Reviews for Belonging Carter 12 and Excelsior 1
Lowenweiss chapter 1 . 10/17/2016
Really enjoying this series. Thanks for writing it.

Could this "section" be Section 31 ?
Flink88 chapter 1 . 9/16/2016
I just binge-read the whole Carter series. Exciting stuff. Did you ever finish it? Is there a story after this one?
lacroix chapter 1 . 9/17/2011
I just found your stories and started reading the Carter series. Read straight through it. Awesome! Really, I loved it.

I wish I'd taken the time to review each and every story, because now I can hardly find the words. But I just had to keep reading! Yup, I thought it was THAT awesome. :) I just got sucked into the story and had to go on and on and on...

But... OMG! Is this really the last one in that series? I noticed you posted this quite a while ago... OMG... *dies* Did you have plans for more? You surely must have... I need to know! *lol*

I love the characters. Didn't care too much about Penhallon at first but that's changed completely. Nako... wow, who is she? What's she up to? Taillte, Pardek, not the mention the section... It's all so awesome. I couldn't stop reading. The missions they went to were all great, each in their own special way. And everything woven into Trek canon with bits and pieces of it mentioned here and there.

You know, I'd love to see Christine and Spock together, heh. I like Christine with Kerr, but this mysterious link between Spock and Christine makes me wish she had chosen Spock, because he's hurting so much now. They both are. And it's not healthy. Can't be. Hm, I wonder if Christine would feel it if Spock was with another woman, like he felt Christine and Kerr. I really wonder about that link... I have an idea about that but I doubt that it's what I think. :) If it wasn't for that link I'd be good with Christine/Kerr and Spock finding someone new. Had my hopes on Cassidy there for a second until I found out the truth. Ugh. Good thing Spock knows about her. I'm wondering who else is section... or better yet, who's not? *lol* Everyone seems to be.

Is there a chance you're going to write more?

I'm really desperate right now. *lol* That hardly ever happens. But this series really got to me, the characters all grew on me.

I guess I'll just go and check out your other Chapel/Spock fics. Not that I wouldn't have done that anyway... :D

Really, really great job with your Carter series! :)
zinza chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
I think this is just an epic story. My second favorite after Blood Ties. Is it that Spock and i have the same personality profile and i also have a fondness for Guinness? Is it that I'm clearly a S/Ch person? Well yeah, that's partially it, but really the characters stay so true and I really loved the OCs throughout (well maybe not Kerr so much :P) I loved the humor and action and how everyone stayed true to their characters. (BTW, I saw a review where someone said that your characters weren't true to the original series. Of course yours are a lot sexier, but they stay true to themselves through 12 episodes.) I see this story is 6 years old so I'm guessing that my desire for an update is unrealistic but I'd love to see how this all resolved. Hopefully with a S/Ch happy ending! A girl can dream can't she?
murphycat chapter 1 . 5/19/2009
I LOVED this series; can't you just write ONE more to kinda wrap it up? Please. Please.
troesnaja chapter 1 . 4/20/2005
Hello, I found your fanfiction on saturday and I was astounded by the sheer ammount of fics you had posted on I was bored and looking for something other then the usual fanfiction genres which i normally read so i went to star trek. I dont know that much about star trek only that i read two books by James Blish about six years ago they had stories from the original series. But I always love to read science fiction, a nice distraction from harry potter or studying. So I found the carter series. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the way people, Christine, talked in yout fics, I didnt found that too realistic. And in the beginning I found spock to be dull. I know being a Vulcan and all that but still.. But that changed and I really got hooked on the stories, they grow on you and i started to really care about the people in them. I loved your details in the chosing of the crew, the details about the ship and all their missions. I liked it that they werent able to find the source for the virus, life isnt always perfect. I liked the relationship between Kerr and Christine in the beginning, i thought she finnally had found someone who cared for her, but then things got ocmplicated of course, after the burning when I learned more about Spock I think i would have liked it better if she choose Spock, especially when after Ren's death the real Randall came out. I think Chris loved him but when I think about Spock, i think it would have been easier for Randall to find a new lover, someone he could love... And then ther ewas all that stuff with James Kirk... I really liked the sentient planet as well. The bureaucratics reminded me of Douglas adams, i think those were in fic 4. I also really liked your description of other races, ferengi, klingons. Though it seemed that the fics were a little bit much in things that happened, things were rather abrupt sometimes and when one thin happens everything starts to change. I like the new devellopments in the last fic though i dont really care for the excelsior crew that much, i mean I am all focussed on spock/christine. That new officer sure seems dangerous especially for spock who is on the edge already and Valaris isnt as insane as everybody thought she wa... I only really wonder if you will ever update this series again since it seems to be more then a year ago since you last did. It would be such a pity if it would end now. Though I dont know if I would like it if i would know for sure that Christine chose Randall forever, somehow Spock grew on me through the series. ThoughI can understand the need from Randall and Spock for Christine to choose someone...