
dark angel hotaru chapter 7 . 11/13/2004

this is a really god fic i Know that this is the first time i've reviewd but i just had to

well update soon


daark angel hotaru
Quotey chapter 1 . 11/1/2004
Hey. I just wanted to tell you how i love your story. It's so great!
Eric McCall chapter 1 . 10/13/2004
GREAT STORY! I loved it...please go on...Cherry your quite the story writer..I dont want this story to be droped..keep it going!
Talia Moon chapter 7 . 10/7/2004
A delightful story. The way you potrayed Ami and Tom makes them seem like they would be a great couple. I look forward to the next chapter.

ice chapter 7 . 9/15/2004
i really love this story. please please please continue
Liari Mizuno chapter 7 . 8/18/2004
Amazing! I want more! Tom and Ami just seem really great together, and hopefully Ami can keep Tom from becoming evil.
Riekaa chapter 7 . 7/20/2004
*rocks back and forth waiting for an update* ...I'll never tell...
Jasmine Starlight chapter 7 . 7/15/2004
I love this story. I never would have thought of Ami/Tom. Any idea when you'll be updating Bittersweet Revenge? No rush.


Jasmine Starlight
DarkDragonFemale chapter 7 . 7/15/2004
I LOVE IT! I NEED MORE! i like the way this story is going please continue it very soon. i rarely read ami-centered stories but yours simply drew me in and i couldnt stop. this is one od my favorite stories continue soon
HighWriters Inc chapter 7 . 6/28/2004
Sorry I haven't been reviewing! I haven't been the the Sailor Moon section for a while. Keep going! I love this story!

-Tenshi of the HighWriters Inc
SailorStar9 chapter 7 . 6/28/2004

You know what Usagi fans will sya about this?

They will most probably rant continuously about how ami should be replaced by Usagi because only SHE deserves such treatment.
Yvonnia chapter 7 . 6/28/2004
I like the whole fic, and especially how you potray your characters. Update soon please.
Chibi Pyro Duo chapter 7 . 6/27/2004
once again awsome chapter. How I always miss your updates I'll never know. Hm the Shadow is starting to control Tom a bit more hm... well we know that Ami dies in the end because he becomes Lord Volvo. But I never liked happy endings, to unrealitic. So I'm not going to think about that. I don't really have much more to say.
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